Friday, May 6, 2016

*Aggressively Vents Way Too Much*



I made a promise to me. No going on the internet today. I can't see any spoilers!!!

I'm really freaking out right now because I don't want to see my bros fighting!! It is so not cool! I don't want to see Broken Sad Bucky, Or Broken Sad Steve, Or Broken Sad Tony! I just dooooooon't. I want them to have shwarma and share goofy stories and be friends! WHY THIS WAR? WHAT IS THIS???

My feels tonight...

It will be really nice to go to a Marvel movie, to be honest. I trust Marvel. It can be a bit extreme with its shows and do stuff I don't necessarily like, but I do trust those writers. I really trust them with the Avengers movies. They never let me down, and I need that good storytelling right now. As far as it goes, I have had a really crappy week when it comes to my fandoms.  It has gotten so bad that I feel I have to warn all of my followers about a few things.

A.) I was reading an excellent series called The Raven Boys. It was by an author I really liked. It had amazing brother/friendship stories in it, a nice subtle romance that actually worked, a cute girl character, and a little hint of magic, just enough to make it feel a little like a fantasy. The books have been out for a while, but I was waiting to read them because I was afraid something horrible was going to happen in the last book. Like, the writer bowing to popular opinion and putting two characters together that are not supposed to be together. However, my friend kept saying the writer wouldn't do that. All the bros were just bros, it was obvious!! She was so sure, so finally I decided to give it a go. Maggie Stiefvater had written other books that were cute and good. She didn't seem like the weird type. I liked this writer. I had a wild hope she wouldn't betray me like Rick Riordan did.

I was wrong. In the last book Maggie Stiefvater decided it would be a great idea to make two of her bros gay. I didn't read this book. I was on book two and my sister called me and told me what happened in the last one. I sat there at the table and had a break down. I cried. I threw things. I fumed. I cried some more. The worst thing was, I loved that friendship story. The change was super unbelievable too, because for the other three books Adam was in love with a girl, and as for Ronan.... He was Catholic. He was a boxer. He was a protective brother bear. And he was the most manly man you would ever meet. He was hard to get close to, hard to understand. He was closed off an angry, but in the book I was reading I could see he was starting to open up. You saw more of his soft side. Especially when it came to Adam. I loved how fiercely protective he was of that boy. It was so sweet and awesome, and she ruined it!!!!

I felt sick and hollow, like I had lost something. I still feel sick whenever I think about it.

I feel a strong need to write an EPIC bro story now, emphasis on the brothers. I think others should do the same. *peers at Kat* We need to save friendship stories in general. I'm so tired of authors and their stupidity. If we want good stories we're gonna have to write them.

B.) A ton of my fandoms are crashing and burning around me. I haven't watched Supernatural since before Christmas, and I haven't been a real part of the Supernatural fandom for some time now, but after their latest plot development I will never watch it again. They actually introduced "God." And let's just say it was bad. it was really, really bad.

I really, really hate that show. HATE.

How did it get so bad?...

C.) Season Five of Grimm has been one wild train wreck. It is sad because I bet it would have been good if not for Nick & Adalind. See, there is one ship that the writers decided would be great fun to play with, and I hates it precious. It doesn't make sense, and I find it forced and rushed. These two characters were enemies for the first three and a half season. Enemies. They tried to kill each other and everything. Adalind used and manipulated Nick more times than I can count. She actively went after all of Nick's friends and his girlfriend, Juliette - (who was so precious by the way!!) just to hurt him. As for Nick, he attacked and threatened Adalind several times, kept her from her child (that was rough, even if it was needed) and full on hated the witch. For very good reasons! She was not a nice girl! She wouldn't leave him or his loved ones alone! They hated each other!! Now suddenly they like each other? They're in a relationship now??? WHAAAAAAT??

How does it make sense that the girl who hurt and traumatized Juliette, hurt Nick's partner, hurt Nick, hurt Nick's  fellow co-workers, tried to kill his aunt, disguised herself as Juliette and slept with him to steal his powers, and caused Juliette to become a wild, out of control monster, is now someone Nick trusts and loves?? IN LIKE FOUR MONTHS??? SO DUMB. So out of character!!!

On the upside, the real Juliette seems to be coming back to us. Hopefully Season 6 will fix all of that crap. I still like the characters enough to give it another chance. I just want them to go back to being the Grimm I loved. And I need Juliette and Nick need to be endgame.

D.) Don't read Seraphina. The cute sister story turns out to be a creepy love story in the second book. (this is going to be a thing. I just know it.)

E.) I love Doctor Who, but Moffat is turning it into the sort of show I would give up on if it was anything but Doctor Who. I love the Doctor so I stick with it, but if it was anything else I'd be out.  Moffat messes with things that were never supposed to be messed with. He's ruining everything I loved about that show, and I am honestly terrified the next Doctor will be female. In which case, I will bail and probably rant. True Whovians, we can't let this happen!!!

I was depressed this week. It is sad for me that so many of the things I used to love are dying. I curled up and drown my feels in Hawaii Five-0, and tried not to think about all the stories that had fallen apart. It is silly to get so upset over something like a story, but I am.

The thing is, I love being a fangirl. I love it. That is why it takes me so long to give up on a show/story. I love getting obsessed with shows, understanding references and wearing geeky shirts. I love being a part of this big geeky family that are all united by their love for a story. It is such fun! I noticed I do a thing though. If I lose a fandom, I go through mourning. I'm all forlorn and sad, and more often then not I try to find another fandom to join. In this case, I started Hawaii Five-0 and The Walking Dead.

I love H50. But I don't know what I think of TWD yet. It's really bloody. It has creepy zombies. It's weird. It's sad. It has some nice characters though. Characters that die. Well... some live. The really cool one is still alive in the latest season, and he is a big reason I'm watching it. I dunno. I have mixed emotions.

I'll keep you posted.

Hawaii Five-0 is really good though! You are safe with that one! And we get another season! Don't Jinx it!!


Alrighty. Time for me to head off. Sorry this post is so random. I just felt the need to warn you all so you wouldn't have to suffer the same bitter disappointment I did.

I'm gonna hide in H50 and Marvel until stated otherwise. They're nice. The fandoms themselves are pretty nice too, which is a bonus. (Don't betray me writers. Please.)

Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I agree about DW! I adore Peter so I am seriously hoping that he stays on for another series that is hopefully fun and full of laughs!

    1. I love Twelve. He got so sad in S9! "I have a duty of care." Stab me in the heart of feels why don't you!

  2. Man, I'm sorry you got burned by so many fandoms! That's terrible. I totally agree with you about just plain *friendship* stories--we need more of those! Especially since kids and young teens probably don't need to be viewing everyone through the lens of "potential romantic interest."

    What annoys me is when people read romantic subtext in relationships that in the story, are actually supposed to be based on noble qualities. The LotR characters come to mind as an example. What others interpret as "sexual", I think Tolkien meant to be merely deep loyalty, soldierly duty, camaraderie, admiration for skill and leadership, deep respect, sentiments like that. It's like our culture is so obsessed with sex that we can't wrap our heads around the ideas of either innocence or respect. Okay, rant over. :-)

    "If we want good stories, we're going to have to write them"...yep! I hope your writing goes well! And I hope you enjoy Civil War!

    1. I SO AGREE! *weeps* You should read the Queen's Thief series! It is excellent!

      I SAW CIVIL WAR AAAAAAAAND ........ !!!!!!!

  3. Oh Darling..... *laughing*

    Funnily enough, I had just said about a month ago or so that off the top of my head the only thing they could do to make that series completely taboo would be to actually bring god back - thing angels were one thing but god Sorry. Figures it would happen. 'Well enough alone' doesn't exist. It's a good thing they kill off all possibly good characters: I remain mostly untempted. (I hate actors, and fantasy, and fiction in general sometimes...)

    ah, Grimm.... Yeah. No. I am still majorly undecided about the show - the only redeeming feature remains Renard and he's in a weird mess sadly now so... Lovely!! I've such fun to look forward to I can see! As it stands, I think it's with OUAT in terms of interest: if I've NOTHING else to watch... (There REALLY need to be better stories and films and books... It's depressing.)

    ....The Doctor a girl or God in SPN.... Rock and a hard place AND WHY IS EVERYTHING RUINS PRECIOUS RUINS IT!! ...I'm now VERY worried about catching up with Doctor Who again.... I mean, I've hopes that Clara is gone so there's that but... Still. (On a side note, however, I know EXACTLY who I want to be the next Doctor, and that would be the. best. and I would never shut up about it probably... But it's not a girl. I would stop watching if it were a girl (unless they had a REALLY good companion and even then... I mean, Missy is great - just ignore history. Romana - ah, they should bring back Romana. It would be like Donna: pure perfection. Even better if I got the right Doctor...) (That being said, while I'd give up on DW if they did that, I'd come back if they changed him back from travesty to correct. I'm a bit too loyal to the series for that..)

    ...I have a low opinion of The Walking Dead, but I always despised zombies. Too....dull.

    Be safe! Sorry for the long reply.....

    1. It isn't funny, don't laugh at me!


      The Doctor as a female would be the end for me.

      Oh, I hate OUAT. It is so freakishly lame. LAME.

      Well, Walking Dead is more than just zombies. It really gets into the struggles of humanities against their inner sin and temptation. It shows (in a very realistic light) How humans would deal with isolation, war, suffering and death. Some grow cold, some go insane, some try desperately to keep hope alive, and there is a subtle sub-plot of "what about God?" Some characters can't believe. Some don't want to. Some believe all the more.

      I still don't know how I feel about the Walking Dead. I will need to watch all the seasons in order to decide. I do like Daryl. He's a good character.


    2. Je suis desole. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at your....words? The way you said it? *sighs* I'M NOT LAUGHING AT YOUR PREDICAMENT IT'S JUST THAT IT'S REALLY REALLY FAMILIAR AND IT'S EITHER I LAUGH OR I CRY AT IT AND LAUGHING SEEMS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS SO THERE and I completely messed that up didn't I......

      It's fine. You've already told me that, so.... It was nothing new. Now. If you tell me what happens to Renard, THEN I'll be upset... But as it is, I don't care about anyone else and it's incredibly predictable so... Even if I hadn't known? It's completely unsurprising, and isn't that sad....

      Hopefully there was a negative enough reaction to Missy - I think that was the trial run and so HELP ME IF THEY RUIN THE DOCTOR-!!!!!!

      Excluding Gold/Rumplestiltskin? And King Stefan? Yes, Entirely. Except they have a few really, REALLY good character arcs that are worth watching the show for it's just.... Well. There's an awful lot that makes it NOT worth watching. LIKE EVERY OTHER BLOODY CHARACTER OUTSIDE OF GOLD AND STEFAN (and Stefan doesn't count because he's a LOT further ahead than I've actually watched) AND PROBABLY REGINA IF SHE WEREN'T SO PREDICTABLE!!

      I suppose.... It's just...zombies. Dull. Boring. WHY?? Can't we have interesting mosters? Like the....Wer? No, that's a movie... Whatever-fairytale-creatures-WESEN!! Wesen, that's what they are. Vampires, of course. Stargate's Wraith, and even the Goa'uld. But Zombies?? maybe it's just because if they're the monsters then the only remaining characters for me to like are all protagonists. And those rarely promise interest lately.


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