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Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - Day Three

Day Three: Pick One supporting character from your team and talk about him.

"How was the Fun-V?"
James Rhodes // (Rhodey)

*Warning: This might turn into a "CW STIRRED UP ALL MY TONY & RHODEY FEELS"  fangirl post.

Why did I choose this particular character? Well, I've always liked Rhodey, especially when it comes to his relationship with Tony. But it has come to my attention that Rhodey get's Rhodey-hate and/or Rhodey-dislike

GUYS. Why??? What exactly is wrong with this character??

Rhodey is faithful, honest, gentle and calm. He's the sort of guy you would feel safe around, the sort that would be easy to befriend. He's a military man, which in itself is super freaking cool. He doesn't hesitate to put his life on the line to help his friends, and he is ready to defend what is right at all costs. He actually reminds me a lot of Sam (aka, The Falcon.) He has the strength of character and the ability to survive just about anything. He is basically the flip of Tony. Where Tony is spurratic, Rhodey is collected. Where Tony is irrational, Rhode is reasonable. He is a soldier, a fighter, and a friend. I like how he has progressed over the films, and I honestly wish we'd get a little more of him and his relationship with Tony than we have so far. 

I feel that we owe Rhodey a lot, because he was the only person besides Pepper who loved Tony when Tony wasn't very loveable. He was Tony's friend before Tony had his great character arc, back when he was still a playboy, a prig, and a huge brat. He was there for Tony, he believed in him, and he saw the best in him, even when Tony gave him every reason not to. He's always seen the good man behind the mask of arrogance, the potential and the heart behind all that attitude. He saw all of Tony. Not just his persona and fame, but all of him.

"You can be more, and you just don't see it." -James Rhode, IM1

I've always wondered how long Tony and Rhodey knew each other. I know they must have met at least a few years before the first Iron Man took place. I wonder if he stepped in after Howard's death, maybe as Tony's personal body guard? Whatever the length, it is clear at the start of Iron Man 1, that Tony and Rhodey are very close. Rhodey is very protective of Tony. He looks out for him and he takes a lot of heat for Tony's mistakes. He is constantly lying for him, covering for him and basically being a barrier between the law and Tony's disregard for the law. 

He is obviously comfortable around Tony. He isn't afraid to stand up to him and call him out on his bad behaviour. Of course most of the time Tony doesn't seem to care, but I think Rhodey is one of the few people whose opinion actually matters to him. He knows that at the end of the day, Rhodey has his back, so he takes the criticism lightly, knowing Rhodey isn't going anywhere. At the beginning, he sort of takes it for granted that Rhodey is always going to be there for him.

I know some fans seem to think Rhodey disregards a lot of Tony's problems and he is 'too hard' on him. They also think he takes orders over friendship. Well... I respectfully disagree.


In the first Iron Man, Rhodey spends months looking for Tony after his capture. For all he knew his best friend was dead, but he never gave up on him. Did he think Tony was crazy for shutting down the weapons manufacturing? Yes, but everyone did! That was the biggest way Tony made his money, and a ton of people relied on his weapons, including the American Government. That being said, he didn't fight Tony on the issue. He let it slide, he told Tony to rest. He probably thought he had severe trauma and needed time to see things in a better light. Once Tony chose that path, however, he didn't make him feel stupid for it. Instead he calmly tried to keep an eye on Tony and make sure he didn't do anything stupid, like flying into a hot-zone and almost getting killed. In the end, he even supported him in his decision.

For the majority of the second Iron Man, Rhodey is standing up for Tony, sticking his neck out for Tony, and defending Tony. He is also genuinely worried about his condition with the arc reactor, and he tells Tony he doesn't have to fight this all alone. He doesn't have to go up against the bad guys alone, he doesn't need to deal with the fact that he's dying alone, he doesn't need to struggle with all this crap alone. Rhodey lets Tony know he is there for him, and he can come to him. Of course, Tony brushes him off... he always does. He also brushes of Rhodey's warning that the government wants to take all his suits, and if he doesn't do something to prove himself they are going to do just that. Then, not much later, Rhodey witnesses a very drunk Tony Stark making an oaf of himself, and he gets angry. They fight, Tony acts like an immature idiot, and Rhodey takes one of his suits. He delivers it to his superior officers.

Was he wrong? I think so, yeah. But he was under a lot of pressure to stop the crazy killer who was running around with Stark's technology, and the guy he had been defending had just shown him he was in no position to act like a responsible adult. You have to think of Rhodey's position. Tony was acting out a lot in that movie. He was dying and that meant he was taking stupid risks, doing stupid things, and being even more of a twerp than usual. He wouldn't listen to his friend and he wouldn't give him any concrete way to keep him out of trouble. Rhodey delivered one suit because otherwise the government was going to crash in and take all of them, and he didn't want that. He did what he had to do, not what he wanted to do. You can tell he doesn't like the situation, he is mad at himself, he's mad at Tony, and he is just done with everything. At the end of the movie, when Rhodey's suit is hacked and he is set on Tony, he spends the entire time warning him and trying to keep him safe. Once he gets control back, you can tell he is really sorry for what he's done, and he teams up with Tony to take down the weirdo killer.

In the third Iron Man it is clear he's worried about Tony and the fact he hasn't been sleeping. Tony won't address the situation, but you can tell Rhodey knows something is very wrong. He spends that whole movie feeding Stark Intel he isn't supposed to have, covering for him, and just being there for him. Also, there is his dopey smile when he realizes Tony is alive....

In fact the only time Rhodey actually gets mad at Tony, is if Tony is putting himself in danger, or if he is being so much less than he can be. Rhodey keeps Tony in line, but not in a bad way. I honestly think Tony needs that sort of person in his life, the kind that will stick with him through thick and thin, but is willing to put him in his place and knock sense into him when needed.

I'm not sure why Rhodey would get hate. He is numbered among the avengers now. He has done his fair share of protecting and serving. He is kind, generous, and honestly one of the best people you could meet. He's a very loyal and strong character. He takes things in stride, he does the right thing, he pulls all sorts of strings to help his friends, and he is an incredible brave person. I wish we had more of him.

Rhodey was the first friend Tony ever had. He was there when his parents died, when Jarvis died. He was found him when terrorists captured him, and he brought him home. He doesn't care that Tony pokes fun at him and calls him names. He laughs at his dumb jokes, even at a Senate committee hearing.

Rhodey’s was there when Obediah betrayed Tony. He was there for him when he thought he was dying. There for him after Ultron. He stood beside him, through all his dumb mistakes, all his stupid plans, because he cares so much about his friend, and he just wants him safe, and happy... And you can bet he was there through the Pepper break-up. He is sure as heck still there after it! He has always had Tony's back, and he always will!!


Seriously, Rhodey is always there, for Tony, for Pepper, for everyone!

I think Civil War hit me hard with Rhodey feels, cause I realized he is precious and needs protecting...


That's all.

So. What do you think?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I should have done mine on Rhodey, but I didn't. Does he really get hate? Why don't people like BRO STORIES?!?

    1. Yep. He was upset with him for having PTSD. He disregarded his feelings. Stole from him. Treated him like a child. Didn't show enough concern when things were crappy....


      I don't know. Sometimes it feels like the we're the only people left who like BRO stories.

  2. Wrote miiiiiiine!

    Ah, I liked Rhodey. I haven't seen the Iron Man movies yet...heard too much ehhh stuff about them...but I liked him in Civil War a lot.



    And here's my next post:



      Okay. Thanks. 8-)


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