Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Nine ] What are you writing?


Day Nine: What are you writing? Today we are going to share plots/characters from stories we are currently working on. Have fun with this!

Brothers of Mage.
(I'm still working on the title.)

Ten years ago a war started in Brinton, a war which spread into The four empires like a deadly virus. it ended when a seventeen year old Mage named Elliot Blackire invented a terrible weapon which was stolen by the Briatons and used to kill hundreds of civilians. Due to suspicious, damning events Elliot Blackire was convicted as a traitor and exiled, never to return home on pain of death. 

Five years after that fateful day, a man by the name of Evan Blackire is convicted of the murder of the High Mage. Elliot, now a Draek Mage, returns to his home country to help his brother escape. Together, they discover a astonishing, fearful conspiracy festering in the country, and must find someway to stop it. Unable to trust the Office of Mage or the Union Government, the brothers plunge headlong into an undercover mission to save their country from self-destruction, recruiting some very odd allies along the way. The future is warped and strange, and it the more the brothers learn the more they realize that many things may not be what they seem. 

Juliette Greywell A.O.A (A -of the- above)

This series is going to be fun I think! It's about a private detective who lives in a small city. Her name is Juliette, she is twenty-three and she stands at just barely 5'2. She often jokes that sleuthing is her hobby because she doesn't earn enough money to call it a normal job. (She works at Ross to cover all real expenses.) While solving one of her cases she meets up with an ex-hacker named Zoe and together they run around solving crimes. They began to spread out, working in the bigger cities that are close to their own and making quite the name for themselves. I'm excited.


This story is beautiful. I can't say too much about it yet, but I will give you a basic plot. It's about two sisters, Renetta and Jailene, who live in a slightly steampunk/fantasy world. When they're fourteen and twelve they get separated and from there their lives take very different turns. Renetta grows up learning the art of Earth Lore and, while Jailene learns the art of Energy Lore. As the two girls reach their individual birthdays, seventeen and fifteen, the world begins to slip into darkness and much is at stake. Both will play a key part in the future of the Quinton, but it is quite possible these two keys do not fit they same door.

A MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!

YES I AM ACTUALLY WORKING ON A MUSICAL! I am working on two, in fact. One is like a fan-musical of sorts so I won't say too much about it yet - the other one is about a widow who's world literally turns grey after her four year old son is killed in a car accident. For three years she can't see color or beauty in anything. It's all black and white, cold and hard. Every day is a struggle. Then a young photographer comes into her little town and things slowly start to change...

What do you think, writers? You like?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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