Friday, January 15, 2016

Nobody has time for that!

I wanted to use the other phrase, but it's protected by copyright.

The reason for needing this phrase is this; I have bronchitis. For real. Bronchitis. My brother took me into a Doctor on Wednesday because this stupid cold would not let me go. (In fact it was just getting worse). It was like YOU SHALL NOT PASS. THIS IS THE BRIDGE OF HEALTH. YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

I admit it. I just really wanted a Gandalf gif on this post.

I was like, "But I really want to be well!"

So I finally went to the Doctor and got a medicine that would actually help me, and today I feel much better. Not well, but definitely better.

Yay health!

Right now I am blogging on a brand new computer that my brother bough me for my big First-Time-Adult birthday. (Reason #209 why my brother is better than yours.)

That's right folks. January 12th was my eighteenth Birthday! I am now officially an adult. I think I kind of hate that. It could hold good things, but on the other hand it's a little terrifying. Okay, a lot terrifying. However, I still don't really act like an adult, meaning I'm not all professional and socially brilliant, or really serious and stuff. I'm still a dork, and I still like being a dork, and I don't intend to give it up. So there. I think I'm going to be a dork my whole life. I can see myself becoming one of those crazy old ladies who has a terrible memory and hits people with her Gandalf staff that doubles as an Umbrella. 

I have no idea where that paragraph was going....


I wasn't able to do much celebrating on my birthday, unfortunately. I was so sick I couldn't do a lot fun stuff. I spent a lot of the morning feeling dizzy and exhausted, and rather too weak to move. I've felt this way for the past week, but I found it horribly unfair that I should still be this sick on my eighteenth birthday, one of the biggest birthdays a teen can have. I had plans for that day, guys. I did none of them. However, my Mommy and three younger sister came up to celebrate it with me. They arrived later in the evening, but it was still nice to see them. Tiny tried to make it fun for me. She made me a cake and turned on some Taylor Swift and we tried to be a little festive. By around seven, I wasn't feeling as bad, and I was able to sit down and eat with everybody, (which was great). Then Mommy demanded I open gifts. She, Dad and Tiny had picked out this fabulous dark black sweater that feels soft and feathery when you wear it. I don't have any nice sweaters, especially not soft feathery ones, so I fell in love with it. Jessie got me this amazing coat that looks like a feminine version of the Tenth Doctor's Trench-coat. I love that coat. It is so fabulous! Then, as you know, Joey got me an epic new computer because, in his words; "You have an E-Machine from like, 2003!"

My brother is so fabulous.

When I am feeling better, I will try to take pictures and post them for you. Right now I look like a zombie. You wouldn't want to see my shiny, white face. Or my terrifying chapped lips. Or my eyes, which are wreathed in flame.

This is accurate guys.

Well, fairly accurate.

After this gifts I watched Princess Bride, ate delicious, moist cake and it turned into a fun evening. The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies. It is so funny and ridiculous, and it never really bothers to explain itself much, but that is all part of it's charm. The fight scene between Inigo Montoya and Wesley is gold. And Inigo would have won if he hadn't panicked and started to swing wildly. I'm just saying.

Once the movie was over, we stayed up for a while and chatted about this and that, and my family stayed the night. That was very exciting :)

We went out shopping the next morning. We visited hobby lobby, and that place is so EPIC. WHAT EVEN! Tiny had so much fun she asked Mom if she could stay until Friday, and my Mom, (who is an amazing women) said yes!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I kind of decided that I was going to celebrate my birthday all week because I was so sick on the actual day. This ended up being a good thing, because two of my friends want to drive up and visit me Today (I SO EXCITED! :-D) And they plan to bring me and Chloe and Sammi back with them to stay the night at my family's house so they can celebrate too! I'm so popular! All legally adult and stuff.

My friends should actually be arriving soon, so I should go now. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and hopefully I'll be back with a post soon. Hopefully this one wasn't super boring.

Peace Out Y'all!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Ugh, bronchitis is horrible. I think I had it two or three times last year, definitely not my idea of a birthday celebration. Anyways, hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Bronchitis is super annoying. It makes me feel weak and pathetic. :( Hopefully I'll be well soon. Thanks for the wishes.

  2. Sorry about the bronchitis. :-P BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!!

  3. Happy birthday to youuuu. Happy birthday to you! Happy biiirthdaaay to Bella! Happy birthday toooo you! Love gina

  4. Happy Birthday! And I hope you feel better!

  5. Happy Birthday, Berra. I would have come....but Jack forgets things and blames it on her rib. I am coming tomorrow. I will hide in her pocket. And I will eat cake. You saved me some, didn't you? Because I am your bestest friend in the whole wide world? (Don't tell Sammy, because I am Sammy's bestest friend and I don't know if he would want to share me. But if you give me cake you can still be my bestest friend too.)

  6. We know how to party, you and I. You took sick to stay awake and me falling asleep because your brothers Ibprophine was so strong. We're wild we are.


    1. I know, we have to tone it down. For real.

  7. Congratulations on turning 18! (Boy, am I behind in commenting!) I'm glad you got to have some fun on your birthday, despite being sick--and that trench coat sounds fabulous! Hobby Lobby is an amazing store; it's hard to buy just one thing 'cause it has so much great stuff. :-)

    1. Better late than the TARDIS!

      I love Hobby Lobby!


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