Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Which I know I'm a bad blogger.

I always have the best intentions for blogging. I always have posts that I start and never finish. I visit blogger about three times a week and somehow I still have huge gaps between posts.

Why is this a thing? I don't know.


What is new in my little life? Not much, except that my sister and brother-in-law are coming!!!!! *SHRIEKS*

Gina and Dan are coming up for Joey's wedding, and since they will be up here anyway, they decided to stay the week so they could visit. I'm really excited! They have a brand new baby and I get to hold him! He'll only be three weeks old! It's' been too long since I held a baby that small!!

It will be such fun. Fun will be had by all. We'll have lots of yummy dinners and deserts, and maybe we'll make a giant special breakfast.

So much of my life revolves around food. What do I do to have fun? I plan for Good Food and a movie. Good Food foremost.


My best friend came over for the weekend, which was a blast! Unfortunately I always forget to take pictures unless someone prompts me. This means that Jim and I were having too much fun to stop and capture moments.

We basically spent three days relaxing and sleeping in. Jim had never seen Alice in Wonderland so I figured we ought to start our movie marathon off with that one. We had six movies to get through in three nights. This meant that sleep was for the weak and if we had to welcome the morning in while the moon was still up that was just fine. 

Since movies were a must and late nights were very late, we lazed about in bed until about nine o'clock before rousing ourselves for breakfast. See? Apparently my definition of having a The best time ever is eating, having tea, and curling up on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and a nice movie or show after. It doesn't sound boring until I write it out; but I promise that having tea with me is an event. You get Reese's!!!

It was great because a lot of the cartoons we watched I haven't seen in a long time, and some I'd never seen. Like, I have always wanted to see American Tail but our VHS is so old that it wasn't watchable. It jumped and fizzled and turned black and white and sometimes the whole thing would just go black and buzz because the thing was so old. This was tragic for me. I wanted to see a cartoon with adorable little mice! On a whim I took American Tale  to Jessie's house... AND IT PLAYED. I guess her VHS players was newer or something, because it played my 30+ year old tape with no glitch. Obviously those things have high integrity... they are so much better than DVD's. #BringBackVHS

I have a thing for Peter Pan. Both the cartoon and the movie are special to me in their own way. I just love the character of Peter. He is so sad and adorable! And he had swords and magic!! I wanted him to teach me to fight. I actually remember the cartoon being a bit sadder.... not that it still isn't a little sad. I think when you are little, Tinkerbell flying off with a bomb is a wee bit scarring. (The movie is brutal with that bit. In fact, that whole ending is brutal because Peter is so broken.) I honestly think they should bring back drawn animation. They don't have to make everything with it. They can still use the fancy new animation, there is a lot of good in that too, but I think at least 1/3 of all cartoons made should be drawn. It is fascinating and intricate and beautiful, and we shouldn't just let that raw amazing talent and art work go to waste. It is something that needs to be salvaged! Help me out with this guys. #bringbackdrawnanimation


What else has been going on? Let's see. I'm a little bit in love with Hawaii Five-O right now. When I first heard it was a cop show that takes place on Hawaii I naturally thought, "Oh. Yay. Another NCIS, but with a beach." Whohoooooa I was so wrong!! It's is so fabulous. Cops and crime-fighting ad guns, amazing characters and best of all, Friendships Stories! *happy dancing* H50 does a really good job balancing comedy and tension. It is a show with a lighter mood and theme, but when it wants to get dark and serious it can and I love that. It has the same feel as Leverage or Psych. It is mostly just fun and happy but it isn't afraid to do stressful, intense/emotional stuff either, and it has AMAZING character development and all that jazz. The best part of the show is of course, the friendship between the two main guys. Danny and Steve are hilarious. They constantly bicker and poke fun at each other, but it is obvious that they love each other. They have a "I can knock my best friend over, but don't you dare try it," relationship. Its brilliant!

"I love you."

"Okay, I think we've gotten close."
"You have got to start doing a better job picking your friends."

Ah yas, I love the smell of Vidding inspiration in the morning.

Platonic friendship is my passion. GIVE ME MORE!!!

I have lots of story ideas rattling about in my brain so I should probably sign off. I have words to scribble down. Characters to love. A family story to think about. Do you ever have so many stories that you are literally overwhelmed with the thrill of writing them and you get stuck in a whirlpool of inspiration that spins you around and around without getting you anywhere, because you can't focus on one thing since everything is so cool and has to be worked on  right freaking now??? THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.


Oh yeah, I watched the first Lilo and Stitch last week for the first time. I was like, 'Why have I never seen this??' It's a sweet movie! Sure it's a bit annoying at first, but by the time we reached the middle I liked it. It also got unexpectedly sad! Lil' Stitch alone in the forest - you don't realize how much you like him until suddenly he is sad and alone and.... UGLY DUCKLING. *dies* (Plus, a good sister story guys! Better than Ana and Elsa. So much better.)

Okay, I'm actually signing off now. Stuff to do! Peace out y'all!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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  1. Your family visit plan sounds awesome! So does the food. Food is good. :-) (Also, I love the gifs you put in your posts!) And, your definition of "the best time ever" really does sound fun!

    American Tail!!!! I'd almost forgotten about that one. It was a fun movie, though kinda sad in places.

    YES TOO MANY STORIES AND WONDERFUL CHARACTERS! I have four stories to work on (plus one picture book), and they're close to my heart and have potential, and I'm so excited that I don't work on any of them in a timely fashion. :-) The struggle is real, and that Stitch gif describes it perfectly.


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