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Writers Camp [ Day Seven ] Love/Family

Day Seven: Love/Family

I'm like, three days behind. I'm sorry guys. You all know you can post before me, right? Okay.

Today we're going to cover the importance of love. In all forms. Love at its simplest, love at its greatest.

We're going to cover books with the love that exists between families and friendships. Mention some things you'd like to see in these stories, and which stories you would personally like to see in books today.

I am going to update this post when I'm finished, but please feel free to start yours. I feel so bad. Things go insane, and now I'm very behind.  8-( Apologies all around! I'll need to play catch-up.

I am so sorry. This post is shorter than my other ones. My computer shut down and I lost a whole post, and I was sad. I tried my best though. 8-D Today we're going to cover books with the love that exists between families and friendships. Mention some things you'd like to see in these stories, and which stories you would find very rare.

The Ascendants Trilogy: Jennifer Neilson

The Runaway King

For me, The Ascendants Trilogy is one of those books that catch your interest almost instantly, and you're hooked until you finish. It has great character development. I really liked how a bunch of different friendships evolved throughout the series, constantly growing, changing, and getting better.

Franz and Japhet

Franz and Japhet are precious human beings and must be protected at all costs!!!!


Raven's Gate Series: Anthony Horwitz

This series does have a lot of good friendships, and there are some twins that are introduced in book three that I kind of really love. However, it can be incredibly dark, grim, and bleak. It has a very apocalyptic feel, something that has made me struggle with reading them. I have yet to finish the last book. It's just so sad. I have a couple sisters who have read it, and they all say the ending is good, but very sad. And I know why it's sad and I just can't. 

However, the writing is good and the story is good, even if it is serious and war-like. 

Inkworld: Cornelia Funke

Farid and Dustfinger. Black Prince. Mo. These books!!!! I love these books so much!!! 8-D

BBC Merlin

Merlin and Arthur encompass what it means to be best friends. I love that they make fun of each other all time, but they know if necessary. they would die to keep the other safe. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. This friendship is perfect. (I also ignore everything the writers say on this subject, as well as most of the cast. They're annoying.)

Gallager Girls: Ally Carter

Yas!! A Girl's school for the gifted... especially those gifted in the art of secrecy. These books are basically about a spy/special agent school for girls. They're excellent. And they have lots of female friendship. This makes me very happy, because those are very, very rare.

The Penderwicks: Jean Birdsall

I cannot say enough good about these books. They family is perfect. The relationship between the sisters is perfect. The fact that they adopt friends into their family is perfect. Their Daddy is perfect. Everything about this series is perfect. Just read them.

The Ascendants Trilogy: Jennifer Neilson

Oh, lala! Yaaaaaaas! The friendships in this book are golden! There is so much development and change that occurs. I love them. 

The Lord of the Rings: J.R.R. Tolkien

We all know Tolkien is King of friendship stories. "I CAN CARRY YOU." *dies of feels*

What do I think we need in books today? First, more sister stories. Good sister stories, sister stories about two girls who will protect each other, tease each other, die for each other. Second, more brother stories. More friendships. I want friendship where the boys meet when they're little, grow up together, and love each other with all they have. I want friendship where they meet later in life but still grow close and dependent on each other. I want friendship where one person will tear apart time for another. I want friendships where everything falls apart and the only thing left is each other. I want friendships where friends hold hands as everything freaking implodes on itself. I want friendships with love and laughter, friendships with hugs, friendships with shared morning coffee, emotional connections, dinners together, funny car rides, insane deals and sacrifices, long walks, friends having each other for a flat mate... I just want friendships that defy everything society says and prove that you can love someone without it being romantic. 

That's all. 

What are some friendships you all like?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. No worries about being's actually helping me to stay caught up, at least to you! :-) Looking forward to reading the rest of your post!

  2. I love this, thanks for sharing these books! I've got to check them out :)

    1. Yes, you must! Especially the Penderwicks!

  3. *smiles* For once I'm glad I wrote my post out before your real one! Although it was different, and then I worry it's not right....

    But it was fun and covered the right stuff anyway.



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