Monday, September 5, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Thirteen ] Be inspired!

Day Thirteen: Be Inspired! Why do you write? What keeps you writing? What motivates your work? What helps you to pursue your incredible, brilliant dream even when it seems too much of a challenge to deal with? What inspires you, fellow writers?

I started writing because I loved to tell stories, and I obviously still love doing that. I think stories help people cope with their own issues. I think  stories give people hope for surviving the worst, seeing better days, and knowing that life is worth living despite the bad. What keeps me writing? Well, it seems to me that there are less and less good, wholesome books on the shelves today. I used to be able to bring home stacks of books from the library. Now I'm lucky to find three good ones. I used to be able to check out a brand new book and be excited. Now I look at a new book and worry that the writers will betray my tiny trust and cater to society's stupid standards, shoving "Politically Correct" characters down my throat and ruining the book because they won't let the story breathe. I want to be that write that bookworms like me can always trust be to be clean, morale, and have good story telling. Maybe this is presumptuous of me, but I want to do something to help the poor, suffering shelves in libraries around the world.

What motivates me? Bookworms need good, strong books to devour. I feel bad for my fellow readers. I want girls (and boys) to be able to find a good series and know it's going to be good all the way through, and trust the writer the way I trust Diana Wynn Jones and Jean Birdsall. I want to be that writers for the poor, starving bookworm that needs something besides the popular, modern, stale crap being sold today. It's sad to only find one decent book in every five. What the heck?? When did our world become so illiterate?

What helps me pursue my dreams? I try to remember everything I want to show others, everything I want to remind them of and tell them about. I think about the stories I want to tel and how just one character on a page can change someone's world for the better, if handled properly. I talk to other writers, I read lots of books, and I focus on creating stories that will help individual be better, see the world better, and live through hardship better. I focus on how much fiction helped me when I had rough times, and remind myself that that is what I want to do for others.

What inspires me? Lots of things! I read a lot, and that helps fuel my imagination. I watch lots of different TV shows, which is also a big help when it comes to story telling and helping you think outside the box. I like listening to music. It's amazing what a few lyrics can plant in your brain, and how they can help you develop your book. I like taking walks in the forest, especially in long skirts with my hair down. Holla! I am a medieval female woodland character of some kind! Fear me! 8-D One of the biggest things that inspires me though, is that God gave me talent. Even if it's a small bit of talent, I know I can write pretty well. I know I should respect that talent and do something with it, help people in some way. I want to do that as much as I can. I think it's important, so important. If you can write, you should write! And write good stories!

My Camp is over... but I had a question. A lot of you were very excited about this. I would love to stay in contact with some of you writers to help me stay on the right track. Would any of you consider joining a group blog or something of the sort, and maybe meeting up every month or so to just chat? It could help all of us. We could even set up a chat room or something, if the blog is not a good idea. But I think maybe talking to other writers once every four to six weeks could help all of us stay motivated, especially when we're down. What do you think? Would you guys like some kind of blog/chat room we could meet up in?

THANK ALL OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATED IN MY WRITERS CAMP! THIS WAS REALLY FUN! I hope we can do something like this again soon! It's great talking to other writers. (and I have been reading posts, I just haven't had time to comment!) Keep moving forward, and if you are ever discouraged remember that it took Tolkien fourteen years and many revisions to complete The Lord of The Rings. You have time!


*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Awesome post! And you have wonderful aspirations for your writing! It's not presumptuous at all to want to write good books to put on the world's bookshelves. We definitely need more good books!

    I think I've noticed the same thing about going to the library and returning now with 1 book vs. a stack of them. I still enjoy children's books and picture books, but I'd also like to read something my age level that is appropriate and without a ton of seeds to spit out. :-/

    This was an amazing camp--I had so much fun (even though I fell behind)! I think this would be a great annual event; it would give writers something to look forward to, and it could continue to encourage new writers.

  2. *smiles* You know I'd definitely want and will be in touch.

    .....barring emergencies. *grins*

    *hugs a stightly as possible* I love your blog parties, and this one was such fun. Thank much. Mille fois merci!!


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