Friday, September 2, 2016

Writer's Camp [ Day Eleven ] Would You Rather/What Now

Day Eleven: Would You Rather/What If

Today we are going to send one of your characters on an adventure! Take a character from one of your stories and give us a brief summary of who he is. Then answer the questions below. This game will help you think like your character, making choices he would make as apposed to ones you would. It might help you understand and know your character better too. Plus, it's fun. 8-D

Juliette Walgrey. Private Detective. AOA.

1.) Would You Rather Be Hot or Cold?

I like being warm. When I'm cold I wrap up in a big blankets and drink tea.

2.) Would you rather work at night or during the day? 

I like evenings. They make me feel calm and creative.

3.) Someone knocks on your door. What now?

Uhm, I army-crawl to the window and peak out to make sure it's not someone I don't want to see.

4.) Would you rather go without food or water for a day?

I guess food, because you can survive longer without that. But I'd rather not be without either.

5.) Someone tells you your life is a lie. What now?

I wouldn't believe them unless they could prove it. If they proved my life was a lie, I'd probably panic and have a meltdown.

6.) Would you rather be settled or have the open road?

Oh, I like being settled. It's good to have a place called home. 8-D

7.) Would you rather loose sight or hearing? 

WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT??? I think... maybe... sight. Just because I love music so much.

8.)  Would you rather have a dog or cat?

A dog, obviously!

9.) How do you respond to betrayal, pain, loss?

I get sad. Like, I'll get angry, but it's the sad-angry which means if I try to tell you off I'll probably cry, and I'll feel achy and empty....  Yeah.

10.) Do you like music?

OH YES! Especially classical musical. Though there are some pop singers I like too.

11.) Do you like reading?

Absolutely. I read at least one book a week, usually.

12.) Would you Rather face a lion or a bear?

A bear. A brown bear.

13.) What is something that scares you?

Not being able to help the people I care about, or failing the people I care about. I'm also scared of spiders, wasps, and creep dark forests.

14.) Would you rather be in a crowd or alone?

It depends on my mood, but I tend to wander off on my own a lot.

15.) You're family is threatened. What now?

I plan to take down the people threatening my family and bring them to justice. I'd probably enlist help from people I trusted.

16.) Do you put a lot of importance on family? (Answer honestly.)

Yeah. Family is really important to me. And not just blood, but like, friends too.

17.) Do you believe in God/heaven/angels, or something of the like?

Yep! I'm Catholic.

18.) Would you rather have coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning, Tea at night.

19.) Would you rather take a long walk in the forest, or a bike ride down a parkway?

I like riding my bike a lot. But I like riding it on the back roads, just me, no one else.

20.) Do you like snow?

Yeah, but I don't like lots of it for long periods of time.

21.) Do you like rain?

I love rainstorms, I don't like it when it's just drizzly and grey.

22.) What is your favorite thing to do?

Read, write, and listen to music.

23.) Would you rather spend the day indoors or outdoors?


24. Do you like summer days?

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, so yes, summer days are great!

25.) If there was one person you would drop everything for in their time of need, who would it be?

I need to pick just one? There's lots of people I'd run to if they needed me. Zoe, Martin, my Mom and Dad, my sisters, my cousins.... there's too many to just pick one.

So. What do you think? Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I love this so much! I can't wait to do it. :-)

  2. Loved reading this! It was great to learn more about your character--she sounds like the fun and loyal sort!

    Also, sorry that I fell behind on Writers' Camp; my family and I have been *really* sick all week. I may not be able to finish the camp; but I definitely had fun reading your thoughts and posting my own!

  3. I think I've finally caught up! I just did days 9, 10 and 11 all in one master post. Days 9 and 10 were easy enough because I'm already writing something on my site. The Would You Rather was so much! And it really helped me get into my character's head and some of the questions were little spoiler seeds as well!!


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