Friday, April 3, 2015

Like a Lamb Came the Messiah, Christ the King!

and He chose to walk that road, out of His love for you and me

Good Friday is drawing to a close. It has been a (very) long and somber day but now as the day stretches toward evening the feeling of mourning begins to ebb away and in it's place, an anticipation takes root. For soon now, Christ the King will Rise and our Faith will be known to all to be true.

Good Friday is a hard day for me. It always has been. I know it is be beautiful and a show of immense love and without it we wouldn't be saved so we should take some joy in it, but for me it isn't easy to see it that way. Good Friday and Lent in general holds some hard memories for me, and the penitential time itself is very solemn.

This year I wanted to do something to actually commemorate the day. I tried to write some poetry, or even song lyrics in honour of Christ's death, but all of my scribbling turned out wrong and finally I gave up. I have wanted to write a story about the Good Thief for a long time and thought today was the perfect day to try it, but the thoughts in my head didn't inscribe well on paper so I gave up on that too. After that I tried to draw something pretty so I could sketch lyrics next to it, but drawing and I have little to no relationship so that failed.

Basically I was not creative today 8-) but I did try very  hard to be.

I figured I ought to post SOMETHING though, so finally I pulled out some lyrics I wrote yesterday (or maybe it was the day before?) It is kind of a Lent/Easter type of song I guess. I hope you like it.

There is More Than This

Life can be so lonely, I know how suffering weighs
Its hard to look down and see so much pain and fear 
it's hard to look around and see eyes filled with tears. 


Look up. Look up! There is more to life than this
Look up. Look up! don't stare down anymore
Look up and see the stars, Look up and see the light. 
There is more than this

There's a world on the horizon
A place where grief can't touch you
That's  where we're journeying to
That's where we belong.


There's a place for us, full of beauty and Joy
The Road there is harsh and stony. 
But when you're lonely, oh when you're lonely
Do as I do... 

Look Up. Look up! Don't stare down anymore
Look up, look up, there is something greater
The road is full of enemies, battles with high costs
But darling you have angels on your right side
and all of heaven watching about


Look up. Look up! There is more than this. 
Look up. Look up! You're King awaits
And when your time comes, He will take you home. 
Remember when all else fails, that You are His. 

Those are my lyrics. This post is super late and I am tired. I hope you all had a Good Friday and in case I don't post before then, I wish you all a happy Easter. Peace out y'all!

*slides off car*


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  1. This is so lovely. Your lyrics are great and I reallyyyyy want to hear some of them recorded. *hint hint*

    Anyway, thank you for posting.

    Also, I know what you mean about really wanting to write something meaningful, but not having the words. But my sis, Jess, wrote this poem that really said it all for me, so I thought I'd share.

    Happy Easter if you're not back by then! <3


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