Saturday, February 14, 2015

"No more countin' dollars, we'll be countin' stars...."

This Dalek reminds me of Souffle Girl. *shrug*

Happy Valentines Day my followers! I know it is getting late in the afternoon but I hope you have all had a great holiday and I hope you continue to have a great evening and night.

I know Valentines Day is mostly for those people with romance in their lives and so forth, but I think it can also be used to show appreciation to anyone you love and want to spend time with, even if its just a dear friend. So I would like to use today as an excuse to say a special thank you to all of my followers, especially those of you who are still taking the time to comment on my blog. It mean's a lot to me 8-) I've made a lot of friends through blogger and I would like to wish all of them a Happy Valentine's Day and a very, very happy weekend, especially those who helped me so much with my writing these past few months *waves at Jack*


I'd like to further extend my thank you too all the people who volunteered to read my books!!! Really, that is so kind of you, and I will be posting an update on that soon.

Now that all THAT silly business is out of the way....


Valentine's Day is practically the only time of year when you can get away with a Pink and Red wardrobe, which means I absolutely HAD to do that. And I ended up looking very colorful and I had tons of fun. I created a new outfit too, one I quite like. I'll probably be wearing it now, whether it is Valentine's Day or not. And Imma gonna show it off a bit here. Enjoy!!

le me looking brooding and colorful

le me's beautiful Amy Pond tights. (I really love these tights. 
They are so comfy and light and they make me feel like I'm a timetraveller. I use
any excuse I can to wear them.)

Le me looking vaguely into open space. (bonus points if you can
say what the big black crooked thing behind me is.)

Le me pondering the wonders of the sky and wishing there was a little snow in it.  
Imagine how beautiful the red would have looked against white!
It would have been so perty!

Le me having way too much fun with fancy picmonkey doodles. I love how fabulous
 and Greeting-Card-ish this looks. EDITING PICTURES IS SO MUCH FUN 

One last thing. My sister and I made an epic Valentines Day Video to our favorites Ships! It was a loooot of fun (and a little stressful) and I thought I might as well share it with you. Tis the season! ... wait. wrong holiday. Anyhow! Le epic (hopefully) video!

Peace out y'all! *waves frantically*

Happy Valentines Day!!!

*slides off car*



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it was loads of fun to wear 8-D

  2. *waves hand and jumps up and down* Let me guess! Let me guess!! Is the black, crooked thing one of those basketball hoop thingies that don't stay standing up for the life of them?

    Well, I had an outfit to wear, but a toddler brother gave me some flowers in muddy water, and the container slipped and drenched my clothes, so I was less seasonably dressed... *smiles* But he was so nice, and wanted to help me clean up.

    Happy Valentine's Day! A day late, but still! *Grins*

    And well done on the video!! I wish I could do things like that...

    Gramercy, and God bless!

  3. Happy late Val day!!!! Is that a half tipped over basketball hoop thingamajig? You're outfit is so colorfuuuullll!!! I....actually didn't wear anything red yesterday except for lipstick and fingernail polish...BUT I WORE PURPLE. And I had to work, so I had to wear a red vest (which is why I didn't dress cuter....those vests are atrocious with skirts...)

    It sounds like you had a nice day. I should comment more....lots more. And yes. I love aaaaallllllllllllll the people in Jack's book. They're amazing. I ship Peter and Darcy. SO. HARD. *siiiiigh* Yeah. A Higher Call is painful. YOU SHOULD READ IT. :D

    soooooo....that's all. TA-TAAA!!


  4. Happy Valentine's Day! That outfit is completely adorable. I love it!

    And that video is great, even though I only knew some of the couples (Flashpoint ones obviously, Merlin ones, and dat's it. I was sad that there was no Marian and Robin. Watch Robin Hood! :-D)


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