Tuesday, October 6, 2015


So remember when I mentioned a Blog Party? Specifically a Blog Party with a Musical Theme? Well I have decided to do it! 

The Blog Party will start on Tuesday, October 13th. It will last seven days, and each day will have it's own theme or slant. I will probably have one "Free Day" at the end like I normally do, since people seem to like that. The really cool thing about this Blog Party is that if you get too busy you can start late. The Musical Theme on my blog will last until the end of October so you can participate even if you start on the wrong date. Another cool thing is this; if you want to participate in the Blog Party but you don't have a blog, you can GUEST POST!!! Mhm. You can post on my other blog Till The End of the Line. This is how it will work. You can either email me your post and I can paste it onto my sight, OR I can "invite" you to post, and you can just do it right on the blog (which might be easier.) I will go into more detail about this when the date is closer 8-D

Autumn always makes me feel like writing. I get all my best ideas during autumn and they blow in so fast I can barely keep up with them. Currently I am working on the first book of a trilogy, the plot for my Gladiator book, and I'm thinking I might do a sleeping beauty retelling. Because there is some sort of contest that's going on and I'd like to try my hand at it. My musical has been put on stand-by. That is why you never got a plot or anything. I feel really bad, but I think i need to take a few music theory classes before I can pursue this any longer. And I also need to figure out how to write a script, cause I want to keep adding and I can't do that.

As an aside, I am trying to do research for a Historical Fiction book I want to write about England during the 1600's. It is something that I've wanted to do for quite a few years actually. I read Fabiola in Ninth Grade, and I really didn't like that book but it did give me an idea for my own story. That idea has been sitting in the corner collecting dust because I was too afraid to attempt historical fiction. I'm afraid to mess up the time-frame and the facts and to ruin it. But after I read A Tale of Two Cities I decided I would at least try to start researching. And I'm gonna tell you something. that time in history is hard to research - especially because my story is about the Catholic persecution./rebellion. That makes it really hard to research. My fabulous sister Mahri lent me some books, and I tried to read them and ... I haven't quite gotten through any of them yet. Not even sort of. They're huge and they're written in a way that makes you confused about what you just read. I made a promise to focus on WRITING and RESEARCHING during October and November. And yes, all winter too. I'm afraid I'm not off to a good start but I will keep trying.

Yes, yes. Have you seen these books??

Guess what else though! Guess what else Autumn means. IT MEANS ALL MY SHOWS ARE COMING BACK FROM HIATUS!


This is the time of year when you can practically hear the fandoms sitting up, shaking out their blankets, dusting off their laptops. and just getting ready for feels that are about to be thrown at them. SHIELD is back, Doctor Who is back, Grimm is almost back, (Yep, I'm gonna watch Grimm. So long as they don't do a thing I will continue to watch it.)  and.... And... SUPERNATURAL. SUPERNATURAL IS COMING BACK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

OH OH. And guess what else?? Prison Break is going to come back. It's returning with a mini season, like ten episodes or something. This is so incredibly exciting! I can't even! Oh, and guess what else *SPOILER!*

Michael is alive! We all knew he was. HA! 


That ends my blogging for tonight. I will be posting again soon. Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and jumps off stage*



  1. Hee! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Also I totally agree that Autumn is like....book idea season. XD

  2. I am really looking forward to this blog party! Musicals are awesome!
    If it's any encouragement, I too avoided historical fiction for the longest time, mainly to keep facts from interfering with my story--and being historically inaccurate was simply out of the question. :-) But as I grew as a writer, disciplined myself more in writing and research, it became easier. (Although, to be perfectly honest, I still don't write strict HF; my genre is called Fantasy of Manners, which usually takes place in an imaginary setting, yet draws heavily from a real-life culture or period. It still requires a lot of research and re-working.) Anyway, I hope your writing goes well!


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