Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A (Big?) Number Of Things You Might Not Know About Me:

This should be interesting!

1.) When I was two years old I was spinning around the living room. (I actually do remember this a little bit, as odd as that may seem.) I'm pretty sure I was pretending to be a fairy or something very close to that, and I was so caught up in my magic sparkles that I didn't see the coffee table until it was too late. I ran right into it and smashed my front tooth to smithereens. Seriously. It wasn't knocked out or anything normal. I rammed my face so hard against the glass that the pure pressure shattered my tooth and pushed the fragments into my gums. The Doctor said the tooth should come back within a couple years. But little old me was without a front tooth until I was about ten. When it finally started to come back it was a super weird experience. It was like losing a tooth, but in reverse. I have the tooth now (which is great) but it grew in crooked, and it will always be crooked. There is something wrong with my jaw or the bones or something, and my teeth cannot be set. Oh well. I don't mind it.

I was so cute.

2.) When I was a kid my favorite part from Sleeping Beauty was when Maleficent crashed down in front of Phillip and cried; "NOW SHALL YOU DEAL WITH ME, O PRINCE! AND ALL THE POWERS OF HELL!" I used to quote that line quite often, complete with dramatic arm-raise. Why did I like this so much? I'm not sure. I think it was the epicness of the villain threatening about Hell and then turning into a terrifying DRAGON and then Philip defeating her with the Shield of Virtue and the Sword of Truth - yeah, I really love Philip. That whole scene was so cool though! I just loved it so much! It was my favoritest of lines. Once I even did the thing in the library, and one of the librarians was like, "You told her about Hell???"

"No! It cannot be!"

3.) I have am severely conflicted about which side to join for Captain America - Civil War, because I feel like by choosing one  I basically tell the other he is a zero and I don't really care about him.


3.) I used to climb up on the shed roof in the back yard and fish for pine cones with my younger sisters. The shed was about a story high, but that didn't shake us. we put hangers on a long line of jump-rope and we just sat up there on the roof, trying to snag pine cones in the hanger hooks. It was intense.

4.) I wore jumpers growing up.

5.) I didn't play "Red Rover." I played, "BLOOD ROVER." Seriously. When my sisters and I played that game we didn't mess around. You locked hands up to the wrists. You planted yourself. You kept the enemy from crossing, if your arms broke doing it. One time we had friends over and they weren't used to our ways... and I could feel her hand sliding, and I just dug my nails into her skin like, "Don't let go."

6.) Peter & Edmund were the first brother story I ever cried over. *not counting Bro-Friends.

When are you going to learn to do as your told?

7.) I used to stand in the rays of sunlight that came through the living room window and pretend to be Mary, or an angel from heaven.

*cue heavenly voices singing*

8.) When I was super little I'd play this stupid game with my sister. We had a pitcher in the bathtub and I'd fill it up, and I'd slowly poor it out saying, "The mirror shows many things. Things that were. Things that are. And some thing that have not yet come to pass. Look into the mirror." I had the time the pouring perfect, otherwise I ran out to fast and had to quickly dunk the pitcher back into the water before I finished, or I was too slow had to dump the last of the water out with a splash. Once I finished, I'd pass it to Tiny and she'd do the same thing. And we'd do this the whole time we were in the bath. I don't know how we knew this quote at five and three... but we did. #TrueLordoftheringsfans

9.) I read so much in middle school that my mom threatened to take away my library card because I wasn't getting my chores (or my school) done.

10.) Once I put on headphones, turned on some loud, exciting music and went tearing through a giant rain puddle in the road, dancing and whooping like an idiot. My age at this time is confidential.

11.) I believed in Santa Clause until like, two years ago, and I still believe in Father Christmas.  I come from a long line of believers.

12.) I used to take my Dad's stud-finder out of his tool kit and wander around the house pretending to be Kirk, looking for signs of life (or danger) on some distant planet.

Their cute old/new technology 8-)

13.) I loved capes but I never owned one. I went on a lot of adventures. Adventurers had to have capes. This was a thing with me. So I would raid my big sister's closet and find a long flowing skirt to stick on my shoulders and run around in.

14.) Sometimes I would pick out a black skirt for my cape, grab Christine (an unfortunate younger sister) and drag her down through my lair, (the deck and the swing set) singing the Phantom of the Opera in a deep, masculine voice. She always knew the responses. And she put up with being dragged all over the back yard, singing and boating across giant lakes. She was a very good sport. *waves at sister* You know who you are.

15.) OH, OH, OH! I just got an instagram. You should check it out HERE.

16.) I have tea time every night, and when I'm with my family we have it together. We're all very British that way.

18.) I don't think Loki is a hero. I like him, but he's not a hero.

19.) I never finished the Harry Potter books.* What can I say? I thought the movies were better!

All the Potterheads be like....

*I know, I know. I want to try again somewhere in the soon-ish future. 

20.) I read The Hobbit when I was 10 and The Lord of the Rings when twelve. I cried over both.

"I will not say 'do not weep,' for not all tears are an evil."

21.) I fangirl over Original Star Trek.

22.) I always wear a Scapular. *

Our Lady's promise.

*A scapular is like kind of a necklace that is worn in honour of the Mother of Christ. The Catholic's have a tradition of wearing them, as it shows our devotion to the Church, and merits for us special prayers and protection from the Mother of God. 

23.) I never, ever wanted to be an only child. Like, ever.

24.) I always go barefoot in the summer time, for as long as I can.

25.) I sing practically all the time. Wherever, whenever, whatever time of day. I'll be there in the corner, singing like a lark. Or a chickadee. Or a toad, depending on your opinions and the state of my health at the time. (But I kind of like my voice, so if you hate it, that's too bad for you. *sticks out tongue*)

There! Twenty-Five things you might not know about me! I think I will be off now. I will leave with this song that I recently discovered. I really, really like it. You've probably all heard it before, but whatever. It's one of my many anthems. It makes me feel ready to be brave.

God Bless! Peace out y'all!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


  1. HAHAHA! I LOVE THESE. Also you were so adorable, I can't even. I love all of your stories. Basically, your childhood was almost as awesome as mine. XD I never wanted to be an only child siblings are awesome. XD

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I have some pretty fun stories... maybe I'll start sharing more of them.

      Siblings are the best! (usually.)

  2. This was highly entertaining! :D I'm still laughing about the Maleficent quote in the library. Priceless.

    Cringing about your tooth. Yikes! You poor child!

    I wore jumpers too! *Homeschooler high five*

    I never played 'Red Rover' (I heard about it, but never played for some reason) but 'Blood Rover' sounds intense!

    I wish one of my older sisters drug me around if it would have meant me getting to play at The Phantom of the Opera! That is just awesome. AWESOME.

    I always wear a scapular too! Yay, a fellow Catholic who actually KNOWS about them!

    We homeschoolers have the best kind of childhoods if I do say so myself :) I could relate to pretty much everything!

    1. *Catholic fist bump*

      Blood Rover was intense. One time I really hurt my arm doing that. I think it was the same day we had that friend over, and no one would let go so we all just went crashing down as a line... BUT THE LINE DIDN'T BREAK! So we still got a new member on our team. My arm hurt so bad after that.

  3. This is why you are brilliant. Hang out with me more and I'll help you add more things to that list. A lot more. Leg stabbing....all that fun stuff.


    1. As long as I don't have to go to Egypt and face nasty bugs, I will follow you 8-)

  4. That is quite an accident to have! But the nice thing about childhood accidents is getting to tell people about it later while acting like it was no big deal. Or maybe I have a morbid view of life. :-) Yes, you were cute, especially in that upper right picture!

    Philip is one of the Disney princes (from the six classics, at any rate) who had a personality and a name. Seriously, Snow White's prince didn't even get a name, poor guy. Anyway, while Philip was overly romantic, he had a sense of humor and was loyal and brave.

    Civil War is going to be amazing and heartbreaking. Mmn, I don't know that choosing one side means not caring about the other; it's a matter of assessing whether they do the right thing and how wise or foolish their reasons are. Tony is an interesting character, changed a lot since the first Iron Man, but I think Cap is ultimately right: the gov't has no business using so much control.

    Oh, I wore jumpers growing up too! They were cute and handy and durable and could be mix-and-matched to create several outfits!

    Have you read The Father Christmas Letters by J. R. R. Tolkien? It's a collection of the letters he wrote to his children pretending to be Father Christmas--and the North Pole escapades he came up with are hilarious yet with that noble Tolkien flavor, if you know what I mean.

    Totally agree with you on Loki. Fascinating character (like the Phantom in that regard) but definitely not innocent or good.

    Summer + barefoot = bliss. :-)

    1. I love Philip. He fought a DRAGON. He was COOL.

      Civil War is going to be a roller-coaster ride of FEELINGS. I can't choose - don't make me choose! ALERT ALERT, FANGIRL MALFUNCTION!!!! TEAM GET ALONG, TEAM GET ALONG,!

      I love the Father Christmas letters! My older sister Mahri used to read them aloud to us every Christmas. They hold precious memories.


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