Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whazzup Bloggers! It's only been a couple of days!


Today I got my first book published!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hiddleston Laughing

I said that I would explain my semi-break from the Internet. Here is my explanation. I had family that came up at the end of March and we were so busy having fun that I forgot I had a blog. I was too busy!! On that note, my sister and brother-in-law might be able to move into our area so they are only about an hour away from us, and HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?? you must pray about it 8-D

Anyway, that is my excuse.

How has it been all you all? I guess I have been just as lazy about blogging as I have about writing. *squirms a bit* I would say "I have no tiiiiiime." in a whiny voice, but that isn't exactly true. I have time. I'm just lazy. Too lazy to be creative. creativity is exhausting. So is world building. Don't you hate the word why? That word drive me nuts.

So this queen is super evil -

But why?

Well she became that way after her dad died.

But why??

Because her daddy was evil.


Because he had an unhealthy desire to take over the world.

But why?

Because -

But why??

*smashes why and crumbles it and laughs*

I've been doing some world-building. In case you didn't catch on. I actually really love world-building. It is one of my favorite parts of writing. The problem is I love it a little too much. I always want to do more, build more, make more history and more reasons and more layers and the big four!(what where when why..) It get hung up on the details and its really bad.

There is a story I decided to work on a few months ago. It is about a Father and a son who go on a quest, and they have cool names. The father is Killian and the son is Cyril and they are both a lot of fun to write. It is a really good story, I think, and I am excited about it. But it is going to take a TON of world-building. Everything about the world, Firian, excites me. It is a whole country, a whole civilization of people and there is all this magic and mystery and I LOVE it. I want to write about it this month but I feel like I still don't have enough history behind my story.

Soooo.... Maybe I will work on my Baxter story instead.

It has been difficult for me to write.  I know I keep coming back to this but writing is really hard. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I decided to be a writer. Its hard and emotional and it means a huge commitment. It kind of terrifies me, but at the same time, I love it. I love it so much.

Sometimes if I am too tired to write I end up scrolling out lyrics to random songs. Lyrics come easily to me when I'm tired. I've started a sort of collection and I decided I was going to be brave and share one with you. It was greatly inspired by the character Cyril in my book. I hope you all like it 8-)


There is cold under my Skin
And Ice in My Chest
I've been hollowed out
I've lost myself. 


Tick-tock, my clockwork heart, tick tock, on rusty hinges
Tick-tock, In the dark
My Clockwork Heart ticks On

I never knew breathing could be so hard
i never knew that fighting could be such an effort
and now I'm here, oh so alone
and even my love has betrayed me. 
You don't Know what a gift Feelings are.
Until you are robbed of them All


It's getting now, for my gauges to move
My strength is trying to wither
Can I stay strong somehow,  
oh, can I survive the winter?

I won't surrender yet! I will dig myself free
My clockwork heart will  beat again
Beat and destroy me.


Tick-tock, my clockwork heart, tick tock, on rusty hinges
Tick-tock, In the dark
My Clockwork Heart ticks On

Tick-tock, my clockwork heart; is it beating now? 
Tick-tock, my clockwork heart - wait! *dumdum*
I hear a sound.

There! I shared that instead of a snippet. Today starts CampNaNo and I think I am have lots to do, so I have to bid you all farewell. Peace out y'all!!!

*slides off car*



  1. I love this post because I relate soooo much. The But Whys? are always sooooooo hardddd. But then sometimes you think up an awesome BUT WHY and then you're like BOOM this is gonna be great.

    That happens after busting your brain out of course.

    Anyway, yeah, writing is hard.

    Camp NaNo has been crazy. What was I thinking trying to do 2k a day??? But I did get my word count yesterday..... but I have to get it today too...... aghhh. The upside is....I think my book is turning out okay so far.


    LYRICS! Those lyrics were great. Do you ever put tunes to your lyrics? You should. And you should record them and put them on YouTube so I can watch them and like them and all that good stuff. But yeah, that was AWESOME! *standing ovation* Also, my book is a Steampunk book, so this was awesomesaucetastic inspiration! <3

    1. Hannah, you are a ray of sunshine in my day 8-D you always make me smile thank you so much for commenting!

      As for my song, yes I do have a tune to it but I've been afraid to post it online. Maybe I will do it privately and share it with just you and a few select friends 8-)

      STEAMPUNK??? *dies*

      Btw, I started your book. its hillarious


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