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Introducing the Baxters



Yes, it's true. I finished A Conspiracy of Thrones just a few days ago and I am looking for beta readers!

*Cue panic attack*

I figure if I can get four or five people to look at my book for me then maybe I can get some feedback, do some editing and try actually publishing the thing.

Did I just say that? Publishing??


*clears throat* anywaaaaaaaaaaaay. If there is anyone who would like to be my beta reader I would be so very, VERY grateful. It would mean a lot to me. Just leave a nice friendly comment. I love comments. 8-)



So today I'm going to introduce The Baxters.

The Baxters are very special to me. I have always wanted to write a story about family. It's been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I was ten I had several short stories about a great big family with a bunch of kids and I used to tell them to my sisters every night. They were fun stories. Lately, however, my need for a family story has gotten almost unquenchable. (HENCE RAVEN BOYS!) A few months ago I started writing up an outline for this family story I really, really wanted to write. It started out pretty simple but over time it has developed an actual plot. It is a little complicating but I'll try to be as clear as possible.

The story is set in our time frame in our world. Bri Baxter is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her three brothers in a great big house left to her family by some great aunt or an uncle or foster parent of a cousin's niece once removed... no one quite remembers how. The Baxters aren't a huge family but there are always a lot of people running around the house, because Mrs. Baxter let's a bunch of kids take her home as a place of refuge. Refuge is often needed among their kind.

The Baxters aren't a normal family. They are what some people would call Gifted, and others Cursed, and all would call dangerous. Among their kind they are simply called Elite. They Elite are a group of extremely talented humans who have the ability to do things no one else can. They are born with more brain capacity then the average human so they are able to 'bend' certain laws of physics and matter to their will. Some call it magic. Some call it sorcery. The truth is, it is neither but almost a combination of both. The Elite can channel certain levels of energy that are already in the air that normal humans simply can't process. They can make and break things of matter. They can shape waves.

There are many different types of Elite, each with different skill types. Different Elites channel into different energy readings and their brain responds differently as such. Because of this, the Elite have been separated into several different groups or Rodzina. The Rodzina act as a big Family. They are very loyal to each other and tend to have each others backs whenever it is really necessary. Most of them do this anyway. Some of the more dangerous ones act more like big city mobs. You stick together you STAY LOYAL or you get cut. 

Yeah. There are a couple extremists out there. 

The Rodzina are not close-knit at all times. It is just something you belong to, like a race or a heritage. You honor that and you respect it and everyone goes home happy. The Rodzina try to hide in the shadows, posing as normal humans to the outside world. Most of them don't mind the hiding - they prefer to not be well known. Some of the higher ones though, they are rebels. Always have been. They don't like hiding and they never have. They crave to come out into the open. 

The Baxters belong to a simple Rodzina. Their Rodzina all keep to themselves and are very peaceful and quiet, They're mostly healers and things of that sort and its easy for them to keep a low profile. 

There are six actual Baxters. Maggie Baxter, otherwise known as "The Missus" and her husband Damion Baxter (known as Damion) Then There is Sam Baxter who is twenty-four, Nick Baxter who is twenty, Bri Baxter who is Seventeen and Charlie Baxter who is twelve. There is also a Matt. Matt is an interesting story. I love Matt. Matt is nineteen and adorable and I love him. He is a Shifter. He is super cool. 

They all live in this big house, and Mrs. Baxter has a lot of room so she'll let the neighborhood kids come in and sleep whenever they need to. She takes anyone without a home, people who have been rejected by a Rodzina or who have just been accepted into one, or people who don't quite qualify as 'Elite' but should. Like R.E. Charlie's best friend. 

R.E. is... He is just.... He's kind of a dork. But he's a lovable dork. 

Then we have Jessica. Jessica is not a Baxter. But she is the reason there is a story. Jessisca is hit by the Baxter's car one night, and she is knocked unconscious. And when she wakes up there are patches of her memory just missing. whole weeks and months of her life. Certain names and faces. As if someone went through her brain and gently plucked just the things he didn't want her to know anymore. The Baxters help her find out who she is. And that is when the story really begins.

I realized how long this post was. I further realize I haven't really given you a plot, but I introduced my story, so think of this as the sneak preview. You'll be getting more probably. Maybe pictures. Maybe snippets. It depends on how fast I can get this thing plotted.

Who wants to be my beta readers????


*slides off car*



  1. I'm kind of beta reading right now (EEEEE SO GOOD GUYS YOU SHOULD ALL BETA READ, SERIOUSLY JUMP AT THIS CHANCE!), so I shall not say that I want to. XD




    And R.E. is a GREAT NAME. I LOVE IT.

    It sounds so good! WRITE IT ALREADY! ;-)

    1. LOL. You are the sweetest person ever. Thank you so much. :) You can be a beta reader for them to .... when I finish it

  2. Im like loving the story!!! Is like awesome!! Im not sure what a beta reader is but I so like love to read when I get the time!!

    1. A beta reader is basically someone who will take the time to read your book and then give you a general review of it and tell you what they noticed liked or did't like... its pretty simple. So yeah if you want to do that I would be super grateful :D


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