Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I get to chat about fictional characters.

Well. Once again it's been over a week since I've blogged. I feel terrible. I'm not even that busy. I had a birthday gift I was working on for my sister Amy and that took up a lot of my time - and it's still late. Which sucks. It should have been done - it would have been done if the stupid freakin colors would work out right.

(On that note you guys, I really hate coloring videos. I can never get mine to look like I want them to and it ticks me off.)

ANYHOOSEL. I was tagged by Ivy Miranda. It seemed like a good tag, and I knew I'd forget if I didn't do it soon, so here it is!



1.) List 5 of you favorite male characters (book or screen)

2.) Tagging other people is optional

3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you

4.) Link back to Revealed In Time (preferably using the link to this post)

Choose one from each category.

1.) Hero

2.) Villain

3.) Anti-hero

4.) Best book-to-screen adaption

5.) Best character perception 

yes, let's keep that in mind.

I have lots of male characters I like.... this is going to be really hard. I'm going to feel guilty when I do this. I hate picking favorites. 

1.) Hero. 

Holy crap. There are so many heroes that I love! How can I narrow this down?? *grinds teeth.*

Okay. I think one of the most heroic characters ever is Sam Winchester. He always tries to do the right thing, even when it's hard. When he screws up he blames no one but himself and does anything and everything he can to fix the mistake. He lay down his life and surrendered himself horrible torture forever to save the world. He didn't know there was any way out. He didn't think he'd ever be saved. He did it anyway. He will sacrifice everything for his brother. He would die for his brother. He would rip the world apart for his brother. When it comes to family and friends (and almost everyone) Sam Winchester is unceasingly generous, kind, gentle and forgiving. Like he literally forgave his 'friend' for breaking open his mind, causing all sorts of hallucinations that drove him almost to insanity and practically killed him because the nightmares and visions made it so he could barely eat or sleep for weeks. He didn't just forgive him either - he stayed his friend and tried to help him! The guy is incredible!

"... and if you come with me, I can take you to it."

If Sam is selfish, its when he thinks of others - his family, his friends, or even strangers. He hardly ever thinks of himself. Like, the one time he was selfish for himself that sticks out in my mind was when he went to college. But I don't think that was really selfish. He was getting out of a toxic situation and finding some freedom. He just wanted to get a job, get married and be happy. I don't think that should be considered selfish.  Sure, he has his bad days. (And sometimes those are very bad days,) but at his core he is a good, strong man who is incredibly optimistic and always tries to see the best in people and in the world. He is very brave, very kind and very gentle. He protects people. He never gives up and he does what's right.

"I kind of know what I'm dealing with. A lot of people got it worse."

*other heroes that I love are Dean Winchester, Sydney Carton, Steve Rogers, all the Avengers, Michael Scofield, Matt Murdock, Fred and George Weasley, Rory Williams....the list goes on.

2.) Villain. 

Hmmm... Villains. I don't think Loki qualifies as a Villain. He's more like an Anti-hero/Anti-Villain, Sooo... Let me think. *cracks knuckles*

I like the Master from Doctor Who. He is clever and funny and he acts a lot like the Doctor but evil. He's a really good villain and I hate what they did to him in Season Eight. I also really like Saruman from Lord of the Rings, chiefly because I like the parallel Tolkien drew between Lucifer and Saruman and Michael the Archangel and Gandalf. I think it was cool how he showed that Saruman, this incredible, powerful, beautiful wizard with all this potential, got corrupted and fell into darkness; just like the devil did. He wanted too much and he thought himself better than all the other creatures of Middle Earth. He wanted to be a god and was willing to do anything to make that happen. Another villain that I think is really good is Julian Verrers from The Masterful Monk. He is a rabid Atheist who hates God and His Church, and he is super creepy and crazy and I hates him. He has a ton of charisma and this unnerving ability to gain the trust of others. He is like one of those horrible politicians with the hidden agendas, but way, way worse. He is a very good villain. He's the kind of villain you wish you could drop kick down a cliff. 

Okay. I don't think I have a favorite villain. Julian Verrers is horrible and evil so let's go with him.

3.) Anti-Hero. 

I'm guessing the Anti-Hero is the hero who works for good but has serious flaws and isn't completely 'pure' in his intention.

"These darker heroes can be jerks, pathetic, hard, jaded, or mean..." - source.

Severus Snape. Snape is one of the biggest fictional 'heroes' ever. Almost everyone knows about him. Whether you are a Potterhead or not, you will hear about Snape. 

I'm going to be frank here. I didn't care much for Snape in the books. I liked him in the movies. I watched them before I read the books and I thought he was a good character. He was a jerk, but that wasn't all he was. When I read the books though, I didn't connect with him the same way. I felt bad for him but I didn't really like him. Yes, his death was sad. Yes, he had a hard back story. No, I didn't hate him - how could I? But I do think J.K. Rowling wrote him way too dark. Alan Rickman did a good job with the character because he brought out a very sympathetic, human side to him. He's the reason I like Snape.

Too fabulous for you.

Snape is a very complex character. He isn't the type of person you could get close to easily, if at all. He is cold and distant, spiteful and sharp. He isn't very nice to the students at Hogwarts and he picked on most of them, especially the popular ones, like Harry. But Snape was dealt a bad hand in his life. He grew up in an abusive home. He didn't have friends because he was so quiet and odd. Even at Hogwarts he didn't find the safety that it brought most children. He was a Slytherin, so he was instantly hated and bullied. James Potter and his friends made his life miserable. He had one real friend, Lily. She was a girl at school that he eventually fell in love with, but he lost her after an especially bad day when he called her a dirty name. Lily never forgave him and terminated their friendship. Then she married James, the very man who had tormented him his whole childhood.

Snape was with Voldemort for a short time, but turned on him and joined Dumbledore. He tried to protect Lily and her family from the Dark Lord and even asked Dumbledore for help, but he lost her all the same. He then dedicated the rest of his life to protecting Harry (who, by the way, looked just like his dad.) And he didn't stop there either. He played spy for Dumbledore and took the fall for Hogwarts over and over again. He allowed himself to be framed as a traitor to protect the school, the students and Harry. He gave up his reputation, his home, and the few teachers whom he counted as friends, all in the name of love and loyalty. He never defended himself against the lies or the hate. He stayed on the outskirts, watching over the students and teachers from afar, and he defended them against all the attacks he could. And he took care of the children, even when it seemed like he hated them. (I actually think some of the reason he acted like a jerk was because he had to play the role of the traitor, and kids like Draco reported back to Voldemort.) Severus Snape was an angry, bitter man, but he loved and sacrificed himself for love, and ultimately lay down his life to protect others. And that is pretty heroic.

"Look at me."

4.) Best book-to-screen adaptation.

One of the best book-to-screen adaptations I've ever seen is Aragorn, from Lord of the Rings. I think Peter Jackson did a really good job writing his character for the movie. No one else could have been Strider. No one could have done Strider better. He was Strider. He wasn't quite as ridiculous as he was in the book, but who could be? Tolkien was ridiculous, and sometimes that kind of ridiculous can only be read, not acted. (Could we really have Aragorn pulling out his sword every two seconds to say "this is the blade that was broken! Rawr!!") He made him a little more serious, but otherwise he was shockingly accurate to the book. I absolutely LOVE Aragorn in the movies. He was so perfect. From the minute he appeared in the Prancing Pony, he was perfect. He was noble and strong, but hesitant to take his rightful place on the throne. He was brave and kind, with a wry sense of humor and a cranky sort of attitude, but a soft, kind gentle side. And Peter Jackson didn't do anything in the movies to blemish his character.

Because Aragorn is FAbuLous.

5.) Best Character Perception.

I'm not sure... I'm guessing this means a character who has the best (or most accurate) idea of himself? Like, a character who doesn't really change but is simply revealed as who he really is.

Alright. Sydney Carton. (you knew that was coming didn't you?)

"I am at less than my best on a fairly regular basis."

Sydney Carton is one of the best characters that has ever been written. When he is first introduced, (especially if you don't know the story) he comes off as a very careless and rude character. He has a lazy sort of attitude and he seems like the type of man who doesn't bother about anything. He seems to have no respect for anyone, including himself, and he appears to take way too much liberty with pleasure. You wouldn't think Sydney was a good man at first. You might think he was kind of a lowlife. Pathetic, yes, but still a lowlife. This is, in fact, how Carton views himself. He thinks he's pathetic, rude and a failure at everything he does. He's a filthy drunk with no worth and no friends. This attitude and rough idea that he has of himself projects very loudly and it is what the audience sees; A lost man who really needs to sober up and get his act together. But as the story goes on, the audience starts to see more of who Sydney actually is. They see how he is treated. They see how he is abused by his boss and his 'friends.' They see how much he wants to be better but that he thinks change is impossible for a man like him. As the story continues, the audience realizes that their first idea of Carton was wrong, and slowly their view of him starts to change. They see a kind man, a gentle man. They see a man full of courage and love who has so much to give, so much to share. They see a man who cares deeply and viciously and who wishes to be better if only he wasn't a failure, if only he was 'stronger.' They realize he is flawed, but behind his flaws there is a man who would sacrifice anything in the name of love and friendship, a man who is strong and brave, a man who will fight on when everyone else gives up.

Sydney does go through a character ark, but it's more like character fulfillment. We see him make friends with Lucy and her family. We see him drink less and less - and he never drinks when he is at Lucie's home. We see his flaws start to pull away and the man inside become more and more clear. At the end of the story, when he gives his life to save Charles Darnay, it isn't really a shock or a change for his character. You realize that this is who Sydney was all along. He always had the potential to be stronger and better than he was.He always had the goodness in his heart, he always had the courage in his character, it was just hidden behind his anger and self-hate. His sacrifice for Charles, Lucy and their child was just a fulfillment of who he was. You guessed what he was going to do before it even happened; Oh. Sydney Carton is going to die for Charles. Of course he is. He's Sydney. Ack!!!

Yes, Carton does change, but I think all characters do. He tried to be better for Lucy, he tried not to drink so often, he tried to see the world as it could be, not as it was. He never saw the goodness in himself, but the audience saw it very well. He was always a bit of a brat, but when he was sober and himself he was also very kind (and he had an obvious soft spot for children.) And he took care of others. When he went to Paris to help Charles, he spent the last days of his life comforting everyone else, all of Lucie's friends and family that had somehow become his too. He never asked for any comfort himself. He never told anyone about his plans. He never boasted or showed himself as the heroic martyr. He was quiet about his sacrifice. And up until his death, he still thought he was rather worthless and ridiculous, and he actually believed that no one would miss him when he was gone. It wasn't until he was walking up to the Guillotine that he finally saw the good he was doing, and the man he had finally become; the man the audience had seen all along.

perhaps in death I receive something I never had in life
- I hold a sanctuary in the hearts of those I care for."


You are under no obligation to do the tag, of course. I know you are all busy. But if you do, I bet it would be lots and lots of fun. And of course, if anyone else wants to do this tag, feel free! You won't regret it. Now I have cookies to make, so I bid you all a very fond farewell. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Hahaha! Thanks for the tag! This is kind of crazy! Your picks that I knew were awesome....which was basically Aragorn and Snape. XD But I liked that you chose that. I've got to say, Snape was the main reason I cried at the last HP book. I am not a huge HP fan, but Snape was pretty well done. The thing that bugged me was that Lily was supposed to be like super awesome and kind and then she goes and marries James. And James never got any redemption. I felt like something was missing there. It was like, we hate Snape hate Snape hate Snape then all of the sudden, we have to love him and hate James and that doesn't make total sense. Because if Lily was all that great she would have had some better judgment. So I was totally expecting some sort of redemption for James. Because like, all of the previous books you are journeying with Harry through this missing his parents and James being such a jerk is like.... wow I feel cheated.

    Mini rant over. XD Anyway. Thanks a bunch for the tag! I will try to do this tomorrow! :-)

    1. No, I totally agree. Rowling left a lot of holes. I've considered doing a post about HP, but it would take a lot of time...

      I like Harry Potter, it just isn't my FANDOM. i like the movies a lot more than the books. And yes, Snape makes me cry. He is a sad person.

  2. Thanks for doing the tag: ) I knew you were going to pick Sam Winchester as your hero!!! All of your answers are good. I answered your question back on my site about character perception, but I guess I answered too late. People are somewhat confused at what character perception is and I should have explained it more on my site. It has nothing to do with the actor themselves, but the relation of the character in the story to the audience's minds. However, you did a good job with what little you could understand.

    1. Yeah :) Thank you for tagging me, it was tons of fun. I looked up what Character Perception was and from what I saw, it was how the audience viewed a character throughout the story. I went with Carton because he seemed to best fit the definition I found. I asked some other people too, and they told me it was how the audience (and the character) perceived who they were. So if I did it a little wrong, I'm sorry :( Anyway, it was fun to do!

    2. You did a great job with the tag and I purposely made this tag a little harder for people because male characters are usually better written than female characters. Also, I didn;t want to do the same tag twice.

    3. All that being said, "How are you???"

    4. I'm pretty good :-) I'm a little tired, but I'm pretty good.

  3. I may steal this. But since I usually just steal tags without actually telling the should feel honored.

    I like your choices....of the ones I know at least. :D

    sorry I haven't commented in forever. I FEEL HORRIBLE.

    okay I gotta go to bed now so night!

    1. Oh, I hope you do it!!! I wanted to tag you so badly, but I couldn't find your blog! The link I have doesn't work anymore :( It was sad! DO IT!! DO IT AND SEND ME THE LINK!

      Miss you!

  4. BERRA I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER SEE YOU OR HENRY AND YOU NEVER COME BY AND WE NEVER PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY??!?!??!?!??!?!?!? Hmm....Blame Jack.

    1. I MISS YOU TOO JOHN! JACK WORKS ALL THE TIME AND I AM ALWAYS TIRED AND THEN THERE IS LIFE! Playing gets hard :( I should be over soon to do Band of Brothers though :D we can do tea!

  5. I am surprised Sydney wasn't the hero 8-D Just joking. Partly. Because everyone in the world probably knows how much you love him now.

    1. He came shockingly close to being the hero - but after all, I can't overdo it. Other characters are fabulous too. Carton is just..... SOoooooooo fabulous. :D CARTON IS A DEAR POTATO AND HIS HEART IS TRUE. He is sad and sweet and he cares about everyone and he is just Carton!

      Okay. Rant over.


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