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LOTR Blog Party Day Two - Favorite Movie/Book

Today you get to choose a favorite movie or book (or both, if you are into that) and talk about it!

As Shocking as it may seem, my favorite book is The Two Towers. I know! That isn't the book most people choose; it's too boring, too slow, too flat, whatever. Yeah. I'll admit the first time I read LOTR I didn't like The Two Towers as much as the other two. It was really hard for me to get through it and I really struggled with the Ents. I think my biggest problem is that I'm a really fast reader and when it comes to Tolkien you have to take your time or you miss things. So when I read the trilogy again last summer I took it at a slower pace and I enjoyed it a lot more. The Two Towers went from being my least favorite to my FAVORITE. Why? There are a coupe different reasons. First off, you get to meet all the coolest characters and it is in this book that you get to spend the most time with them. You are introduced the to the freakin' Riders of Rohan!! HOW COOL ARE THOSE GUYS??? I want more of them, I want a whole book dedicated to them! (I ought to see if I can get one....) You get to meet Eomer and Eowyn, and let's be honest, they are brilliant. Eomer isn't in the story much but you love him by the time you finish a paragraph. And Eowyn. Eowyn! There is so much that is amazing about her! Tolkien did a really good job writing a strong, reckless female character without making her annoying or ridiculous - something most writers get wrong. She is graceful and beautiful but also fierce and wild. She is a lady - a lady with a noble, valiant heart but she is a lady none the less. I love her. And her fight against the Witch-King? OH MY GOSH. It was so epic. I looooooove that scene so much.

"No man can kill me!"

You meet King Théoden. And I don't care what you say, he is one of the best Kings every written on paper. I love how he is brought back from the darkness by Gandalf, like a sinner is brought back through grace. I love how he leads his people, giving them hope where there is none and giving them inspiration when he himself  has no comfort. I love how he rules and how he leads. Théoden is not just a simple King who sits on this throne, he is a man, a mighty warrior and fighter who is loved by his people and that is how it should be.


This is no place for a hobbit!
 (That gif is from ROTK, but oh well.)

 I love Gandalf is any form to be quite honest. He is one of my favorite characters in the trilogy. He is so cool, even when he is just Gandalf the Grey. But I love how much Gandalf the White grows. It's like al his best qualities are strengthened and he is everything he can be and more. Anyway, you get a lot of him in the Two Towers, and that pleases me.


Yeah. I'm not going to lie. Faramir is the biggest reason The Two Towers is my favorite book. JUST. FARAMIR. That man is so very brilliant. He is my favorite one of my favorite characters. You gonna hear lots about him in the future. Promise 8-D  (Day Fooooour)

Finally, in The Two Towers you get a lot of character development. For filming purposes, Peter Jackson saved a lot of the character building for the third movie, which is fine, but the point is most of the story arks in the books actually happen in The Two Towers. A lot of my favorite arks happen, and a lot of the friendships grow and strengthen the most during that time. (LIKE FRODO AND SAM. JUST. THEM.)

Anyway, that is why the second book is now my favorite. I have dumped so much on you I don't know if I should talk about my favorite movie.... you know what? Whatever! It's my blog and its my party! I never get to do this!

My Favorite movie is The Return of the King.

I wish the ring had never come to me

As I said before, Peter Jackson moved a lot of the character development and friendship building into the third movie, and that is why I like it the best. It was also closer to the books then the Two Towers was as a film. (Again, I don't mind most of the changes. There were some I hated didn't like, but I understand why he did a lot of them.) Peter Jackson gave everything he had to that last LOTR film. The way he wrote the script was stunning. It takes my breath away. I love how he was able to weave lines from the books into the movies, even if it wasn't  a direct quote and I love the subtle scenes/quotes he would add as a nod to Tolkien and his work. He made mistakes when he did the second movie but when he got to The Return of the King everything came around in a full circle and there is almost nothing wrong with it. It was a practically-perfect adaptation of the story and I will always be thankful to him for being so generous and giving the fans what they wanted to see, even if he himself didn't approve. (something he should have done with The Hobbit.)

Home is behind, the world ahead.

That is my vent! I hope you all enjoyed that long, luscious post. It was tons and tons of fun!!!!! Stay tuned for Day Three my friends!!!!!!


*slides off car*


  1. Hm.

    Well, The Return of the King is probably my favorite book of all time other than the Bible. So it's safe to say that it's the best of the trilogy in my opinion. It is EVERYTHING that it should be, the perfect end to a series, beautiful and beloved. And EPIC. TOTALLY EPIC. I love the literal return of the king--Aragorn, because it's awesomesaucetastic. I love the final scene in Mount Doom. I love, love, LOVE, the part with the Eagles. I love how it all comes to completion. And it never fails to make me CRY. I also, like I mentioned in the previous comments section, actually really like the Scourging of the Shire. That chapter is like...so good. Because Merry and Pippin. <3 And just.... the Grey Havens departure scene, and Sam coming back home to his lovely Rosie and kiddos.... And the Shire being the Shire.... I feel like I'm making no sense, but there aren't enough words I don't think to express my love for it.

    And it's my favorite movie too, for all the above reasons.

    Though I have to say, Two Towers is REALLY good too. Because I always loved the scenes with the orcs and Merry and Pippin....and I liked the Ents and the taking of Isengard--so cooool!

    Let's just be honest here, I love them ALL!

    1. The Eagles coming always makes me want to jump up and down and cheer like an idiot. They were such a cool addition to that final battle. Its like FINALLY SOME FREAKING LEVERAGE. *claps through the crying*

      The scene with the Grey Havens always makes me super emotional. Every time I watch it I think, "This time Frodo won't go, this time the Shire will be enough." but it never is. And I'm happy for Frodo to have peace but it hurts that Sam and Merry and Pippin get left behind and it is hard that there will be no more Gandalf. Ever.

      MERRY AND PIPPIN SAVING THE SHIRE!!!!!!!! *hugs them* I love those fabulous little hobbits. They're the bestest.


  2. Not that shocking - it was a toss up between Two Towers and Return of the King for me; I chose the third because of the scene with Aethelas and Eowyn and Faramir meeting. That, and I couldn't remember which had more of Faramir in it....

    May I say that you have some of the best images on your pages? You do. I want to go make another wallpaper again... *sighs*

    *in entire agreement with entire post* there's the Rohirrim, Théoden, Gandalf, Merry, Pippen, Faramir *cheers*,

    See, if they just moved all of the scenes with Faramir to the third book, I'd have less trouble deciding... Maybe.

    Of course, the first also had Strider - I think i preferred Aragorn in the books, now that I think of it....

    Yes, the whole trilogy is brilliant - and whoever says they aren't classics can go jump into Mt. Doom or something. They don't even have to take the Ring...


      I love Strider. He is so very cool. I love that bit when he says "There are times when I can go unseen, but to disappear entirely is a rare gift." IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY IT WAS IN THE MOVIE!



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