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[Favorite Theatre Females] Blog Party -- Day Four

Day Four: Favorite Theatre Females. (*flails* Yes!)

I'm going to do my top three females. ;-) That makes it easier.

1.) Christine Daae (The Phantom of the Opera.)

Strong female characters are often hard to find, especially in Theatre, but Chrstine Daae is definitely one of the stronger girls on Broadway. I love her character.

"Little Lotte let her mind wander..."

Christine is a very kind, she has a tender heart, and it is shocking how compassionate she is. Even when she realized how crazy and unstable The Phantom was, she still found it in her heart to have pity for the man. She saw the horror that life had dished out to him and she was full of sympathy for him. Even more ... I think Christine wanted to love the Phantom. I think there was a part of her that wanted to save him from the darkness he was trapped in.... just not in the way he wanted. The Phantom wanted a wife, and Christine didn't have those feelings. He was more like a father to her, a mentor, a teacher. She cared for him in that sort of way. I don't think she liked betraying or hurting him, but she didn't see any other way because of how crazy he got after she accepted Raoul's proposal of marriage. She didn't want to make his life worse than it already was. I think it broke her heart to leave him alone, but at the same time she couldn't possibly stay with him. He killed and manipulated people. He was a broken, sad man, but he was insane and he terrified her.

"Try to forgive, teach me to live, give me the strength to try!"

Christine is a very complex girl because she is very young and very naive, but she grows a lot through the musical. Raoul comes into her life and with him she finds hope. He makes her feel safe and happy, he makes her feel like she doesn't have to be scared anymore, and I think he gives her strength to stand against the Phantom and try to take her life back. She has a strong will, and when it comes down to it, she is very brave. I love her character development, and I think it would be incredibly fun to act out.

2.) Lucy Manette (A Tale of Two Cities.)

"Do you always see the best in people?"

I adore Lucy. She is so cute! Like Christine, Lucy is very kind and compassionate. She strives to see the best in people. She liked Sydney Carton even when Sydney was was drunk and acting like a fool. She saw the best in him and inspired him to be better. She takes care of everybody and I love how sweet and awkward she is with Charles, it is freakin' adorable. (I am probably one of the few people who actually like both those characters. I ship it so hard.)

Lucy is kind of my hero. She sees goodness in everyone, and she always tries to be gentle. She takes people in and makes them her family, asking nothing in return. She is like a ray of sunshine, she can make everything better just by walking into the room. She always seems happy and light-hearted, and she brings brings joy into the lives of everyone she meets.

"I'll be brave, and I'll be strong..."

Lucy is a good role model because she proves you don't have to be bratty or high-strung to be a 'strong' women. She is very kind, but she is also spunky. Like, I could totally see little Lucy climbing trees and stomping through rain puddles with the neighborhood boys, and then getting in trouble because she was a lady. Then she would laugh to herself and run upstairs to change. She has a lot of spirit, this teasing side that comes out when she is especially friendly with people. She is brave, and sweet, and full of life, and she is just a beautiful person. I love her.

3.) Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre.)

Hehe. Jane is kind of a new favorite female for me. I've always liked her, but since I actually read the book and watched the musical, I've grown to really love her character. She is a very unique sort of person. She grew up poor, mistreated and abused, yet somehow managed to make it into adult-hood without becoming bitter or vengeful. Helen, of course, had a lot to do with that. She befriend Jane when they were both children and she helped her to trust in God and learn to forgive.

"She pledges to spread her wings, through her hurricanes she'll fly!"

Jane loves God very much, she is very loyal to Him. She would never do anything that might harm her soul, or her relationship with her Maker. Her drive comes from Faith and the belief in heaven, and I really liked that because not many females have that kind of angle to them.

"A slip of a girl who misplaces her grace and disgraces her place."

Laughable, impudent, brazen, audacious! Saucy, impertinent, bold and ungracious!!

Jane comes off as very serious and thoughtful. She usually keeps her own counsel and she doesn't say too much. I think this is mostly because, underneath her calm exterior, she has quite a temper, and she can be very blunt, even rude. She has a dry sense of humor and will often over-step her bounds as a 'women' by talking back and standing her own ground. But she does everything in this subtle, serious way and it's hilarious. She is a careful little spitfire, and it is the best thing ever. Jane Eyre is the sass-master of the 1800's.

Who are your favorite females? Do you know any of these characters? Are any of you taking part in my Blog Party? (because I'd love to read your posts!!!)

Peace out y'all!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. So I only know Christine of this merry group (like, I don't know Musical Jane). But both Jane and Lucy sound faaaabulous. Especially Lucy. <3 Awesomesaucetastic post!

    1. YOU SHOULD REALLY REALLY LISTEN TO "A TALE OF TWO CITIES." There is a Concert Version of it on DVD. It is abridged, and obviously not as good as it would be on a real stage, but it is still better than nothing. Plus, Sydney. Just. Sydney.

  2. Christine Daae is one of the most complex and confusing characters ever written. I always felt that the story was a little unfair to her because it only focused on her romantic decisions and I think there could have more development for her.

    I've never seen Jane Eyre! Have there been any filmed plays that I could find on NetFlix?

    1. Christine is fabulous :)

      There isnt' a DVD production, but you can find the musical on youtube. Someone filmed it when the saw it live and posted it. *Almost* the full thing is there. The first part of it was cut or something, because it starts to when Jane is a governess and it doesn't show her childhood. The Quality is pretty low, but I still found it really fun to watch. You can find all the parts on this channel.

      You can watch the beginning of it here: but you can't see the people as well. (I want to download it and try to fix the coloring somehow.)


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