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One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a Civil War!

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Try to Keep Your Friends Safe.
It's Day One of the Blog Catastro-party.

In case you didn't know about this whole thing, the Rules and Themes are HERE. Knock yourselves out guys. THIS WILL BE FUN! 8-)

Day One: Pick a Side! 

"I'm doing what has to be done to save us from something worse."

I'm sort of Team Iron Man. Kind of. I didn't agree with him but... it's complicated.

I knew this would be hard but I didn't realize it would be darn near impossible once I saw the movie! Tony and Steve have always been tied for my Favorite Avenger, so picking one side over the other is like choosing one friend over the other. So not cool! I have been hardcore #teamgetalong since I found out that they would be fighting. However, for the sake of this party, I need to pick the side I most agree with.

But they were both equally right and wrong... and.... this was really hard!

After very deep thought and a conversation with a couple of my sisters, I have come to a sort of decision. This wasn't easy for me!! These are my boys and they're fighting and I have to choose between them?? WHY DID I DO THIS?? I have extremely mixed emotions!!! *headdesk*

HOW DO I CHOOSE?????????

The thing is, I don't completely agree with either Tony or Steve. 

Hear me out guys.

At the beginning of the Captain America: Civil War I was definitely more on Steve's side.  I wouldn't want to sign over my rights to the government anymore than he did. I don't like the government having that much control over my life, and if I was a superhero capable of helping people and making the world safer, I wouldn't want the government telling me to stay away when a bad situation arose. I wouldn't want to stand back and watch innocent lives get lost; not when I could help.  I also wouldn't want the government controlling who I fought. What if they sent me somewhere I didn't want to be sent? What if I had to bring in someone and I didn't feel it was just? No. I hate the idea of the government having that much say in what I do. Yes, Cap! Freedom of choice is important!! So important! I want to defend and protect, I don't want to wait for the stupid order! What if the bad guys are right there but I can't shoot or do anything to bring them in because the moronic government won't give me the green light? What if there is hostages or victims that need help but my hands are tied?? No! That sounds way too risky!!

"If I see a situation pointed South, I can't ignore it." -Steve Rogers.

Amen, Captain Rogers!


Tony had a valid point. The government found the Avengers dangerous and reckless. They have no one to answer to, and Captain America was continually going into hot fight zones and what not, crossing into other countries and taking on battles where it really wasn't his right. His fights often caused accidents and serious repercussions. Buildings were blown up, lives were lost.... An American causing things like that could actually cause huge problems between countries, maybe even a war. The Government was ready and willing to stop the Avengers from doing more 'harm' - even if it meant locking them up in special prisons, forcing them into early retirement. The last thing Tony wanted was for all the Avengers to get torn apart and unable to do anything at all. They needed boundaries, but they also needed space to do their jobs. He felt they needed someone to answer to, and I think he was right to a point. Do I think the government should have complete control over what the Avengers do? No. But I do think there should be some sort of rule set up that the Avengers have to follow. They can get unpredictable... especially when it comes to their friends and family.

I honestly think I would be more with Natasha. I don't entirely agree with Tony, but her  idea to "Win Trust Back" and negotiate terms with the government so they could keep doing what they were doing without being fugitives was actually a really good point. There was no reason for the Avengers to be criminals. Who could they help if they were continually on the run from the law? Who could they help if they were behind bars? If there was a way to still do what they do but have the government on their side, it would be better for everyone.

"If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys." -Tony Stark.

Tony also seemed very willing to negotiate the terms and try to make it so the Avengers could continue being the Avengers.  I honestly think he wanted to make sure whatever they agreed to wouldn't compromise their ability to protect people; maybe they could be like a special Task Force or whatever. I think his idea was that, if cops, marines, the navy seals, and even freaking soldiers in WW2 had to follow orders and rules, the Avengers should too. No higher power means  a lot of spur of the moment decisions and therefore too much room for mistakes

"This job... we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everyone." -Steve Rodgers.

In a war there is always casualties. Like Steve says, "You can't save everyone. But you can try." I think the government was wrong in making the Avengers the problems. Besides Ultron, none of the battles or catastrophes were actually their fault. They were just caught in the middle because they were trying to stop the bad guys. If they hadn't been there, everything would have been lost. They saved lives; they saved the world.  However, for some reason known only to themselves, the government decided this was all the hero's fault and unless they gave a show of good faith, they would be criminals. I'm not going to try and understand the politics of all this. Way too complicated. Maybe they had a bit of a point, but whatever the reasons, the Avengers do a lot more good then bad. So whatever happened with the government and signing shouldn't interfere with them going out and doing what has to be done.

Steve was right about needing freedom and as I said, at the beginning I was way more on his side because government = fishy. However, he went a bit insane. Once Bucky got involved, Steve's only goal was to get his friend safe.  It wasn't even about the Avengers signing over anymore. It was about Bucky not being a bad guy. Don't get me wrong, I loved that too! Yaaaas!!! Steve & Bucky!!! But I think if Bucky hadn't been involved Steve would have been more willing to sign. He just didn't want the government telling him to stand down. So instead of acting like a rational human and trying some sort of compromise, he ran around blowing things up, breaking the law and stubbornly refusing to listen to anyone who disagreed with him. This resulted in the government locking up all the Avengers that had sided with him, and gearing up to kill Bucky, and bring Steve in.

"I'm trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart." -Tony Stark.

At this point, Tony just wanted everyone safe. He even wanted to make sure Bucky wasn't badly treated or sent to prison. The poor guy was caught between a rock and a hard place. If someone didn't back down on something, all of the Avengers would be criminals and the government would put them in lock down. Maybe this seems impossible, but the Avengers have been brought in before. In CAWS, Steve, Natasha and Sam are all taken into custody. In Thor, God of Thunder, Thor is captured. In Iron Man 3, Tony is also captured. In CACW, Wanda and more than half the Avengers are restrained. So I think it could be done as long as it was like, two or three at a time.  Did Tony like the situation? No. He wasn't ready to let the government take complete control either. He even told Steve that the signing would be on their terms, and there would have to be a lot of negotiations and safeguards. Steve almost agreed too... until Bucky and Wanda came into the equation.

"What if this panel sends us somewhere we don't think we 
should go? What if there's somewhere we need to go and they won't let us?" - Steve Rogers.

I think both Tony and Steve had really valid points, which is why I think I would have been like Natasha. I may have sided with Tony, but if Steve needed my help, I would help him. Heck, TONY even helped him. Tony was the more rational person throughout the movie. Tony was the one who seemed more willing to change his opinions, he was the first to apologize and try to make things right. In the end, I was slightly, slightly more Team Tony, just because of the way he dealt with everything, especially when it spiraled out of control and he realized he had made some mistakes.

"Clearly I made a mistake. Sam, I was wrong [...] Cap is definitely off the reservation, 
but he's about to need all the help he can get. " -Tony Stark.

Steve was right about the risk of signing over the authority to the government. I think, however, that if it became an actual problem the Avengers could totally just unite and say NO. I don't think the law could do much against all the Avengers. They have something like eleven now... several with mind blowing abilities. Literally. What do you do against that? (Oh, and now the Winter Soldier is on their side too. So there's that.) If it got to a point where the government was too constricting, they could totally just break the law and do the right thing, and I don't think the government could do much about it, not against all of them.

I think at the end of the day I didn't fully agree with Tony's logic or his plan, and I didn't fully agree with Steve's stubborness; after all, how the Avengers instruct themselves was something that needed to be addressed. But I did feel a little more drawn toward how Tony handled the situation and the position he was in. It wasn't about what he believed. It was what he did throughout the film. Tony was the first one to try to compromise. Tony was the first one to try calling a truce. Tony was the first to try fixing his mistakes. He was the first to apologize, the first to accept there might be another way, the first to try and change his opinion. He went to help Steve. He snuck out from under the governments radar because his friend was in trouble and needed help. It wasn't that I agreed with Tony - because I didn't. It was more... I felt he didn't have much of a choice and he did the best he could. I really liked how he progressed and I liked his character arc.  He was the only Avenger (Besides Black Panther) who was brave enough to say he was wrong, and to try to mend fences before it was too late.

Tony was right. 
But also.
Steve was right.

At my heart I am still #teambros. In a real life crisis I would be that pathetic Avenger trying to bring Steve and Tony together and try to keep myself out of jail for life... because I like not being in jail. But I am also the type of person who would sign the Accords while thinking, "If this gets out of hand, I am so breaking the law and hiding out with Sam Wilson. Mhm. Stupid law. Stupid government. You know we could totally storm you right? Right. Better watch your back from now on. Also, I can't be tamed. If you try to stop me from doing the right thing... what did I do? Oh yeah, nothing you can prove!"

I think this was my deciding factor... I would sort of fall in line with Iron Man since I would sign the Accords with a hidden agenda. But no amount of ink could stop me from helping Steve, and I guess that puts me and Natasha on the same page.

Anyway, it seems my original decision of #teamgetalong  / #teambros was actually the winner!

"I Don't Want You Gone."

"If you need me, I'll be there."




That is all.

Your thoughts?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Just did mine seconds ago! I haven't seen the movie yet (Seeing it on Saturday) so I couldn't read your post! Here's my link to day one: http://revealedintime.blogspot.com/2016/05/civil-war-blog-catastro-party-day-one.html

    1. You could have waited till after you saw the movie!! That's why I said you could use all of May! 8-)

      Lemme go read it...

  2. AMEN. Yes. Gawsh you wrote this so well...XD

    Anyway, here's mine! http://mylifeisamusicalhaley.blogspot.com/



  3. this is so true. I have a hard time picking a side too. although I usually say Im team Iron Man because SOMEONE HAS TO PROTECT THAT BROKEN MAN.

    great post :)

    1. He is a precious cinnamon roll and he needs protection!!

  4. It's amazing and admirable how responsible Tony has become--recognizing the need for accountability, willing to apply it to himself instead of saying everyone else should and then operating on his own. You made some really good points here; this is a very articulate and thought-provoking defense of Tony.

    That said, I'm wholeheartedly TeamCap. Putting the team under the control of non-US delegates would pretty much eliminate the liberty and therefore purpose of the Avengers. (But since most of them were Americans, they do need permission from other nations to fly into their territory, only the Accords probably wasn't the best way to gain that permission.)However, the *way* Steve went about helping Bucky and tracking down what he thought was another big bad...I think he handled it the wrong way.

    I didn't get the impression Steve's actions were all about Bucky. No, he didn't want his friend locked up for crimes he committed while someone else controlled his mind. But Bucky's arrival alerted Steve to a bigger problem: a cadre of Winter Soldiers in the wrong hands--and that's what he was trying to prevent. You remember when he smelled something fishy about the logistics of blowing up the UN meeting? I think he realized Bucky was a pawn in some kind of scheme, and so he was fighting to hang on to that lead and to protect his friend at the same time.

    What's really fascinating is the remark of the villain: that a nation conquered may rise again, but a nation self-destructed never will. Very interesting point. Very sobering point.


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