Sunday, April 26, 2015

What next?

I totally singed my skin off the other night. that was dramatic. What I meant was, I dropped a bunch of boiling water and scorched a good six inches of my leg right on the side of my calf. It hurt. A lot. And now I have a massive red burn and this silly bandage that makes me feels heavy and slow. I can't run very well. And it keeps trying to scab so then I move and it cracks and I hobble. It's really annoying. I never realized how much I moved until suddenly I was falling over myself. More than usual, that is.


Now at least I know what it's like for my poor book characters.

Speaking of my characters, right now I am reading a book about Gladiators. I am hoping to write my own story in May sometime so I have to read as much as I can before then. I am really excited about my Gladiator book and I'll probably release the plot within a few days, maybe longer if I get super busy. But I'll try hard not to delay too long. I also have this plan. to start writing again and set aside time to read and all that stuff. Why is there no time to do anything anymore?

 I should be done with school in two weeks. Two. I am freaking out a little because finishing school means life-ing and I don't know if I am ready to Life. With that being said, I actually do have a plan for after I graduate. I am going to go to school for acting. I am going to try and get myself into one of those Group Theater people and go on Broadway. I just need a job. But I have an opportunity knocking right now, so please pray hard about that.

It's true.

Okay. I have posted.  And it's  probably the most boring post in history.

On the upside I'll be doing my Lord of the Rings post in just a bit! Stay tuned!

*slides off car



  1. This is not a boring post, what are you talking about.

    That is so sad that you burned yourself! I'm sorry. *gives you chocolate* Get better soon.

    Ooooh can't wait to hear about a gladiator story. Sounds cool and awesome.

    And congrats on almost finishing school! It's scary, but good job having a plan. I didn't. XD Acting school sounds funnnnn! I hope the job works out for you! Keep us posted.

    And LOTR post aw yiss. :-)

    Anyway, glad to see you posted! I always love when you do. :-)

    1. Hannah, you make me so happy. I love you 8-) You should totally visit!!


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