Monday, August 15, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Three ] The Writers Tag


1.) How long have you been writing? 

I've been writing for a long time now. Even when I was little I always told stories to my little sisters, and would write short stories in notebooks. I've had story ideas for as long as I can remember, but I think I successfully completed my first book at about seven. However, I didn't actively become a writer until about four years ago.

2.) Why do you write?

Well, because stories bound about in my head until I can't stand it anymore and need to put them on paper?

I write for lots of reasons, the biggest is that story telling is a way of expressing myself and connecting to others. It also is a good way to send a message to the to other people, even if the message is subtle. You can touch others, inspire them, help them.

3.) What are your favorite type of books to write?

I really like writing fantasy. I like Adventures/Quests, and I really like writing about friendships and family. There isn't enough of that in society today. I want to attempt a romance, but since I've never been in love, I'm not sure how to do that. 8-)

4.) How many books have you successfully completed as of now?

I have successfully completed a grand total of two books. The others I am still working on.   (I may or may not have had half-a-dozen books deleted from my computer two years ago. Demoralizing.)

5.) What are three things you hate about writing?

Writers Block. Writing the In-Between moments. The Why-Am-I-Even-A-Writer Quandary. When you want to write, and you have your pen and your notebook (or laptop or whatever) and Writing is like, No.

That was four things. Oops.

6.) What are three things you love about writing?

World-building!!! It is so much fun fitting your world together, like connecting pieces of a puzzle!!! 8-) Also, character arks. Those things are difficult, but very, very rewarding. Oh, and that amazing moment when you get feels from your own writing and you just need to sit back a moment and breathe, and smile (or cry) because you really can write, like, wow.

7.) What story are you working on Right Now?

I am working on a Detective series, a brother story which concerns five swords, and a sort of dystopian-ish/fantasy story. I don't know how to describe what it is. BUT IT HAS TRISS AND RYAN AND IT'S A BROTHER AND SISTER AND THEY ARE COOL.

8.) When is your favorite time to write?

I like writing any time, but I like writing in the evening/night best. If I can lay out on the grass in the sun, I really like doing it in the afternoon too.

9.) Do you write short stories, children's books, novels? 

I guess I write novels, fantasy novels mostly.

10.) Do you draw inspiration/is your writing style influenced from any particular author?

My writing is influenced by Megan Whalen, my sister Kat, Diana Wynn Jones, and Tolkien. I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from them, and I've adopted aspects of their style into mine. I think this is mostly because like fantasies with a higher aspect to them, rather than just modern writing mixed with magic. This means I'm more slanted toward Medieval-like writing. I hate modernistic books that are supposed to be fantasy/other-worldly, but their characters say things like "Gosh" or "Crap," or just use modern language/phrases in general. They're written out like the story is taking place on earth in the twentieth century. No. Don't do it.

11.) Do you write trilogies/series?

Trilogies are my favorite things to write! I feel like just one book is never enough for my whole story ark. I get a bit over-zealous, Write ALL the character arks! Explore ALL the plot twists! Use ALL the ideas!

12.) Have you experienced Writer's Block?

Ah, Yes, I have indeed. I'm experiencing it right now. It is quite dreadful.

13.) What was the fastest you ever wrote a book? 

I wrote a full book in thirty days. It was NaNo. 8-) I never did that again.

14.) Do you hope to be published one day?

That would be wonderful!!! I definitely hope to be published one day!

15.) What are some things you hope to share through your books?

A few thing I'd like to share through my books are the importance of Faith, Family, and Friendship. I want to show that whatever happens you should never give up the fight, and no matter how bad things get, there is always hope. I want to show good VS evil in a realistic light, and I want to show that even if someone is broken, there is always time for a second chance. I want to show you are never too damaged to come back. Even if someone is a real, malicious villain, there is almost always a scrap of humanity left in them somewhere. (Unless that person is Alexander Pierce. People like him have no Humanity left in them at all.)

Okay, Writers! Write!!! 

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Finished! Great questions!

    1. Sorry, I haven't been on today. 8-) I'm glad it was a good tag!

  2. Awesome tag! I love tags, so I'm going to enjoy this!

    Yay for completing two stories! That's quite an accomplishment. But I'm sorry you lost so many of your stories!

    Ugh, in-between moments are hard. Like, you know something needs to happen here, but it's a scene or sequence not nearly as fun as the rest of the book.

    World-building *is* fun. Coming up with the history and the politics are my favorite aspects of it! (I may be very weird...)

    Ooh, stories about siblings! I think that's great; it can be hard to find stories about siblings or focused on the relationship between them.

    *sympathy for your writer's block*

    You have an awesome list of things to share through your writing!

    (Sorry if this reads haphazardly; I'm tired, but I wanted to comment. :-) )

    1. It is always great hearing from you. 8-) I'm going to read your tag!

  3. I finished!

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