Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LOTR Blog Parth Day Three - Favorite Dwelling of Middle Earth

Day Three!!!! You get to choose a favourite dwelling of Middle Earth and explain why you love it or why you think you would be there.

The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began

This is the easiest question of the whole party. My favourite dwelling place is The Shire. Why? I can tell you in three short sentences. .

It is simple.

It is beautiful.

It has Hobbit Holes.

I just love the Shire. I love the people. I love the peace. I love how green and warm everything is. I love that is always smells like summer and I love that it has little rivers and streams to jump in and I love that it is weighted with years of history and is so pure even the darkest shadow can't touch it until the very last moment. Also, where Hobbits get to live is brilliant. Hobbits holes are the best. They're cute and clean and warm and there are no stairs you have to climb. It is always full of food and comfort and it has a lovely round door that you can go in through and drop your cloak on a hanger. I would want to live in one. It would be so pleasant.

Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell,
nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat

I think with my personality (as much as I love Rohan)  I would end up being a hobbit. I love food and I can eat almost as much as a normal hobbit on a good day. I love sitting in the quiet doing absolutely nothing. I love visiting with friends but still having my own space. I love peace but I also have a deep sense of adventure hidden away down in my heart. I love to feel relaxed and unstressed and there is no place better for that than the Shire

Because I am a hobbit from a well-known well-respected family I would have a lovely little hobbit hole in which my large, noisy family would often visit and spend all of their time baking, cooking and making music. It would be all warm and round and welcoming and I'd always have chocolate in the pantry and biscuits in the cupboard and tea in the spices box. We would stay up late into the nigh exchanging all sorts of tales (for many of my family would be the Tookish type) and we'd sing songs, even write them. We'd be a queer bunch to be sure. The Sackville-Bagginses would not be pleased of course, but their opinion doesn't matter anyway.  Most of Hobbiton would think we were odd - a bit too Tookish altogether to be honest - but they would keep their thoughts to themselves because our food and our courtesies would be so fine and so polite that all the Hobbits would want to be in good standing with us (except the Sackville Bagginses)

I would be the Hobbit no one would quite expect, nor no what to make of. The type of Hobbit who loves to read as much as the next person but doesn't much like sitting still and who acts respectable for her family, but is just the sort who would run off on an adventure at the drop of a hat. Most others hobbits would whisper about me behind their backs, talk about my queer family and how reckless I was - darn near unnatural for a Hobbit! Everyone would wonder about me but not many would really dislike me, and all would know how much I loved tea and reading and especially writing. "Ink all over the hands, papers stuck to tables and chairs. What a Hobbit. What a Hobbit...."

I have fantasies about my life in the Shire. Don't judge me.

I'm am fire. I am deeeeeeeeath!

That is my statement! Until tomorrow losers!

now you mean that you want to get rid of me, and that it won't be good till I move off.


*slides off car*


  1. I must needs second you there.... I have always wanted to live in a lovely little hobbit hole in the Shire.

    My hole would be underneath a hill with a lovely tree on the top of said hill--a tree that is tall enough to climb and see the world from its boughs. And it has a swing, of course.

    My hole has a red-brown door with a gold handle. The garden is lovely and well-tended by a faithful gardener--plenty of flowers. And there is a little porch where I can sit and read or good morning unruly wizards.

    Inside is roomy and cozy, with at least two guest rooms so I can have people over. The pantry's always well stocked, in case a troupe of dwarves should stop by.

    No, Bella, I don't judge you. XD

    1. Your hobbit hole sounds lovely. Could I be one of the guests that stop by for afternoons and weekends?

  2. And if Rivendell didn't work, I'd gladly move to the Shire. They practically tied - but Rivendell was quieter and easier to be alone in...

    1. That's true. You can find nice places to hide in Rivendell, whereas in Hobbiton you have to be very clever about where you go if you don't want to be found. Its a dangerous business walking out your front door....

    2. Quite right - In Rivendell, it's a touch harder to get swept off by the path since it's VERY hard to find...


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