Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Help me, you presumptuous climber! Nyaw, nyaw!"

Barry Allen.

Mine was page one of something different, kind of frightening, and also a little exciting..

Today I finally moved out.

It was a strange feeling. I didn't feel like it was really happening until I got into my brother's car and drove away. That when it sunk in that I would no longer being staying in my little green house for the majority of the time, but with my brother and his girls and... it was really weird.

I hugged all my sisters goodbye like, three times. They acted like I was going to the moon, and when I started to pull out of the driveway, a tiny part of me felt like that was exactly where I was going. In reality I am only an hour away, but it seems longer somehow, when I am in my brothers' house, listening to the silence and blogging. 

I thought I would be a lot more scared. I'm a little scared, a little nervous, but I think that is normal when you leave your home for the first time. Mostly I'm pretty okay with it - even a little excited.I know I will need time to adjust, but I don't think that will be as hard as I originally thought. I feel like this is page one of an interesting 2016, and I hope the others pages will be as nice as this one. 

My family tried to make my "Going-Away" as nice as possible. They even had Epiphany in the wee hours of the morning so that I could join in, even though we usually do that in the evening. I had a lovely Epiphany. We all woke up about six o'clock in the morning, and watched the tree blink for a bit, and soon Sausage-buns were being handed out, and coffee was served, and the Epiphany gifts were passed around. I got this epic light that looks like a candle holder and has butterflies and flowers all over it. Some of them come out a little, like they're 3D. It has a little tray on that top that you can put wax it. The light underneath burns the wax, and it smells amazing. Or at least, I expect that it would. Unfortunately I left my wax at home this morning. My sister said she'd take care of it for me, and bring it up on my birthday... But it seems so long.

I still love the light though. It is fun. (I'd show you a picture, but I don't have any right now. *sad face* )

 It was pretty cool. There is this little girl who comes over to play all the time. Her name is Lisbeth. (well... sort of.) Anyway, we asked her if she could come over on Epiphany at the beginning of December. She seemed thrilled about it, and promised to ask her parents. We planned to have her stay all month, and at the last minute her mom said no, she couldn't stay. But see, Lisbeth didn't have much of a Christmas, so we had to have her for Epiphany! So later that night, Lisbeth showed up with her Grandpa and my mom, who is brilliant, went over to Lisbeth's house and talked to her Mom. And her Mom let her come! Lisbeth was so happy!!! It was fun, because in the morning she had gifts under the tree, both from the Wisemen, and Father Christmas! She was so excited. It was adorable.

We have a habit and turning friends into family members. I guess we are a lot like that family in While You Were Sleeping. I knew we were... I just didn't realize how much.

Well, it's time I toddle off. I am finished with my tea and quite ready for bed. I figure it's good to go to sleep early, since my stupid cold still hasn't let me drown it in hot water and herbs yet.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas Season and New Years! I hope and pray that this year is better then the last, and that God might grant us a good leader for our country.

Civil War is less than five months away!

Peace Out Y'all!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. How wonderful that you had a good time with your family before moving out! I hope you adjust to your new life soon--and it's nice that you're still *fairly* close to your family, not out of state or something like that. (And I'm sorry you're still sick. I still have a bug of some kind as well, so I sympathize. :-) )

    Civil War looks like it will be amazing and heartbreaking--my siblings and I have high hopes because the folks who directed The Winter Soldier are directing this one--hopefully, CW will be just as good if not better than TWS!

  2. Wow.... all moved out! That is exciting/scary! :-D So proud of you and can't wait to see what adventures you have. :-D

  3. BUTTERFLIES.....I didn't know what else to say.

    Miss you, Ben. But I'm glad it has been easier than you thought it would be.


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