Thursday, January 29, 2015

LOTR and a bunch of writing stuff

We finished our Lord of the Rings Marathon last night.

I feel all hollow inside. Hollow and tired. I suppose this is only to be expected when you cry for four hours straight and don't get to bed until after midnight.

Lord of the Rings is so brilliant. I love everything about it. It is beautiful and terrible and happy and sad and epic and devastating all at the same time, and I always take away something new. I can't wait for my blog party when I can dump my feels on you. (And trust me. There will be FEELS)

For now I'm going to just talk about Splintered Courage.

Guys, I have a lot of work to do. I love writing stories and I always have. It isn't hard for me to write books, I can do it fairly fast. It's the editing that kills me. I always shirk away from it. It freaks me out and usually when I re-open stories I freak out and decide they are awful. With Splintered Courage I re-opened it and at first all I wanted to do was cry. There was so much about it that was just wrong. I had plot jumps. It didn't flow very well. You don't know much backstory of any of the characters. (Well, I do, but the reader wouldn't.) I did too much telling and not enough showing and my whole beginning needed to be torn apart and all the paragraphs summarizing past events had to be broken down into chapters.

It was kind of overwhelming. I closed the document and pretended it didn't exist. I lost the motivation to work on Broken Trust, which is why it is still only half done.

A few days ago I opened my document again. I got up the courage and I started editing. I went back and started Chapter one earlier on in the storyline. This means I get to work on Dimitri and Nightly and the Rebellion and the whole incident with Liam.


It's really weird working on stories after you've let them rest for a bit. I've started noticing a lot of stuff about my writing that freaks me out. I have the same fears with acting as I do with writing. I don't want to be flat. FLAT IS NOT GOOD. I want to bring my characters to life, and I feel like I'm not doing them justice. So I'm taking my time with the editing process and its going to take some time. This means that, while I am still working on The Baxters, they are going to take a little longer to write out then I originally thought.

I know I have a couple people reading my books. I am still looking for other beta readers also. If I get five or more volunteers I will look into publishers and marketing.



Can you do acting and writing??? Is that too crazy???

I'm getting tired and this post is really random.

Spread the word about my LOTR Blog party! It's starts Monday! I will post the Rules on Sunday!!


*slides off car*



    I dunno. It sounds fun. Would you mind terribly? :D Also, I am so in on this LOTR blog party. It sounds so fun, and considering I've never done one before, I thought I'd try it out. Whoo!
    The thought of even just WRITING my book terrifies me, let alone editing.... It's sounds like scary stuff. o__o Speaking of which, I have so much stuff to do. I really need to get it done. SO, if you want me to be a beta reader that'd be fun. Just let me knooow. :D Good luck editing!

    1. YOU VOLUNTEER!!! YOU VOLUNTEER AS BETA READER!!! lol. Thank you. That's... four people. That's good. I'm excited. YES OF COURSE YOU CAN BE IN MY BLOG PARTY!!!!!! 8-)

    2. *cough* I totally failed on joining in on that LOTR blog party... *cough cough* That's awkward. BUT. It was a lot of fun reading all of the posts. :D

  2. Editing is freaky. Which is why I've never done it yet. ;-P Anyway, keep plugging away at's woooorth it! I know it is because books are worth it you know.

    Excited for LOTR feels....wait, am I really saying I'm excited for feels? Honestly, at this point, I'm full of Ninjago feels! :-O


      You know, you can guest post on my blog during the party, if you want. I'm going to have Guest Posting open. That way non-bloggers can join in too


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