Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Take me out to the ball game!"

Guess what I did yesterday!!

I went to my first EVER professional ball game!


My big brother came up on Friday morning and he was talking about going to see this professional ball game. He had two tickets because originally he had someone going with him, but the other person had to cancel at the last minute so he had this extra ticket on his person. And he was like, "Hey, Bella, do you want to come to a game with me? The Giants are playing." And I was just like...


I am so glad I took up his offer. The game was in San Francisco so it was a pretty long drive,  but once we got there it was BRILLIANT. Well, Saturday was brilliant. Friday evening was pretty good too, it was just funny. We got to SF the night before the game so we'd have plenty of time to get to it, and we had a nice meal at a bar-and-grill. I even tried squid. (It was squishy.) Then we had fish and chips and went off to our hotel, The hotel was sort of not brilliant, It was hilarious. The room looked like it was frozen in the 70's or something. The beds were pretty comfortable but the colors were weird, and a couple of the lights didn't work, and two of them were kind of coming off the wall a little bit. And the light in the bathroom sort of rattled terribly and was blinding. Joey and I laughed almost all night because the room was so NOT four stars. (It had been rated with four stars!) It was fun anyway though. I slept well. The next day got off to a good start. We slept in late and we had this super yummy skillet (And eggs and mushroom skillet) and then we headed off for the park. THIS GETS TO THE BRILLIANT PART! Before the game started, my amazing brother (who is 300x better than your brother.) got me a baseball Jersey that I fell in love with. Look how cute it is!

I really like the Giants :-)

After I had my Jersey we went to our seats. We had really, really good seats and we got there early enough to see the workers set up the field. I got to see them hose down the dirt and lay out the chalk and everything. It was great and wonderful and it felt so BASEBALL! I got to see all the warm-ups and that was one of the best things ever, cause there were a bunch of guys in uniform running back and forth and catching and and hitting like it was a dance! Then we all stood for the performance of the Star Spangled Banner (which was great) and the game began.

It was like the ideal game to see your first time. It was intense and quick paced and the plays were really close. The two teams were practically neck-in-neck the whole game, and the opposing team, the Athletics, they were really good. They had excellent defense, (which was very annoying for us,) Our team had really excellent defence too though, and I got to see one of those epic home-run-catches, where the ball is going and going and it is almost gone but then a brave catcher tears across the field and leaps up in the air and catches the ball with his mitt and it's an OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


I got to see both the home runs we hit too. The first one was the most exciting because it was two strikes (I believe) and it was the last hit and there was a swing and a tong and the ball was soaring and everyone started to scream and I jumped up and down like an idiot.


We didn't get very many pictures because we were too interested in actually watching the game, especially me, but we did get a couple which I will share with you.

this is them setting up!

 this is the view from our seats

 this is us in our seats. We are so happy to be at a Giants game!*

*my shirt kept sliding down and it was annoying.

this is the enormous stadium and our first(?) pitch.

I said there weren't many. The game got too exciting and we forgot to take pictures, Apologies all around.

My first baseball game experience was incredible. I am so thankful to my brother.We had these great seats, were were close the stadium, we were wearing Giants colors and we had so much fun! We got peanuts and drinks - whatever kind I wanted - and I threw peanut shell down on the floor like an animal and crunched them under my shoes. I felt guilty the first few times, but then it got fun. And we did a lot of cheering. We did so much cheering we worked up an appetite and during the fourth inning when the Athletics were up to bat, we got hot dogs.* Shortly after the Giants scored their first home run. And I jumped and waved my hot dog in the most Un-ladylike fashion.

*I am not much of a hot dog girl, but BASEBALL.

The best part was in the top of the ninth. We were ahead two to one, and the Athletics had runners on first on second. They had two strikes and three balls and we knew the next pitch would determine the outcome of the game. The whole stadium was standing and breathless, waiting for that final pitch. And then the ball flew across the field, and the batter swung, and the umpire called STRIKE! - and everyone started screaming and clamping and chanting "GIANTS!" at the top of their lungs and it was so, so cool! It was such a close game too, because the ball was low enough that if the batter hadn't swung, we would have had another ball.

Thank you for swinging, Batter, You made my first professional game experience wonderful.

My only regret is that I didn't go down and talk to the players. I have no idea if that is allowed, but I could have tried. I just didn't think about it until later. If I ever go again I will bring a mitt and have it signed, if at all possible. BECAUSE BASEBALL! I'm on a bit of a high. I wanna catch stuff and read some baseball books. Write a baseball story. Things like that. Yay baseball! God Bless America!

Now that I have shared this glorious adventure with you, I shall be going. It's late and I was too wired to sleep last night. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

P.S. This is the song we sang during the 7th Inning stretch. Enjoy :-)

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. This is so cool!!! :D I've never seen baseball let alone understand it so this was perfect for a clueless aussie like me! Thanks so much! :D

    1. haha! you are welcome. Thanks for commenting.


    that's basically all right now. XD


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