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[Raoul & Christine] AVM Blog Party -- Day Six

Day Six is your favorite Theatre OTP.

Raoul x Christine (The Phantom of the Opera.)

"Christine Daae, where is your red scarf?"

I bet you all knew I would pick this pairing. :) Raoul and Christine hold a special place in my heart. I remember being really little and thinking that I liked the sweet man who loved Christine because he gave her roses and he hugged her a lot, and he proposed with a song, and really that song was gold. I remember I always felt sad for the Phantom, but in the end I was glad the cute guy and Christine ended up together.

"Say you'll share with me, one love, one life time!"

Raoul and Christine have a sweet love story. They grew up together and were best friends for most of their childhood. Even when they were little they had a thing for each other, and it was clear Raoul really, really liked Christine. When he was just fourteen he ran into the cold sea to rescue Christine's favorite red scarf from the waves. He was so, so cute.

When you first see Raoul in the musical, he is a guest at one of the plays in the Opera House. He spots Christine as the lead, and you can tell he still really likes her. After the Opera is over, he goes to visit Christine. He is kind of shy and nervous, because he is a little afraid she might not remember him, but the minute he mentions her red scarf, Christine turns around, smiling and laughing, "OH RAOUL IT IS YOU!!!" So, she remembers him too. You can tell there is still a spark between them. Raoul is gentle and sweet with Christine. He makes her laugh. She seems relaxed and happy, and she obviously still feels very close to him, because she tell him that she's been visited by 'The Angel of Music.' She isn't afraid to share her secret with him. She trusts him.

Marie Danvers and Michael Shawn Lewis

The first night they're together, Raoul asks Christine to dinner. She is a little reluctant because, as she puts it, "The Angel of Music is very strict." but Raoul is persuasive and she agrees to go. He leaves to get his hat and Christine starts to change. However, before they can have their date, the Angel of Music appears inside Christine's mirror and takes her down to his labyrinth under the Opera House. Raoul hears voices in the dressing room and throws the door open, only to find Christine missing.

Now, at first, Raoul doesn't believe there is really an Angel of Music. He thinks the whole Opera House is a little strange and superstitious, and the whole "Opera Ghost" thing is out of hand. He knows that there is something going on, but he doesn't think it's a ghost. He thinks it is just a man... an unstable man perhaps, but a man all the same. All he really cares about is the fact that Christine seems to be scared of this Ghost and that, for her, he is very real indeed. When Christine isn't cast as a lead in the newest Opera, The Phantom gets angry and causes a scene which ruins the play. Then he hangs one of the Stagehands and drops him on the stage. Christine flees to the roof of the Opera House with Raoul close behind, and you can tell she is really scared.

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"Who is this man, who hunts to kill?I can't escape from him! I never will! 
And in his labyrinth, where night is blind,
The Phantom of the Opera is there inside my mind!"

"There is no Phantom of the Opera!"

"Raoul, I've been there! To his world of unending night! 
To a world where the daylight dissolves into darkness..."

I think Raoul thought Christine was going a little crazy. She was hysterical and going on about a Phantom she couldn't get away from, and she was acting kind of insane, Maybe he thought she was having nightmares about this man. Maybe he thought she was disillusion. Either way, he didn't really understand what was going on with her. But then she collapses and starts crying, and suddenly he doesn't care anymore. He just knows she is scared and he wants to take care of her. 

He makes Christine feel safe. He tells her that he won't let anything hurt her, and Christine believes him. He makes her feel like she'll be okay, and that is what she really needed. He made her feel like she didn't have to be afraid anymore. 

"I'm here, nothing can harm you."

"Say you'll love me every waking moment. Turn my head with talk of summertime. 
Say you'll need me with you, now and always. Promise me that all you say is true.
That's all I ask of you."

-Christine (Why have you brought us here/Raoul I've been there.)

Christine wants to be with Raoul. She loves him. I think she's loved him for a long time, but this is when she realizes it. And when Raoul gets down on one knee and proposes to her, she holds nothing back. She falls to her knees beside him and grabs his hand, and she is all happy and excited... You can tell how in love she is with him, and how in love he is with her. And I love how Raoul puts out his proposal. He doesn't say "Come with me, Christine." He says, "Christine, let me go with you...Take me. please." IT IS SO SWEET.

"Christine, that's all I ask of you!"

Raoul literally spends the whole musical taking care of Christine. He is always there, whenever she needs him, and it is the most precious thing ever. Christine keeps close to Raoul too, and relies on him for comfort and support. He makes her feel like things are going to be okay. He is her protector, her guardian, her dearest friend. She knows that whatever happens, Raoul will be there to fix everything. Raoul is going to make sure she is okay. 

"Christine, Christine, don't think that I don't care..."

Raoul spends the whole musical looking out for Christine. When the Phantom writes an Opera and demands Christine sing the lead, he defended her. The only reason he asks her to consider it, is because this Opera might be their means of escape. The Phantom will attend if Christine sings. They can finally catch him and be done with him. He is tired of the Phantom going after Christine. He is tired of the Phantom acting like he owns her. He is tired of the Phantom making her feel scared. He just wants to catch the stupid guy and end the nightmare Christine is living through. 

"Christine, what are you afraid of?"

Christine doesn't want to sing the lead, but she agrees to do it because she knows Raoul will be watching, and he's not going to let anything happen to her. Shortly after the first rehearsal for 'The Phantom's Opera' she goes to her father's grave to pray for strength to do what she has to. While she is praying, the Phantom shows up. 

"Wandering Child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance." 

Whenever the Phantom sings, Christine ends up in a sort of trance... it's almost like he hypnotizes her. In this instance it's even worse, because Christine is emotional and vulnerable, and there is a part of her that still believes the Phantom is her Angel. She goes toward the voice, hesitant and afraid, but unable to stop herself. 

But then, Raoul comes. Raoul always comes. He calls out to Christine and his voice helps her to break lose of the Phantom's hold. She runs to him and hugs him, and Raoul starts to pull her away from the graveyard. But then the Phantom starts throwing Fireballs at them, taunting Raoul, daring him to take one more step. 

"You can't win her love by making her your prisoner!" (Raoul - Wandering Child)

Raoul has had it, he's too angry to care about fire. He tells Christine to stay back and heads right toward the Phantom, ready to fight him off for her. He literally risks fire getting rained down on him, just to stop the Phantom from getting to Christine. RAOUL IS FABULOUS, OKAY?


When the Phantom traps Christine and takes her down to his lair at the end of the musical, Raoul is the first to go after her. He swims across a freezing lake in the middle of winter, just to get to The Phantom.  (cause, you know... his lair is across a lake. Go figure.) When the Phantom catches him in a lasso and strings him up, Raoul begs Christine to get away while she still can. He never once thinks of himself. He begs her to forgive him, and tells her to run before it's too late.

For pity's sake, Christine say no! 
Don't throw your life away for my sake!

Raoul was willing to die to save Christine. The only thing he wanted was for Christine to be safe, free, and if he had to die for her to escape then so be it. He loved that girl with all his heart, and no one can tell me differently. And Christine... Christine couldn't say no. She couldn't let Raoul die, not when she could save him. She told the Phantom that she would stay with him. She gave up her life so that he could live. Both Raoul and Christine were willing to sacrifice everything for each other. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.

Heck, even the Phantom saw their love! When Christine promised to stay with him, it was like he realized just how much she loved Raoul. He saw how much these two souls loved each other and how cruel it would be to keep them apart. He let Raoul go and commanded him to take Christine away. Even the Phantom couldn't deny their love. Just saying.

In conclusion, Raoul and Christine are the strongest, most innocent and adorable Theatre couple ever. They make me feel warm and happy inside, and I am glad that, in the end, they got to build a home and a life together. They deserved that. 

Three cheers for the best Christine and Raoul ever.

Have you listened to The Phantom of the Opera. Do you ship Raoul and Christine? Who is your favorite OTP?

Peace out Y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage.*



  1. Yes, Raoul and Christine are the best. If I had to pick a theatre couple, of COURSE they would be it. (Which is why I hate and loathe LND with a disgust that amounts to absolute detestation.)

    Um, the other pairing, I guess, would be Archibald Craven and Lily. Even though Lily is a ghost, Archie is still so in love with her it breaks my heart.

    My third would be Mr. Rochester and Jane. After that, I couldn't say.

    I'd *like* to say Dr. Jekyll and Lisa/Emma, but we all know that never worked. ;-(

    1. Poor Lisa and Dr. Jekyll. They could have been forever if he had just stopped... that story is so sad. :(

      LND sucks.

      I love Rochester and Jane. They are fabulous.


  2. Wow, so many of your answers are exactly what I would have picked! Raoul and Christine are adorable but also strong in their devotion to each other. It's interesting that Christine is the first to specify a long-term relationship in "All I Ask of You." Raoul's first lyrics have the subtext of a romantic relationship, but Christine is the one to specify and repeat the notion. Which indicates that she did love him. If she just wanted his protection from the Phantom, would she have specified a lifelong commitment?
    I've seen a few people criticize Raoul's answer near the end of AIAoY when Christine says, "Say you love me." He replies "You know I do..." I've seen pictures of that scene on Pinterest bearing the caption, "Did he ever actually say it?" the subtext being that he didn't, and therefore, he's a jerk. Um, no. First of all, I've heard that guys are wired to show love through action; so what Raoul has promised (and what he does) are actions that demonstrate his love. When Christine says, "Say you love me," Raoul is probably thinking, "Haven't I been doing that?" (It makes me laugh, and I'm sure Christine and Raoul had to deal with miscommunication, like any other couple.) Anyway, Raoul does say, "I love you," outright after the song is over.
    A close second theatre OTP would be Charles/Lucie, of course. :-)

    1. Christine obviously feels safe around Raoul. She loves him and wants to stay with him. It's adorable.

      I know! I've seen that stupid comment floating around all over everywhere. "Ooooh Raoul never said that he loved her!" I'm like, did we listen to the same musical?? Right after he proposes and they are both happy and laughing, he says "Christine I love you!" and then down in the Phantom's lair; "I love her! Does that mean nothing? I love her!" Yeah, he never said he loved her. Not even once.


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