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I have been a truly terrible blogger. It's true. And I feel bad about it. Really bad. I would throw chocolate and promise to do better, but I have no chocolate to throw and I don't ever make promises I can't keep. But I am gonna try to make it up to you by giving you a nice long bloggy post.

I missed a couple really fun days that I'm just gonna breeze over a bit here.

First of all, I went to the Ren Fair. It was a brilliant experience for me. I got to dress up in this cute little outfit and wear a fun floppy hat and run around looking at hand-blown glass and homemade capes and crafts. I even got to handle a beautiful sword from the 1800's which had seen BATTLE. and it was EPIC. There were these cool old fashion guns too, and those were amazing to handle. They made me feel like some undercover steampunk assassin. It was great :)

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures but I did see the Doctor running around and the geek in me snuck to the surface. I went up and asked him if he'd take a picture with me and he was very nice and said yes. He even pulled out his sonic and did the eyebrow thing.

I love Geeks :D

I also HAD to take a picture in the TARDIS. Because it was the TARDIS

You almost can't see me because I am way in the back, but I am behind the sister in the Fez.

I was a little irritated that she got to wear the fez an not me but she called dibs. Oh well. At least I got to stand in the police box. That was fun!

I decided I really wanted to pursue this musical thing and I think it is going to be my big project for a long while. I borrowed a music theory book from my singing teacher and I've started working on lyrics and storyline. Once I have a more prominent plot I will post the general idea and you can all tell me what you think 8-)

As for the rest of my writing, it isn't going so well. My buddy Jim and I decided to write a goofy book together and that is going to be my primary focus in the month of July. We will be posting each chapter as they are written on our other blog Till The End of the Line.  Remember that!!!

We are also re-watching Monk and that has been very fun. It's been so long since I've seen Monk that I don't remember most of the episodes and its almost like seeing them again for the first time. Adrian still makes me super nervous and if I watch him for too long I start feeling pretty twitchy myself. He is so ridiculous and nutty, it stresses me out. But it's Monk, and there is something about him, ya' know? And Sharona is great. I love her.


As for other updates, there aren't many. My family went to the lake yesterday for a picnic and the sky decided to turn grey and angry and rain on us. But did that stop us?? No! We still went out and played in the (very cold) water and had a grand old time jumping waves, playing Marco-Polo and dunking each other like ridiculous nuts. And then we crawled up on to the rocky shoreline and did our best to dry off and eat in the wind. Luckily the sun snuck back out around five o'clock or so, and it warmed up considerably so we could play our picnic game in comfort. The picnic game was Blongo Ball, which is a LOT of fun. There are two teams and each play gets three Blongo Balls and you throw them a the goal and see if you can get them to wrap around.

I am not explaining very well so here is a picture to help with the visual:


See? It's really fun I promise. especially when you play with my family.

I read a really good book this past week called "The Mark of the Thief." It is by the same lady who writes the Ascendants trilogy, which means it had really good characters and a nice friendship and hateful bad guys and a cool griffin that is brilliant. (seriously. She is so cool! I love her!) I would definitely recommend it.

and... hm. That is about all. I am trying to find new musicals to listen to so if you have anything good to recommend I am all ears. Musicals are my everything!!!!!!

Well not really. But a little bit.


*swings around cape and leaps from stage.*


  1. Hhahaha that phantommish reference at the end! =D
    Sounds like you have been having great fun! I wish the TARDIS would come to Australia!
    Hmmm new musicals to listen too:
    ~Somthing Rotten- about a musical being made in Shakespearan England
    ~ Doctor Zhivago
    ~ The Secret Garden
    ~ eeeeeeeeeeeeerrmmmmmm I think that's all I got at hte moment :-)
    PS: What are some of your fav shows?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It has been fun :)

      oooooooooooh! I've never listened to Doctor Zhivago, though I have heard songs from it. I've Never heard Matilda either. *dances*

      Some of my favorite shows are:

      leverage (this show is pretty clean.)
      Psych (this show is also pretty clean, but it does have a couple of scenes. Maybe two a season?)
      Merlin (CLEAN!!! All they do is kiss sometimes.)
      Doctor who (I believe you watch this one already.)

      Aaaaaaaaand on occasion I have Monk / Numb3rs kicks. Those are both good shows, especially if you like Detective shows. And Hogans Heroes is fun :D

      You will probably see me mention Supernatural a couple of times. DO NOT WATCH IT. It's not worth the emotional trauma. And it has a ton of other issues, mostly with religion. the brothers are the only good thing about that show.

      Grimm is pretty good. Something happened in S4 that REALLY upset me and I am still on the fence about S5 but it is a good show.

    3. Gleeps just getting back to this sorry!

      Ooh I love Merlin and Sherlock and Dr Who too! :D

      This is our cast for Doctor Zhivago :-)


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