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[Favorite Theatre Males] AVM Blog Party -- Day Five

Day Five: Favorite Theatre Males:

Come on. You knew this was coming....

Sydney Carton. (A Tale of Two Cities.

"Was failure born inside my heart?"

You all know how much I love Sydney, In fact you're probably sick of him by now. I've already posted about him here and here, so you're probably like, "Bella we knooooow." But I can't help it! He is such a sad potato.  He can see nothing good in himself. All he sees is a pathetic drunk who fails at everything he does. But he is just a very broken man. He wants to be better but that he thinks change is impossible for a man like him. Everyone in his life views him badly, everyone treats him badly, and his boss seems to make it his point in life to bash Carton whenever he gets the chance. And Carton believes all the horrible things said to him, so he has completely given up on himself.

"Where did all those stars come from?"
*I can't believe I found a gif of him!

Carton tries to be better after he meets Lucy. He tries to be his best whenever he is with her. He doesn't drink as often, and he  never drinks when he visits her or her family. Underneath the careless attitude his is really very kind, gentle, and he has a soft spot for children. After Lucy marries Charles, Carton asks if they might be friends, and Charle's agrees, welcoming Sydney into his home. He becomes sort of a godfather figure to Lucy's daughter, and that inspires him to change all the more. He has a slow, steady character ark, and in the end he sacrifices himself to save his friends. It is beautiful and horrible and it makes me cry. Carton is a very sad, sweet potato. I adore him.

2.) Raoul De Chagney.  (The Phantom of the Opera.) 

"So, it is to be war between us."

Raoul was my first Musical Theatre hero. He is a severely under-rated character, since most POTO fans love The Phantom, and therefore hate Raoul. I really don't understand the hate. He is such a cool person! You meet him as this charming young man who really fancies the Chorus girl, Christine Daae. He is all shy cause they haven't seen each other in ages and he is kind of afraid she might have forgotten him, but then he brings her in a flower, and Christine is all happy and she remembers him, just like he remembers her, and that old spark fires up again and.... *flails.*

Raoul is a very gentle sort of man. (can you sense a pattern here? I like gentle guys.) He is kind and sweet, and he is incredibly protective. (And the pattern continues.) When he realizes that the Phantom is a real danger in the Opera House, he does everything he can to stop him and make Christine feel safe. He defends her and stands by her, through thick and thin. He calms her down when she is practically hysterical with fear, and he supports her even when he doesn't understand what is going on and Christine is acting kind of crazy.

"Let me be your freedom, let me be your light."

Raoul is also very brave. He stands up to the Phantom and refuses to step back, even an inch. He braves fire for Christine, he braves drowning for her, he braves death for her. When the Phantom kidnaps Christine and takes her down to his lair, Raoul risks his life to go down and save her. When the Phantom strings him up with a noose and tells Christine to either stay with him forever or watch Raoul die, Raoul begs Christine to say no. This is only one of many times when he put Christine before himself. The man is a hero in his own right. He's fabulous.

3.) Percy Blakley. (The Scarlet Pimpernel.) 

I couldn't find any good pictures of Percy on Broadway, so I had to use the actor from the movie. I love the movie too, so I don't really mind using this Percy. He's great.

"There will always be perilous waters which someone must sail."

I couldn't post about my favorite male character without at least mentioning Percy. Percy is a very iconic character, if you don't know him you should start rethinking your life choices

Percy is one of those characters who is incredibly unique and mysterious. He's quite remarkable, really. He spends most of his day pretending to be an fainthearted idiot, but underneath his clever mask he is a strong, reckless leader who tears through France saving "aristocrats" from the Guillotine. He is ingenious, rebellious, reckless and practically fearless. There is nothing that Percy can't do, and you are never really sure what to expect from him. He fools everyone, he always finds a loophole, and he always has a second play to the second plan in case plan B failed. He even manages to play a trick on someone who knows the truth of who he is, and furthermore, was waiting for him! And he wins! The guy is fabulous!!
"That demmed, elusive, Pimpernel."

Seriously, if you don't know who Percy is it is time to find out. The Scarlet Pimpernel as a musical is really good, and I would also recommend watching the 1982 film, which is the one my pictures are from. That Percy is amazing, perfect for the role.

 4.) Curly McLain. (Oklahoma.)
"Who's the best bronc buster in this here territory?"

I really love Cowboys and the whole "Wild West" aspect of American History, so Curly is very special to me. Plus, I saw version where Hugh Jackman was Curly and that basically sold me on his character. He's a rugged, redneck American with a dangerous, reckless streak in him that you don't see in most men nowadays. He is the kind of guy you could see having a showdown with someone he really didn't like. (for example, Jud Fry.)

Curly is rough-around-the-edges, stubborn and a little crazy. He doesn't like losing or backing down. He captures the spirit of men back in those good ol' days and it is incredibly fun to watch.

Did I mention he has a soft side?


Curly may be a hard nut, but he has a big heart and he is very protective of those he cares about. His relationship with Laurey is sweet, if a little odd, and I adore.how cute and awkward he gets when he proposes. Like... Curly.

5.) Edward Rochester (Jane Eyre.)

"Will I not guard and cherish you as long as I shall live?"

Since I've already done a long and extensive post on this particular character, I won't say too much about him. Rochester is a bitter, cynical man when the story begins, but he finds Jane and, slowly, he comes to realize that not everything is lost. There is still good in the world, maybe even in himself, and there is reason to hope. He starts out broken and full of anger but as the musical goes on his character goes through an ark and he becomes kinder. gentler. He's a rough man who has a lot of love hidden behind his walls and he is one of my favorite characters in Theatre... and literature.

Who are some of your favorite male characters? Have you ever seen Oklahoma? Do you like Hugh Jackman? Have you read/watched the Scarlet Pimpernel? Do you think he is Faaaabulous?

Peace Out Y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Oklahoma! =YAS! =D I love that show, it's so much fun to be a part of (in the orchestra). In one version I did we all got to see the stage and that first cast and orchestra rehearsal with the mikes we forgot we were all miked so when he proposed we all went AWWWWWWWWWWWW and then realised it was amplified.. :P But it's just too cute. Curley is great! Jud *shudders* urrrrrrgh
    I really need to get a post up but I've been swamped with stuff. I'm thinking of doing Oklahoma though

    1. Oklahoma! Oklahoma O K H A L O M A!!!!!!!!!! OK. LA. HOOOOOOOOOOO.MAAAAAAAA!!! YEAH!!

      Don't worry about it :) I look forward to a post, no matter how late it is :D

  2. I read the first line of this post and thought "Whoo-hoo!" I was hoping you'd discuss Sydney. :-) He is such a complex and amazing character. I love how Dickens portrays him carelessly at first but then flips that impression on its head and shows that there's a lot more to Sydney than meets the eye.
    And yay, Raoul! He is such a gentleman, such an honorable character. I've heard him called "arrogant," but I just don't see it; he doesn't assume that Christine will remember him, he risked his life to save her, he begs her forgiveness when he realizes that his plan went wrong, and spends a lot of the musical taking care of her and comforting her.
    This is a fantastic blog party!

    1. Well, I couldn't leave out Sydney. He is too fabulous.

      Raoul is such an underrated character, it makes me sad. He's so cool and brave, and he isn't arrogant or a sap, or a wimp. He is courageous and fabulous, and people should be nicer to him.

      Thanks for commenting! :)




      Okay I would have been really upset if you didn't like Percy.


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