Friday, August 7, 2015

Drumroll please!

In case you don't remember I have teamed up with my good friend Jim and the two of us have decided to write a book!!! *screams* This book is called "The Incredibly Unlikely and Practically Impossible Adventures Concerning Two Girls, A Ship of Pirates, A King and Jester, A traveling Musical Company and Butterflies." And with that title you should be able to tell a LOT about are book. First of all, it's a comedy. Jim and I called it a mix between Oscar and Gilbert and Sullivan. It's kind of ridiculous and pretty much impossible but it's fun and I'm going to post a chapter over on Till the end of the Line every time we get one written out. You can read our first draft AS IT'S BEING WRITTEN!! 


So run along over there and see what there is to see. This should be fun :)


I will be posting again soon. I have STUFF to tell you!!!


Oi, what are you.... Oh, you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.

Pile of good things

Pile of good things