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LOTR Blog Party Day Four - Favourite Character

Today I get to choose my favourite character and tell you about him.

You can pick more than one. I have decided to do the couple different characters I am going to talk about today. two of them are the ones who hold a very special place in my heart.

Faramir, Captain of Gondor.

I loved Faramir from his first introduction in the book, as well as his first introduction in the movie. When I was watching The Two Towers, I had almost finished the book so I saw Faramir and knew exactly what to expect. HE WAS FARAMIR CAPTAIN OF GONDOR AND THERE ARE NO TRAVELERS HERE, JUST SERVANTS OF THE DARK TOWER. I clapped for him as needed and then settled down to eek out over his existence.

“Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed..."

First off, I think Peter Jackson cast Faramir perfectly. I love him in the books but I also love him in the film adaptation, something that most people will hit me with pillows (or rocks) for. *hides behind my epic shield* DON'T KILL ME! Faramir struck me as an incredibly sad and broken character. He is half out of his mind with grief. He has just lost his brother and Osgiliath, the City Boromir had only just recaptured, is under attack and they are losing. He sees Gondor failing and he has no where to turn for comfort so he is forced to lock his feelings deep down inside and he is sick with the weight of it. When he meets the Hobbits and realizes what they are carrying he sees relief. The Ring could be used for good and finally Men would have the advantage over Mordor. Unlike his brother though, Faramir sees in time what the Ring is and that it is unable to accomplish anything but evil and he lets Frodo and Sam go at the risk of his own life.

For those who think Peter Jackson ruined Faramir.

I love So much about Faramir. He is such a sad character. He has a father who seemingly hates him. He has a kingdom that is falling apart with no help from it's Steward. He is sensitive and empathetic and is very aware of the grief and pain at large in the world and it effects him horribly. He tries to help others who are suffering and he is very kind to people, even those he isn't sure about and will give them the benefit of the doubt. I love how kind he is and I love his deep humility. He get's down on one knee to talk to Sam so that they will be on eye level. He praises Pippin for giving his service to Gondor and gives him confidence. He comforts Eowyn when she needs it most. He is there for his people when no one else is and he stands when anyone else would run. He doesn't let the evil of Mordor cloud his heart or his judgment.

Boromir would not have brought the Ring. He would have reached
out his hand to this thing and taking it, he would have fallen.

HE IS AN INCREDIBLY GOOD SON. His father is an awful, terrible person but Faramir never speaks out against him and he never ever talks with disrespect or anger. Instead he tries to please him and do his will. He does his very best and better and still Denethor will not be proud, but he keeps going anyway. He loses his brother and instead of giving up altogether he tries to do the work of two sons. He give his people hope and strength and the will to fight. He struggles to be enough for himself and for Gondor and for his selfish, arrogant father who will not see what a stunning, brave son he has. He isn't corrupted by the ring. He is tempted but he fights the temptation and overcomes it. He is one of the very few people who is able to have that kind of resilience and it stuns me that someone under such an emotional burden anyway was still able to say no to those whispers of power.

  "So this is the answer to all the riddles! The One Ring that was thought to be have perished from the world ... A pretty stroke of Fortune. A chance for Faramir Captain of Gondor to show his Quality! Ha!" He stood up very tall and stern and his grey eyes glistened.
..... "Alas for Boromir. It was too sore a trial.'" 

He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings.”

He is so gentle. He is quieter than Boromir was, and was more in love with stories and song than battles and glory. He loves reading and writing and studying and finds comfort and peace in books and learning, especially when it was ancient lore and stories of elves and enchantments.

     "It once belonged to a young boy of the city. A very foolish one who wasted many hours slaying dragons instead of attending to his studies." - Farimir (The Return of the King)

He is different from the other men in Tolkien's books. He is a little like Aragorn with a quiet sense of duty and what is right. He keeps his own counsel but he isn't afraid to take other people's advice and he will actually listen and consider what you say, which is something that is very rare in people. He has a gentle, sensitive soul and is always trying to ease everyone else's suffering. Even when he is grieving and burdened with the sorrow of Boromir's loss he takes care of everyone. And there is never anyone to take care of him. He always ends up alone. That is why it is so wonderful when he meets Eowyn. He finally has someone he can be happy with and he deserves that.

I love Faramir.  He is my hero. If there was one character from Middle Earth I could meet I would pick him.

I also really love Merry. Merry is cheerful and adorable and sweet and he has such a good heart. He protects and looks after Pippin and he goes along with Frodo and the fellowship even though the Quest for the Ring is dangerous and he could end up dead. He doesn't even hesitate. He hurts me because all he wants to do is help, and he always ends up being left behind. He has to watch everyone he cares about go riding off into danger and he can't do anything to help or make things better. He thinks that he is just a silly hobbit and he can't do much of anything. He couldn't even keep Pippin safe properly and that was the one thing that he was supposed to do. Look after Pip! It hurts me that he doesn't see himself as the hero he is.


I wanted to talk about Boromir too, but I realized there is too much I want to say about him so I'm going to the wise thing and wait and do a post just for him because it makes me sad how much hate/dislike he gets.

That is my vent. Tomorrow is our last day losers!!!!!


*slides off car*


  1. My darling Faramir. I loved him so much in both book and movie. He makes me happy and sad all at once

  2. Wait - people don't like Faramir in the movies?! Why not?

    *grins* I look forward to your post on Boromir - he's definitely one of my favourite characters as well, if one of my less spoken about.

    You did a better job - this makes sense. *grins*


      A lot of people who don't like Faramir in the movies have only seen the theatrical version, but I happen to know a that a lot of people have seen the extended and still don't like him because PJ 'ruined' his character. This is why I'm planning to do a bookVSmovies post.


    2. *grins* Oh, without a doubt...

      How did they 'ruin' his character?! Sorry, I guess it's just beyond my grasp of comprehension...


    3. Because he took the hobbits to Osgiliath before releasing them and because he was too 'stern and cold'

    4. Okay - good point. I guess I was just so used to books being massacred by movies that it was a welcome surprise how close it was.

    5. Overall I think Peter Jackson did a really good job, I love the movies.

  3. Great choice! The hard thing about LOTR is that Tolkien wrote so many wonderful heroes that it's hard to choose just one favorite.

    1. I know, it's really hard! You limited yourself to Elrond. I am in awe of you 8-D

  4. UGH I LOVE FARAMIR. The ONLY thing that bugs me about his movie version is that in the book he is NOT tempted by the Ring, which was soooo coooooool! So I was mad at PJ for that minor thing, but I still enjoy Faramir muchly.

    MERRY IS MY FAVORITE. For all the reasons you said......also I tooootally relate with him (book version mostly but also movie). He's so adorable, and he's a quiet sort of hero, which are my favorite types. <3 He's the best. But it's difficult to choose a favorite character because....THEY'RE ALLLLL SO AMAZING!

  5. FARAMIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually he was briefly tempted in the book. "A Chance for Faramir Captain of Gondor to show his quality!" and he stood tall and stern..." That is right from the book. But immediately after that he sits down again and he laughs quietly and he says "Alas for Boromir. It was too sore a trial..... But I would not take this thing." That is the extent of his temptation and shortly after he lets the hobbits go. So yeah, I was mad about the Osgiliath thing in the movie, but in the end he still let them go so I don't think his character was ruined so much as 'played' with. Still, its annoying. (This is why I need to do a bookVSmovie post....)



    1. Mmm, yes, I should have said he didn't ACT on his temptation--he WAS tempted by it, as all men are, but he didn't act on it, which was amazing. Also, this is a very small thing (it may seem) but he gives them food in the book.

      In the movie they get no food.

      They just have Lembas bread.

      (And look, MORE lembas bread)

      That is an extreme tragedy for me. I always get sad about that in the movie.

    2. I know! But you know what I love? I love that in the movie Faramir gets down on one knee to talk to the hobbits when he releases them. It was a nice nod to the book and it makes me happy. HE IS SO CUTE WITH THE HOBBITS

      They should have eaten. You're right. I forgot they had food


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