Friday, August 12, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Two ] Bunnies & Prompts


Me!!! (You're on my Blog. 8-D) Fantasy/Mystery/slight Historical Fiction.
Hannah (Miles in the Rain.) Realistic Fantasy/Steampunk.
Haley (My Life is a Musical.) Fantasy/Contemporary/Romance/Sci-Fi/Dystopian/Historical Fiction.
Angelique (That which They Defend) Fantasy/Dystopian/Historical Fiction/Fiction
Ellie (On the Other side of Reality.) Fantasy/Paranormal
Christine Eyre (Overflowing Mind and Pen.) Fantasy/Other Sub-genres.
Miss Evie (Letter From Avonlea) Historical Fiction
Ivy (Revealed In Time) Historical Fiction/Fantasy
And welcoming: Lady Emily (The Life and Times of Emily C.) Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Victorian-Drama

Day Two: Plot Bunnies and Writing Prompts. You must use at least one of these Bunnies/Prompts to kick off a story, or to help you expand one you're already writing. You may use more than one. You may do more than one story.

Six Plot Bunnies:

Your Protagonist has just lost his/her sight. He/she wakes up alone, isolated. He/she can hear voices a little way off. His/her hand's are bound and there are strange bandages surrounding his/her head. Where is he/she? Why is he/she there? Where is he/she supposed to be? What now?

Your Protagonist's brother is imprisoned and scheduled to die at the end of the week for murdering a person/creature.  You are determined to set him free, no matter what it takes.

A small town harbors a dangerous secret which everyone knows but no one speaks about. The secret must never be discovered. Your protagonist, an outsider, is stranded in this very town during a blizzard. And the secret has never been more vulnerable to prying eyes.

The dust caught dancing in the sun rays isn't dust at all. The dust only encases something much, much different.

You're an assassin sent after a Top Priority target. The penalty for not completing this mission is unthinkable. There is only one problem. Your target is the sister you never met.

There is a house at the top of the street that all the neighborhood children are afraid of. Then, one of them disappears into it and doesn't come back out.

Six Writing Prompts:

Take one of these. Start a new chapter. A new book. A short story. Introduce a new character. Build your world. Build your story. You can also write a scene that is completely unrelated to any of your other books. Even the "Chapter" doesn't have to be within books you're already working on. You can write any scene, chapter, story, or plot idea you want. Just use one of these following Prompts to do it. You can even use them to build a story you already have in progress. These are here to get you writing. To get your creativity flowing again. Choose wisely. 8-)

"Dying is easy. Coming back will be hard. Are you sure you have the skill for this?"

"You're her/his friend? S(he's) a monster, an abomination! S(he) can't care for anything - or anyone."

Start three different sentences with the color blue. See what happens.

"If you think the woods were confusing, wait till we get to the path."

Introduce a new character at the end of your latest chapter. Have him raise the stakes of your story.

"Did you think the blankets would protect you from me? Well, I suppose that's what all children think."

I am taking Plot Bunny (1) and Writing Prompt (6). I might take more later, but that's all for now. 8-)

Write away Writers! Write Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Write, write, write!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Replies
    1. While reading these I came up with some good fantasy ideas. Can I also do fantasy even though you have me down for historical fiction?

    2. Absolutely. 8-) lol. I didn't know you did fantasy too. But seriously, you can write *whatever* you want.

    3. Awesome! I have a great idea for an Authurian storyline about Guinevere.

  2. So....wait. I'm confused. Are we writing a short story to post on our blogs or is this story just for us...

    *whispers* Also, my name's spelled Haley.

    1. You are going to write a short story, or a scene of some sort. On Day Four (Aug. 12th) You will post your completed short story/scene/chapter excerpt and post it on your blog. You will link it back to me. Does that make sense?

  3. Also, I'm using Plot Bunny #1 and Prompt #5! :)



    Bunny #6 and Prompt #2

    Do ask me to write up Bunny #2 sometime because that is a dear story to me....

    At the risk of copying.... Bunny #6 and Prompt #1/#6 (actually, I can pretty much guarantee it won't by copying - but still.

    ....will I write up all of these in time? Very likely not. But.....I do write fast.

    1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! 8-) have fun writing!

    2. ...your faith in my is unfounded. But thank you nonetheless.

  5. Nice list! I picked plot bunny #3 and writing prompt #3!



    I have been intrigued by Bunny #4 though.... but it will be a tough one. We'll see if I can pull it off. Otherwise I might have to choose another. BUT MAYBE. MAYBE I CAN DO IT.


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