Sunday, July 10, 2016

Should Writers Camp be a Thing?

I have some things I want to talk to all ye all about, but since it is sort of late tonight, I decided just to cover an Important Thing right now.  Hopefully I'll do a longer post tomorrow! 8-)
You know how I know I'm a writer? 

We recently watched Goosbumps. I liked it, it was funny, but there was this one bit at the end where the Writer has to write a whole book in on night in order to save the day. At first this didn't seem too preposterous. One night might be a reasonable amount of time.

Then suddenly he had to write the whole book on a typewriter in like, an hour.

Let me remind you. This is a movie about a writer making character so real that they climb out of the book the second it opens. But I wasn't bothered by this idea. I wasn't even bothered by the idea that his daughter (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!) Was in fact fictional. (END SPOILER!) My big thing was that the Write wrote a whole book in 60 minutes or less. On a typerwriter! And he wasn't typing quickly either. Not possible guys! Not possible!!!

Jess (my cute sister-in-law) was found this incredibly funny. She kept teasing me about it for the rest of the night.

"Monsters on the streets is okay, but a book in an hour isn't?"

This is how I know I am a writer. This is how I know.

However, writing has been hard lately. Really hard. For this reason, I have decided to pitch Writers Camp!

A couple blog posts ago, I mentioned Writers Camp, and a lot of people seemed to be interested. If I were to really do such a camp, what exactly would you all like it to be about? I have started writing up some rules and ideas, but I am open to suggestions. How long should it go on? Who will join? What are some themes we should explore? What are some good things to do? Any thoughts?

Depending on how big this actually gets, I might host the actual Camp on my side blog. It just depends on how much everyone wants to do.

So, writers!; Want to write?

Give me your feedback! If we want to make this a thing, let's make it a THING!!!!! 8-D

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I would love to do a writer's camp, as long as it is after July (because July is crazy... *sadly looks at 0 word count on Camp NaNo). It sounds fun. :-)

  2. ...what's Writer's Camp?

    I HATE THAT!! I didn't see that film but I love Cushing/Price/Lee in House of the Long Shadows (which is a great movie go watch it. *smiles*) that starts out on the premise that a writer has twenty-four hours to write a novel of classical quality. COULD be possible: but classical quality?? On a slow typewriter?


    And that wasn't even taking into account the amount of times he took breaks and left to investigate things: I'm sorry - if you're a writer? YOU'RE NOT LEAVING EVERY FIVE MINUTES IN INVESTIGATE SOUNDS!! Especially not if you're alone in a creepy house. Especially not then....

    But it's a terrific film so I can actually forgive them that - especially with the end - but still...

    1. Writer's Camp is an idea I'm playing with... I plan to blog more about it soon.



      (.... well... so long as they're not Crappy stories.)

  4. I think this should be a thing!! Maybe it should last for a week? And explore traditional stuff that our modern culture is trying to get rid of...idk. It would be fun. But my brain is fried and I can't come up with stuff like this lol.

  5. *sproing!!* That was the sound of my mind short-circuiting at the idea of pounding out a novel in an hour. A very, very rough, stinky novel, maybe, that would actually create more problems, but not a save-the-day type. :-)

    Writing has been hard for me lately as well, so I can sympathize. I hope you'll pull out of the difficulty soon.

    A couple of subject ideas: encouragement for writers, and identifying/ defending virtues or story elements that get overlooked. For example, you mentioned platonic love in your post, but sibling relationships are, I think, often overlooked (or presented in negative terms) by films and books. Anyone highlighting such a concept could provide examples of personal experience, of films and books that did it well, films and books that did it poorly, examples they'd like to see, examples from their own work, and such.

    And then the writer encouragement aspect could be focused on why we've chosen to become writers in the first place. Writing is frustrating, and its good to be reminded of why we love it, the victories we've had in the past, good lessons from painful failures, that kind of thing.

    1. Wow! Good thoughts, Christine! I will take them into considerations! Thanks for the advice. And if I do this, please join!!

    2. I would be happy to! And I'm looking forward to more details about the camp!


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