Thursday, October 1, 2015

A little of this and a whole lot of that.

I'm back, peasants.

It's the first of October! *flails* How have all of you been? Autumn has finally blown in here; our leaves are changing and the air smells like snow and ice and crushed leaves. We this brisk, sharp wind during the day and this glorious blue sky in the afternoon and you just feel like *doing* things. So what have I been doing?

Well, first things first. Last week I read Jane Eyre and I loved it. I thought it was really good, a lot better than I expected it to be. I cried at the end, and I probably would have cried harder if certain people hadn't kept interrupting me during the last chapters. *wiggles eyebrows at young sisters.* I will probably do a post on Mr. Rochester sometime in the near future because I quite like the man and I feel like I want to dedicate a post to him. Because he is fabulous! BOOM!

Sometimes I worry about  my taste in fictional men. Mr. Thorton, Sydney Carton, Edward Rochester, Dean Winchester, The Doctor, Eugenides, Severus Snape, Dragon, Dustfinger, Tony Stark....

I like brats. There, I said it. I like character who are kind of rude and bratty and a little rough around the edges. I also like cowards, apparently. (see; Dustfinger.) and that isn't really a good thing. In my defense I will say that usually if I like said brat, they have a character ark and they get better. They don't stay horrible. I think that is what it comes down to. I like stories where the Beast is saved. I like it when you meet the Beast and grow to love him and see all the good in him, and you just know he can be better because you see the man he really is, and then at the end the man inside wins through and the curse of the Beast gets lifted. This is applicable even with Dustfinger. He doesn't stay a coward. He has a fabulous character ark and he gets better and braver and at the end of the story he is a good and noble man.

I also like it when someone has a little more attitude. I don't like jerks, but I do like people who are kind of bratty and sassy. They put me at ease and make me feel more free to be myself.

*I think this is why I like British people.

*I say that word too much, I need to create a new word that is like Anyway but different.

Anyshmackin! I had a thought. As you all know, I really like musicals. A lot. A lot a lot. I don't know how many people would be interested, but what do you think of doing a Musicals Blog Party? It would last about five days and we'd cover a bunch of fun Musical-ish things. It would be brilliant. If anyone thinks they'd enjoy a Party like this, go ahead and comment and I'll think about dates. If not, I might just do a "Musical Theme" on my blog, where I'll just post about my different musicals for a while. My blogging pattern is weird, so if I do this, the "Musical Theme" might last a month, but only be like, four posts. I'd have to see how it worked out.  What do you think? 

I have a few reasons for this idea actually. See, I want to start tilting my blog more toward Musical Theatre. (hence changing the name.) and if I did a Blog Party/Theme Week it would help me jump start that plan. Theatre is where my heart really lies and it is what I get the most excited about. I'll still post about other things of course, but I feel like I should have some sort of "And Theatre!" day at least once a month. That is why I want to start Web-isodes. I want to start my Channel next month. My first myth will be directed toward Halloween because that has become a pretty big holiday and I think it would be good to start with. I might also show off lyrics and scenes. I might write music for my myths, I might perform scenes from my favorite musicals. It just depends on what works and what feels right. I will have to play around with it and figure stuff out.

One last thing. I finally got around to watching The Phantom of the Opera the movie. It is a lot better in context as opposed to just watching clips on youtube. I liked it, but there was stuff that I wish hadn't been in there.

The costumes should have been more modest, especially Christine's.  There was also some random crude//off color stuff that didn't need to be there. (Like the very annoying and random midget who had no point but to be a perve.) They also cut a lot of the songs short. Sometimes they cut out harmony, and I am sure that the whole musical was sung a note or two lower than it really is, which was a little odd. And they took out Raoul's epic sequence in "Wandering Child" and that made me sad cause I love that scene. He did ride in on a horse and yell "No, Christine wait!" But that isn't half so cool as, "ANGEL OF DARKNESS CEASE THIS TORMENT!" I just really love that confrontation and I wish it had been in the movie. But I think, despite it's faults, the movie was still pretty good. The actors all did a nice job with their roles. I really like Madam Giry - In fact I think she is my favorite Madam Giry. Christine was cute and sweet. Raoul was still fabulous. Gerard Butler was a good Phantom. Yes, he should have been more disfigured, but otherwise he played the part well. He was sympathetic, but still really creepy. (Especially in The Point of No Return. That part made me *really* uncomfortable.) And I appreciate that he was more gentle and mesmerizing with his voice and less powerful, scream-y and all-ruling. I'd rather have a Phantom whose voice isn't as good but who sings and acts more like the Phantom should, than a Phantom who has an amazing voice but portrays the character too vicious, angry and loud.  I hate loud Phantoms.* They drive me insane.

And actually, I don't mind a powerful Phantom. (For instance, James Barbour.) I don't like the shouting and overwhelming aggression that so many actors bring to the role. It just isn't. 

This being said, the vocals in the movie weren't anything special. I am very picky when it comes to musicals and I know what to look for in quality and in tone and everything, and it wasn't quite there. Christine had a sweet voice, but she sounded tight a lot, like she was trying too hard or something. She didn't open up very well. Raoul was good, but he needed more support and depth. The Phantom was good but he was obviously not a professional singer and his voice wasn't really a "Phantom." voice. It was good enough, but it wasn't great. You know? And that is how all the vocals were. I might say more about this in my Musical Week. We'll see. For now I must go. (They'll wonder where I am. Wait for me Raoul!)

Peace out y'all!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage.*



  1. HOW IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY??????????????????????

    Just wondering.

    Seriously how.

    Jane Eyre was a really good book. Though, I've got to say, I'm kind of on the bandwagon (if there actually is a bandwagon....I don't actually know that there is. I may be one of the few who has this opinion) of Jane deserved someone better than Rochester. Maybe I'm cynical but....look at the facts. I don't think I'd marry a guy who lied to me like that.

    Then again, I wouldn't have married St. John either.

    As for bratty characters.... well, it depends. I usually like them as characters (like, Eugenides is awesome.) but I'm never really attracted to them. Sass is good. Brattiness can get annoying. Unless you're Eugenides then you can do whatever you want. ;-)

    I am not actually making any sense at this point, so I better....disappear.


    1. Well first there is January, and then February and then March...

      There is a bandwagon. That is why I'm doing a post on him. lol.

      You're so funny. Are you gonna do my tag?

    2. I did! Did you see it? You mean the Male Characters Tag right?

  2. Regarding liking brats. I'm right there with you. Not nasty people, not jerks, but funny, sassy brats. They make me laugh. You're not alone!

    I think a musical blog party would be fun! DO IT!

    And I'm looking forward to you starting your channel. I think it will be fun.


    1. Right! I'm gonna do a blog party :) And I will tag.

  3. A musical blog party is a wonderful idea! (I don't have a blog, but I'd love to read your thoughts and opinions.) I'm also looking forward to your defending Mr. Rochester post--when I was reading the book for the first time, my opinion on him alternated between "Pitiful creature of darkness; what kind of life have you known?" and that line from Thor: "Complicated fellow, isn't he?" :-) But he's a very interesting character.

    1. Hey, Christine. Are you following me now??

      Usually when I do a Blog Party I allow "guest posting" for my followers who don't have blogs and still want to participate. If you want, you can do guest posting too :D


  4. I haven't followed you yet because when I tried to subscribe via email, the verification box thingy said I would receive posts from To Say Nothing Of Reality. I at first thought that the server mixed something up--but perhaps that was an old blog name? Technological workings are not my forte. :-)
    It's interesting that Mr. Rochester and Sydney Carton sought solace is something that they thought would ease or dull their pain--for Sydney, it was drink and for Mr. Rochester, it was travel and some PG-13 rated behavior. But Mr. Rochester got a happy ending after he repented. And he probably remained just as sassy and sarcastic as when Jane first met him--I don't see him losing that aspect of his character!

    1. Yeah, my blog used to called "To Say Nothing of Reality." but I changed it a couple months ago.

      Oh yes, I know. They both went to pleasure for comfort and it only made them more miserable, and then this stranger girl came into their life and changed everything. It's really cool. Mr. Rochester will still be bratty and sassy, but he certainly grew up and was a lot less rough. Yaaaas. I really like him. lots.


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