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Civil War Blog Catastro-Party Day Two!

Day Two: TAG!!!!  (Use the Tag for your team. It can be found HERE.)

When it comes right down to it, I am still #Teambros. So I am doing both tags because why not? It's my freaking Blog Party.

Team Iron Man:

1. What is your favorite Iron Man movie?

My favorite Iron Man movie is the first one. I love his character arc in that one. He's all sad and desperate to redeem himself... it make me sad for him. 

Little Twerp.

That being said, I really liked the third one too. I liked how it proved (once again) that Tony doesn't need his suits or technology to be a genius, and his electronics aren't what make him a hero. He is just as heroic, in fact even more so, without them. I also really liked how Tony was struggling with anxiety, guilt and fear in that one - again, with a solid character arc. He has a character arc in every movie! People wonder why I love this Avenger so much?? CAUSE HE IS ALWAYS GROWING AND GETTING BETTER.

2. When did you decide you loved Iron Man?

That bit in the first Iron Man movie when he is captured by the bad guys, and they tell he has to make a missile, and he says "I refuse." And he doesn't give in, even after they torture him!

3. Do you tend to agree with Iron Man's thinking/logic?

No. Tony always has the best intentions and I applaud him for that. He just wants to help people and keep everyone safe. But his thinking is often flawed. It makes me really nervous, to be honest. 

Tony Stark.

The thing is, Tony always tries to do the right thing. It just blows up in his face a lot.

4.) What is one thing about Tony that drives you insane?

His stupidity. Tony is a "My Way, No High Way," sort of guy. Even if something is dangerous and stupid, Tony is all, "I have to do this!" He is an idiot. In real life all his joking around to cover up pain would seriously drive me crazy, just because I would want to help him and he would just laugh stuff off. 

5.) Do you think you'd like Tony In real life?

Yeah, I think I would like Tony. We would have lots of differences in opinion, and I think a lot about Tony would make me a little crazy. But he's a nut, so I think I'd be his friend.

6.) Do you think you'd get along with Pepper Pots? What about Rhodey?

I'd get along with both of them. They're nice people. We could swap stories about the stupid things Tony does. It would be great.

7.) Would you like to live in Stark Tower?

I don't think so. It's a little too big and technical.

8.) Would you want to try out/own any of Iron Man's robots or fancy little gadgets?

Yeah I'd like to play with them... but robotics freak me out so I wouldn't want one to keep unless it was really simple. 

9.) What is your favorite Iron Man quote?

"I'm not crazy Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart, that its right."

"I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them."

Aaaaaaaw, little broken man! You're awesome, you know that right? *Aggressively hugs Tony Stark*

10.) If Tony as he is now volunteered to take you to dinner and a movie, would you accept his invitation? Not a date, just a night out cause he knows you are soooooo stressed.

Ehe. Uhm. I don't know. He would have to promise me no getting drunk. I think he would make me nervous, one on one like that. If it was me and a few of my sisters, sure. If it was just me... I don't know. I would like to say "I HAD DINNER WITH TONY STARK!" But it would make me really nervous. So yeah, probably not. 

Team Captain America:

1.) What is your favorite Captain America movie?

This was a close call... they are all kind of tied in my love for them.

I think it's Captain America: The First Avenger

Pretty much everything about that movie is awesome. Steve's growth, the plot, the grumpy General, Peggy, Bucky, the Howling Comandoes... I just really love that whole movie. It's one I can watch again and again and not get tired of it. 

Steve Rogers is still just a little boy that gets excited over shields. Pass it on.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a close second. That. Movie. *DIES*

2.) When did you decide you loved Captain America?

Uhm. From the very beginning?? Duh!

"Just give me a chance."

AAAAAAAAaaaw cute little scrawny kid, you're adorable!!!

3.) Do you tend to agree with Steve's thinking/logic?

Yeah. Steve is more old-fashioned. He is decent, honest and truthful. He has good morals and he sees the world more like I see it. We both believe in God, and we both think the government is way too insane. 

"SHIELD takes the world as is, not as we wish it to be, and it's time you got with that program, Captain."

"Don't hold your breath."

4.) What is one thing about Steve that drives you insane?

Steve is really stubborn, and usually I like that about him, but in Captain America: Civil War he should have taken ten minutes and tried to compromise. Cause that was annoying.

5.) What is your favorite Steve scene?

That whole scene when he is on the bridge with Bucky in CAWS. That was the bravest, stupidest thing Steve has ever done and I love him for it.

6.)  What is something about Steve that you really admire?

His determination to stand up for what's right when no one else will, and his courage to fight when the fight seems impossible to win, or when everyone else is telling him to stand down. 

7.) Do you think you would like Steve in real life?

Absolutely. He's a bit quiet, but I think we'd get along just fine.

8.) What do you think of Steve's motorcycle, and would you want a ride on it?


9.) What was an iconic "STEVE FREAKIN' ROGERS" moment for you?

I have lots. I love the scene in CAWS when Steve is in the elevator with all those people and he totally fights them off like a boss and then leaps out a (ten? Fifteen??) story window. I love the scene in CAFA, when he saves like, 200 POW's from the creepy HYDRA base. 

Probably the most iconic moment is when scrawny little Steve jumps on the grenade to save everybody, because I think that embodies who Steve is as a person. Always thinking of others before himself. Always willing to risk his life to keep everyone safe. 

10.) If Steve asked you on a date, would you accept?


Alrighty! That's it for today!!!! Your thoughts??

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I'm #TeamBros too, and I still wish they'd been friendlier in Civil War. Oh well. But I posted and you wanted to know. So...
    I will now endeavour to play the catch up game - I doubt I'll succeed. I'll probably fall further behind. But we'll do our best, precious.

  2. I felt that you were going to end up doing both tags : )

  3. Hehe. Team Bros...both tags.

    1. TEAM BROS!!!

      I'm hopping over to look right now!

  4. And since your other blog post isn't up yet, I'm posting here again:

  5. I loved reading these! Filling out both was a fun idea!

    Tony's a hoot. Even when he's annoying, he's funny at the same time. :-)

    Ooh, I loved Cap from the first too! Respected him from the get-go of the first film--and later found out that some folks disliked him because he was "too good to be true." Um, what is wrong with a man with good morals and willingness to sacrifice? And he's not perfect: he tries to get drunk after he thinks Bucky is dead, and lies on his enlistment form. Not good. But he also has a sense of humor, and is awkward sometimes, and gets discouraged...yeah, he has a higher moral standard than most folks in this culture, but he's human too. What's not to like?


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