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Writers Camp [ Day Twelve ] Conquering Writer's Block.

Day Twelve: Conquering Writer's Block.

Writer's Block is the biggest pain a writer can face. Your creativity runs dry. Your characters get themselves into a bad predicament and you can't figure a way out. You can't figure out how to make something to work no matter how many times you try editing. Sometimes your pen just won't flow, and the words just won't come. It sucks.

Here are ten effective ways to help you when you're struggling with Writer's Block.

1.) Make a playlist for your book.

Play-lists are incredibly helpful for me. I usually have at least fifteen songs, each one pertaining in some way to my characters and plot. It can really help fuel inspiration.

2.) Make a Pinterest board. 

Pinterest can be very distracting for a Writer. I know that first hand. But it can be really helpful to have a {interest board for your story. If you can scroll through it, sometimes it can help you get your inspiration back.

3.) Watch/read something that will inspire you to write. 

Reading good books and watching good shows can do wonders for your writers block. When I'm in a bad place with writing I do lots of reading and watch shows that I know will inspire me to write. Since I mostly write fantasy, I usually read lots of Tolkien, some C.S. Lewis, Diana Wynn Jones, and some Jessica Day George. I'll also watch BBC Merlin, Inkheart, Narnia.... Actually, Avatar. The Last Airbender really helped inspire my writing too. Depending on what your writing, read stories and watch shows that reflect your ideas. Like, reading Heist Society helped inspire Juliette Walgrey.  So did watching Psych. Read and watch things that will help you get new, fresh ideas for your story.

4.) Look up writing prompts.

Writing prompts are a lot of fun to look through, and they might be able to get those creative juices flowing again. See if you can use some of their ideas/themes to fuel a chapter or two. Even if you just write a few short scenes that have nothing to do with your characters, you may come back to your story with fresh ideas, better prepared to continue.

5.) Talk the scene out to yourself in your head. 

Talk the plot through in your head as well. This helps me a ton. If you say things out loud to yourself, it can sometimes help you figure out the problem.

6.) Talk to other Writers.

We writers need to band together. If your stuck in your story, talk to other writers. Ask for advice, or even just vent to them for a bit. That can put you in a much better place for writing. Plus, your fellow writers might be able to give you ideas and help get through your Writer's Block.

7.) If you like to draw, doodle a bit. 

Sometimes being creative in other ways can help you be creative with your writing as well.

8.) Take a walk/bike ride.

Writers can often stay indoors for too long. If you have bad Writer's Block, go out for a long walk/ride and let yourself be calm. Stop stressing about your story. Don't worry, things will work out. It will come to you!

9.) Follow blogs for writers. 

Be in contact with other writers. Some writers have Tumblrs, and while I'm not a huge fan of tumblr, some post pretty great gifs and pictures that can help light up your inspiration.

10.) Work on something else!

This is important. Sometimes you just need to take a break from your story for a bit. There's no shame in that. Try working on other stuff for a bit.

Sometimes your Writer's Block is so bad you'll just have to punch through it ... which means you write until you figure out how to continue your story.

What are some things you do when you have Writer's Block?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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