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Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - I know I'm late.

My best friend had her birthday this weekend, so I went to her house and we had a sleep-over with chocolate and tea. I had no time to blog, we were having too much fun. I think that is a reasonable excuse.

DAY FOUR: Today I am supposed to pick a character from the opposing team and discuss or defend him.

Okay. I was really, really tempted to rant about Bucky for twenty minutes straight, but I decided against that, since it will turn into a "BUCKY AND STEVE" post.

I decided to discuss Steve Rogers. This was his movie and I figure it's high time I let everyone know how much I love and respect this character.

Unlike most fans, I have loved Steve since Captain America: The First Avenger. Cap didn't have that big of a fan-base in the beginning. He had fans, sure, but a lot of people just thought he was boring and too good. They preferred Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, even Loki, over Steve. I was on this tiny island with a small group of supporters, waving my flag  like, "Yaaaaaaay, Steve!"

Of course, after Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, Cap's popularity spiked drastically, and I am sure it was because of Bucky. I watched a ton of fans suddenly fall in love with him, and I sat in my corner like, "I was here way before all you all!"

There are still plenty of people who don't like Cap, and it makes me really sad. I love everything about Steve. I love that he was the adorable scrawny kid who wanted to fight for his country. I loved that he stood up for the little guy. I love that he always tries to do the right thing, even when its hard. I love that he is a decent guy with good morals and a good heart. I love that he believes in God.

"You just don't know when to give up do you?"

I love how adorable and awkward Steve is. Even though he is this big, well-known superhero, a massive part of him is still just that kid from Brooklyn who never really knew what he was doing. He is nervous and babbly around girls. He is goofy and unsure, even around his friends. He doesn't always know what to say or how to say it, and I don't think he even knows how he got to be 'Captain America,' The world's greatest hero. He basically just ran around blowing stuff up and getting these crazy ideas, hoping they would work. The biggest reason he succeeded at everything he did was because he was so young and reckless.... he didn't think before he acted, he was just like, "This dangerous thing, let's do it!!" (I actually think this is the main reason we won WWII. There was bunch of young American boys acting crazy and taking stupid risks.)

Steve is really stubborn, which is as much something I love about him as it is something I hate about him. He has serious trouble changing his opinion, and he sticks to his beliefs no matter what people say. This can either be a really good thing, or a really bad thing. The problem is, he doesn't leave much room for compromise. Once he sets his mind to a thing, he doesn't easily back down. This means he stands his ground when you need it the most... and sometimes he won't back down, even when he should.

"For as long as I can remember I just wanted to do what was right."

Steve comes at everything from a moral stand point which is something I greatly appreciate. Where Tony usually has to work to the moral high ground, Steve starts there. Where Tony is always growing to be the best person, Steve starts at the best he can be. He was a WWII soldier, which is not only amazing, but it also means he is a fighter through and through. He is incredibly brave, strong and determined. He is the protector, and he never hesitates to put his life on the line for others. Despite the fact that he is famous and often showered with praise, Steve is humble, honest, gentle and grounded.

The only thing that is slightly bothering about Steve, is that he is so adamant about following laws and orders, but when it comes to him and what he thinks is right, he will actively step outside the law to do his thing. For example, in the Avengers Tony is hacking into SHIELD's files because he doesn't trust them and he wants to be sure they're being upfront. Steve kind of berates Tony, telling him that they have orders and should follow them, but literally fifteen minutes later he is sneaking around the SHIELD base, investigating. He is literally doing the exact same thing he just finished telling Tony not to do.

Now, most of the time this side of Steve comes out when Bucky is brought into the equation. Whenever his best friend is hurt or in danger, all of Steve's perspective and cool-headed leadership flies out the window. In the Captain America: The First Avenger, he sneaks into a highly secure HYDRA base (against all orders and conversation to do otherwise) and punches his way through security to save his best friend. Sure, he saves a couple hundred other POW's in the process, but his whole reason for flying behind enemy lines and putting himself in terrible danger was because Bucky Barnes was in trouble. At the end of the movie, after Steve thinks Bucky is dead, his temper fires up again. He is ready to take down every HYDRA soldier himself if needed, and he doesn't plan to stop until they are all either dead or captured. His normal, steady self is completely lost because HYDRA hurt Bucky, HYDRA killed Bucky, therefore HYDRA must die.


In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve is forced to work outside the law because let's face it, SHIELD was being retarded. Planes in the sky pinning down thousands of targets, set to kill? Really? Yeah, Steve. Stand up to those people!! I totally agreed with him on trying to stop all that from happening! However, once Steve realized Bucky was the Winter Soldier, he lost it. He was like, "Okay, SHIELD goes down, everything goes down, I am going to kill EVERYONE. You hurt my Bucky, no one gets to do that!!"

Once again with Bucky. I love Steve in that movie, I agree with Steve, I totally would have been there helping him every step of the way. But no one can argue that he was rather insane after he found out what happened to Bucky.

"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."

This brings me to Captain America: Civil War.  I honestly think that if Bucky had not been involved, Steve would have been far more willing to compromise and sign the accords. He wouldn't have liked it, he wouldn't have agreed with it, but I think he would have seen why it was necessary. His reluctance was understandable. No one wants the government telling them who they can and can't save.... especially when you are a superhero and you know you are capable of helping tons of people. It wasn't just that though. Steve didn't want to give up Bucky. If he signed the accords, the government got to decide what happened to his best friend and he couldn't let that happen. When Tony assured him Bucky would get medical and mental help instead of Prison time, Steve almost signed. Then he found out Wanda was already on house arrest because she was 'dangerous' and he flipped out again, like, "No, not Wanda!... That's it! I WILL NOT LET BUCKY BE LOCKED UP."

Steve was way more violent in Civil War. He was quicker to hit and blow things up, quicker to kill, quicker to break the law and put himself in danger. I think if Bucky had had a say in all of this before Steve landed them in a huge bowl of trouble, he might have actually landed on Tony's side. Bucky knows he is dangerous - he was in hiding because of it. At the end of the movie he even went back into Cryo willingly because he couldn't trust himself. So I think he would have agreed to a mental hospital and getting help if Steve had bothered to explain Tony's plan to him instead of dragging him out of every danger like a protective brother bear. (I love that they're bros! It makes me happy!! But Steeeeeeeve. Stahp.) This is why I was slightly more with Tony. He was a bit less wild. He was trying to keep everyone safe, and he tried (Repeatedly) to call a truce and stop the fight. It was Steve who wouldn't back down.

This in itself is actually a good quality as well. For Steve, friendship is obviously the most important thing, and that is incredible, I love that. I just think he went a bit too far.

Steve has all the qualities you would want in a friend, as well as a man. He is the sort of man I can see myself going out with. I think he is a good role model for all young men right now, especially boys entering their teen years. He can be a great influence in our society, just as Peggy can be a great influence on girls all over the world. (I might go into more detail with this in a later post. Peggy is so important.) I think it's really important that these sorts of characters exist, characters who are so good, and so decent.... it shows that there is more to life than just shallow opinions. You have to find something you are willing to die for and live for it every single stupid day. Morality is important. God is everything. A good heart in a horrible world isn't something to be ashamed of. These are all things that people need to be reminded of, and I think Steve is one of the best reminders so far. He makes mistakes, and he can be an idiot, but he is always doing what he believes to be right, and as far as his moral compass goes, he is definitely on the right path. I hope that people will see his movies and find the courage to be like him. It would do society a world of good.

Steve Rogers.

Do you adore Steve as much as I do?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I ADORE STEVE TOOOOOOO. HE'S A PRECIOUS ARMADILLO. So much feels. So much love. Gahhhhh.

    Just wrote my late post, too. XD

    1. Steve Rogers is an epic hero. He's precious.

      Oh, let me look at your post!!

  2. I'm so behind! My Day Three - Supporting Character post --

  3. (FYI, I really loathe the Bucky fanatics. It's like, HOLY COW, GUYS, HE LIKES PLUMS, OKAY!!! HE JUST WANTED A FREAKING PLUM!!!)

    Yes, I'm a true Captain America fan. I loved Steve Rogers when he was just Steve Rogers. The second he stood in that alley and was like, "I could do this all day," was just, STEVE! I liked him before he was cool. :-)

    I'm ahead of you now, surprisingly enough. I has a new post...

    1. Kat. He felt arms with his metal hand. You know what this means?? HE CAN FEEL WITH HIS METAL ARM. IT IS A PART OF HIM, AND IT CAN FEEL THINGS! Look at how he holds the plums... They want to show us his arm is capable of being gentle as well as being dangerous! They wanted us to know its more than just a weapon, it is a PART OF HIM, and he can FEEL with it. WHICH MEANS WHEN TONY SHOT IT OFF IT HURT, IT HURT BADLY. STUPID TONY.



      Get over your Bucky feels and stop analyzing him to death!!!


      YAY. Going to read it.

  4. I DID A NEW POST THING. I'm tired and still need to reply to your comments lol...XD


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