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Glass Beach

Before I get started on anything else, here are the Official Dates for Writers Camp. You are free to be flexible with the days you post, so long as you finish by September 7th. 8-D

Day One: August 10th.

Day Two: August 12th

Day Three:  August 15th

Day Four:  August 17th.

Day Five:  August 20th

Day Six: August 22nd

Day Seven: August 24th

Day Eight:  August 26th

Day Nine: August 27th

Day Ten:  August 30th

Day Eleven: September 1st

Day Twelve: September 4th

Day Thirteen: September 6th

Random Life Update! A few weeks ago my amazing friend Jack to me and my sisters to Fort Bragg. That's right folks! I finally went to the Ocean!!!!

We drove down on a Friday. The drive there took us about five hours. We left around noon and didn't get into town until about seven. We made some stops... stops at places you should never stop at. Like the Nice Market in the Nice Town. Don't ever go there. The town looked like a zombie apocalypse had wiped out the population and left the houses to waste away. And the Market looked like an out-of-date dollar store where everything is expired and costumers get shot by the cashier. But we hadn't had water in like, two hours, so we had to stop somewhere, and it was the only place for miles. (until after we got the water, that is. Then a nice little town cropped up off the freeway about fifteen minutes later. Isn't it funny how that works?)

There was this really cool area right before we got to Fort Bragg. All the trees were bowed over a narrow, curvy road so it looked like we were driving through a tunnel made of trees. Most of the time they were so thick it looked like dusk even though it was still afternoon. Everything we be grey and quiet, then a small gap would appear in the trees and all at once there would be sunlight and you would remember it was three o'clock, not seven. It was so exciting! The air smelled like sweet pine, salt, and sea. It made you want to set off on a search for buried treasure, right-now-immediately. This lasted for close to half an hour and it was the most thrilling, fantastical drive I have ever taken. It was like a forest from a fairy tale. The forgotten road. The encroaching trees. The smell.  Perfect story material.

It was about 20x more epic when you drove through it. Trust me. Just go there yourself sometime.

When we got to our destination we had nowhere to stay. I know. Aren't we great planners? We rode into a Camp Sight about fifteen minutes from Glass Beach, and prayed there was a place open. We prayed hard. And God was very good to us. We got the last camp sight available. It was in a nice corner area, slightly away from everyone. We even had indoor facilities!! They were only about a camp sight and a small hill away, which was very convenient. And even better we had running water in our camp sight! It was a pleasant surprise. It was a very nice evening. We had roasted mushrooms and peppers and onion, and some very tasty corn of the cob, with extra spice. Yuuuuuuuuum. Then we tried to tell a creepy campfire story but somebody kept making it a comedy. *squints at person* You know who you are.

The next day bright and early we headed off to the Coast. This is when I get to the fun bit. We went to see the ocean of course, because it's the OCEAN. But also, there is this place called Glass Beach. Apparently from the 1920's to the 1960's, Glass Beach was used as a dumping ground for a lot of California's trash; glass, canisters, cooking utensils, and the like. During World War II the same beaches were used as a dumping ground for bullets, scrap metal and other such leftovers. Over the years the different debris was tossed and turned into beautiful shapes which washed up on the shore like stones made of glass.  It's also super cool because there is some things embedded in the actual rocks. Like giant bullets, and corkscrews, and bottle tops, and the other strange things you wouldn't think about. Like drinking glasses! It was fascinating!

We found a nice little cove to have a picnic in. We didn't know you couldn't bring a BBQ so we ended up having to cook our hot-dogs in the parking lot. But it was fun anyway.

It was a good thing we got to the ocean early, because by about 11:00 the shore started to feel up pretty fast. Some people even charged through our picnic sight! RUDE!

The stones were so pretty!!!!! I was irritated because I could see people carting off stones, and you're not supposed to take glass off the beach. It is against the law. A lot of fascinating glass pieces and historical odds and ends have been swept off the beach because the public won't leave them alone. Stupid public. I was so irritated I actually asked a family to leave the bag they were collecting. It was just so upsetting to see people taking what is meant for everyone to see. There are two other beaches you can take glass from. Do not take it from the official Glass Beach! It's wrong and selfish. If you ever visit this amazing sight, leave the glass and other historical stuff on the shore where it belongs!!! SPREAD THE WORD BECAUSE HISTORY IS DISAPPEARING AND IT'S SAD! #saveglassbeach

Me and my sisters on the shore of glass beach, being very tourist-like.


I got a picture just as the wave hit the glass. Isn't it fabulous?

 The waves were incredible! I have come the the conclusion that the two most beautiful and breath-taking places in the world are the ocean and the mountains. There is an amazing amount of raw beauty in both those places that is hard to find anywhere else.

 We decided to dig a massive hole, and Jack and Cinta found a couple massive rocks that they just HAD to unearth. Very archaeological those two.

The ocean is so wild and amazing! Tiny and I even swam in it! It was freezing, but so exhilarating! I definitely want to try playing in it again in December, when the water is warmer. Oh, and I kind of liked the taste of the ocean. I wouldn't want a mouth full or anything, but when you get a bit in your moth and spit it out, the after-taste is rather of interesting. (saaaaaaaaalt.)

Look at us being all tourist-like. This is right before Tiny and I plunged into the waves. 8-) Even Jack joined us for a little bit!! It was loads of fun. The waves were fantastic guys!


Looking for treasure....

We were dopes and stayed by the water until sunset. We were shivering and slowing going numb, but we were going to watch the sunset if it killed us! It didn't matter if the wind was brisk and the air was sharp! It didn't matter that we were still damp from diving into frigid waves. We had to watch the sun dip behind the Ocean!!

The sun took a very long time to set. We stayed down on the shore for like, an hour, and then Annie sensibly reccomended that we go up a little so we'd have shelter on the cliffs. As our luck would have it, we were climbing the cliff and Cinta was like The sun is setting!!!!!!!! And we all had to scramble like mad so as not to miss it fall off the face of the earth.

It was gorgeous. The water turned violet and pink and green and silvery all at the same time.  Definitely well worth the wait.

That was my very blessed, very happy weekend. The Ocean is amazing. It's strong and beautiful and frightening and wild. It helped me remember the breath-taking beauty which God has put into the world, and I was able to lay down a good deal of my worries and just enjoy the sheer wonder of God's creation. Things like the Ocean, The Mountains, Waterfalls, Giant Stone cliffs, massive Oak Trees... They're reminders that God is an artists and an architect, and that He flooded His world with incredible sights for us to enjoy. It's an amazing thought that God made all of this for us. The animals can't properly enjoy natural beauty. Neither can insects. Only humans can see foaming blue waves crash on the shores of a wild, untamed coast and think, Wow. That is so beautiful. And God put it there just for us. In fact, while we were sitting on the soft sand, watching the ocean flow free, Cinta said something beautiful that I'm going to share with you. Because it was a very lovely thing. She said,  "Just think, Bella. God made this moment just for you. Every time something makes you feel joyful or excited, every time something puts a smile on your face, just think... God made that moment just for you. Just because He knew it would make you happy."  It was such a lovely thought. It made my heart ache a little.

There's my story. I have lots of others, but that is all for now. Peace out y'all!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. That's a beautiful beach! I'm so glad you got to see the ocean :)

    1. It was amazing! Definitely worth the time.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love the ocean, especially ocean sunsets!

    1. I can see how you could easily get attached to the ocean. 8-)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Isn't the ocean just stunning?
    I have one question about Day 11 of Writer's Camp - in your last post, you said you would provide the survey and we'd have three days to complete it. Is September 1st the day you provide the survey or the day you'd like it up by? Thank you! :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I guess I didn't explain very well. 8-)

      I'll post the survey thing on the 28th, and then you have till Sept. 1st to complete it.

  4. That's lovely, Bella!
    While reading this, I wished that I could go visit that beach! I'd make glass murals in the sand.
    That final paragraph is on point. Something I've also thought, many times.

    1. Lol. You should visit it sometime. Sooner than later, since so many people keep carting glass away. *angry Bella noises*


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