Tuesday, February 24, 2015


What A Freaking Long Weekend.

But good long, not bad long.

On Saturday my Big Bro took me and all of my little sisters (and the nieces) For a fun day out and an epic slumber-party afterward. That means I spent my entire Saturday with my brother and Jess (A lovely Friend) running around doing all sorts of nifty activities and getting unstressed. We started off at the Discovery Museum and chilled there for two hours or so, making tiny robots and crawling through 'mine' tunnels (which were really small) and climbing a magnificent giant cloud.

Driving down was actually a lot of fun. It is a fair distance from our house to the Discovery Kingdom but my Big Bro put on music (HE LIKES TAYLOR SWIFT) and we all sang very loudly and jazzed out with arms flailing, so it wasn't as boring as it could have been.

 You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had, and in the end in wonderland, we both went MAD.

*Draws in breath dramatically* 


Le me crammed in the backseat with wee ones as we head off on our adventure. 

There was a cool table where you could make adorable robots and that was very intriguing. I had FUN with those fabulous things. I attempted an angry Dalek eating a Silence but I only had squares to work so it didn't turn out right. It was fun to try though.

Le me attempting to create DALEK

There were these horrible mind games that you couldn't resist playing. Games like pulling apart two metal hearts that were linked together, or making a square out of several irregular blocks or Jumping Pegs. That one was was STUPID. 

RULES: Pegs can only move forward
Pegs can only move one space at a time or jump over one peg at a time. 

THIS GAME MADE MY BRAIN HURT. There are four black pegs on the left and four white pegs on the white with a empty hole in the middle separating them.  You have to get all the black over onto the white's side and visa versa. Yeah. I spent like half on hour on this stupid game.

After About the fifteenth time going through the instructions and trying to move the pegs to their proper places I was like


I FINALLY ended up getting the annoying horrid little things across, but it took help from the Lovely Friend and it was very complicated. I don't want to spoil anyone who might try this retarded game, but I will say it doesn't work like you think it should.

There were stupid bubble pictures

And a fabulous wooden horse that I played cowgirl on.

I am a Shadow Rider, Disfigured beyond imagination, searching 
the world for her stolen heart.

The Cloud was the best.

Apparently The Shadow Rider got into the clouds. The hunt for her
 heart has gotten desperate

After the epicness of the Museum my Big Bro and the Lovely friend went out to the fabulous Frozen Yogurt and had an amazing lunch.

Then we went and shot arrows for and hour at this epic archery place. That was brilliant. Sometimes I even hit the PAPER. And it was the yellow bit too, not the boring blue spots. And I got to bring home my Target with all my holes in it.

Then I went and had my nails professionally done.

That was Soooooo weird. I've never had nails professionally done so I didn't know what to expect. It took a really long time. And I had to soak my hands in warm water and then dry them and then I had lotion put on them and then my nails were filed and pointed perfectly and then I put them in water again and then I had this gel put all over my fingers and then I had coat ONE of clear, greyish polish and then the actual color and then another coat of clear finish.

The lotion bit was a shock. the Guy doing my hands poured all this lotion on his hands, rubbed them together and then took my hands in his and rubbed the lotion in, going up almost to my elbow.

I didn't like that bit. I did like how my fingers looked though. All fun and bright and purple.

After the nail adventure we went to my Big Bros house for pizza and a movie. We watched Big Hero Six.

Fury Baaaaaaby
Oh my gosh, that movie was SO. FREAKING. CUTE. Little Baymax was super adorable and sweet and I was ashamed at how attached I got to him. He reminded me a bit of Wall-E. I love how he was with Hero. Hero was a cute and adorable too. I like cute adorable cartoon characters 8-D I also like all the Nerdy friends. Nerds that team up to save the world are freaking awesome. And hilarious. And incredibly fun. Just sayin.

I really enjoyed this movie. The characters were fun and interesting, Baymax was cute the Nerds were all cool and nerdy and the plot was really solid, even intense. I had unexpected Feels. Yep. Feeeels. Has anyone else noticed how emotional cartoons have been getting? What's with that? They never used to be emotional, at least not usually. Now cartoons will even KILL people sometimes.

Right. Random observation.

I have to go now! Videos to make! Lives to save! books to edit! Pizzas to devour!

What do you think of my new blog layout?????



*slides off car*



  1. Haha! Sounds like you had loads of fun. XD And BIG HERO 6!!!! <333333 I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that movie. Definitely one of the best movies of the year. THE FEELS. And yeah, animated movies have been SAD lately! So emotional. Plus, the animation just makes it feelsy....hard to explain but yeah.

    I like the new layout!!!!

    1. "We jumped out a window!!!!!" 8-D I love Big Hero Six. It was such a fun movie. Hero was cute and he and baymax were cute. HOW DOES AN ANIMATED ROBOT GIVE YOU THAT MANY FEELS???

      I felt in need of a new look. I didn't like the annoying green stuff. It didn't seem like me

  2. For one, Big Hero 6 is a Marvel comic. It's kinda just *waiting* to have some huge sad moment. But I know what you mean. They're getting so drastically sad lately....

    I really like the new template!!! It's nifty!

    Uh..I have to clean my room and study history. That's...all I have time for to comment. I'm sorry. *waves sadly*


    1. Yeah but feelings of that scale on a cartoon is ridiculous. For real.



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