Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Announcement and some Other things


Starting May 10th I will be hosting a CIVIL WAR BLOG PARTY ON MY BLOG! It will last a week and explore all sorts of themes!!!

whose side are you on?

You kind of have to see the movie in order to participate in this Blog Party. However I, Kind Blogger that I am, gave you some breathing room. As long as you post during May and link back to me you can still participate in my fun!!!

I am still figuring out the rules, but I will post Days/Themes by the end of the month. If any of you have ideas for this blog party to throw my way, go right ahead! I am really flexible and we can even lengthen thing if we have to. 8-)


I had so many goals this year guys. One of them was to start Vlogging. *laughs* Okay. There is actually a good reason why I haven't done this. My camera was sort of borrowed long-term and I haven't had the ability to film myself in months. I want to try and get my camera back in May, and then start Vlogging. I think it would be really great for me to have an outlet besides writing. I love writing, but so often acting out scenes helps me to write. I want to attempt short skits, maybe tell some of my short stories, and even the stories that are just about me and my crazy life. I wan to do stage-acting and Broadway-acting, but I also want to be like a bard, a storyteller. That is something that is so rare right now, and I would HATE to see it die. If I could have a little stage and a story to tell, complete with acting, I'd be happy. I want that. I just want to be on stage. I want to tell stories because I am part  of the stories. It isn't an easy dream, but it's one I want to try for, if I can.

I could use a few prayers in these next month. I have to take my drivers test in the summer, and I would really like to pass... so prayers would be really welcome.

I want to get back into proper blogging too. I am getting super rusty.

ANYWAY! Have a lovely week. Do lots of fun stuff. Be safe and God bless! PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. CIVIL WAR!!!!! *hyperventilates* I'm so excited for that movie. XD Team Cap all the way!!

    So I haven't the faintest idea how a blog party works, but it sounds cooolllll.

    Good luck with passing your drivers test!! *sends prayers your way* I just got my permit last month and haven't killed anyone yet so it's all good. :D

    1. A blog party is basically when you have a long string of posts in a row that all revolve around one topic. Its called a party because other bloggers get to join in, and it is usually a celebratory, "In awe of this wonderful show/movie/story/AWESOME SUCH-&-SUCH" type of thing. it's fun and I'll post the rules soon. You should jooooooooin!



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