Thursday, February 26, 2015

In which I host an Interview!

I'm only here for a quick minute. I'm going to interview a friend of mine, Evy, who is a writer like me and has a brilliant book about tombs and adventurers that she is working on. I have to say I am very excited about this book. I started it yesterday and it is a lot of fun!! It's really light and an easy read and it kind of reminds me of Tin-Tin or something similar to that. I would highly recommend you go check out said friend's blog. HERE and find out all you can about it. It would be very worth it. I swears. Go do it.

You've been commanded by Tom Hiddleston

I now welcome Evy Cartyr to the scene!!! *Pulls up chair* Thank you for joining me today Evy! Get comfortable, its time for your interrogation.

When did you first get the idea for your book?
I believe I first got the idea when I watched Indiana Jones and Johnny Quest. I fell in love with wild adventure stories, a love which grew when I read The Cooper Kids and saw The Mummy. I wanted to write my own adventure story, which turned into the Adventure into the Unknown series.
What kind of book is it?

Trouble in the Tomb, as well as the other books in the series, are kid's adventure books.

What time-frame/world is your book set in?
The time frame is...modern. Now? I mean, it is set in the 2000's. And it is set in our world.

Who are your main characters and how old are they?

I have three main characters. Nate and Jessie are the two real main ones though. They are brother and sister, and Nate is 19 and Jessie 13. The other main one is Jeremy, Nate's best friend. He is 25.
Which character is your favorite?

That is hard. I shouldn't answer this probably, for fear of angering the others, and I do love them all...but I am especially attached to Nate. He has always been a favorite.

How is this book different from other books you've written?

It focuses on siblings.

How is it similar?

 It has a lot dangerous adventures.

Would you say your book was a comedy? And Adventure? A drama?
An adventure, with humor in it.

Is it more of a romance story or a friendships story?

Friendships. It has a small romance through it, but it is more friendships.

How big of a book is it?

191 pages. So...average maybe?

Are there super evil/snarky/cynical villains in it?

Not really evil, more snarky I guess. He is going to be the archenemy kind of villain.

Are there super epic/funny/wonderful heroes in it?

 I certainly hope so. (I think Nate is pretty epic and wonderful, but again, I hold a special spot in my heart for him.)

Is it a heavy read? A light read?

Light. I believe it is light.

What is something about this book that you would especially like to share?

I'm not sure about this one. Maybe...I hope those who read it will enjoy it! How is that?

 Thank you again, Evy Cartyr, for taking time to talk to me today. As for the rest of you, You can find out more about Trouble in the Tomb and all of Evy's work by visiting her blog, Wonderful Things. Go my minions!!!!


*slides off car*

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