Saturday, January 31, 2015



This weekend I an on a mini-vacation. My bestest friend went out of town and asked me to look after their house, so I've been sleeping over at her place.

I brought my sister, because sisters always make things better.

WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! Last night we made this FAbulous coffees with their Fabulous coffee maker and we had chocolate and stayed up past midnight doing whatever we want. Like writing. And shouting. And listening to loud music. And watching Flashpoint and having a Grimm marathon. BECAUSE. GRIMM. - on this note, Grimm is making me very fangirly right now. I keep screaming and yelping and shouting and grinning. I love Season 3. It is so good. I love how interesting the characters are. I love the stories. I love the plots. I love the friendships. I love Monroe. I love Rosalee and Juliette. I even love strange little Woo. And I really, really love Nick. NICK IS A BADAPPLE.

Me watching Grimm

I. Slept. In. Past eight!!!! And then I made scones and had breakfast in my pajamas.


It is just soooooo much fun to do whatever you want.

I need more weekends like this.

Guys, I really hate editing so I've taken a BREAK.

I'm vacation! Don't judge me!


Tomorrow I am going to post the Rules for my Lord of the Rings Blog party. NOTICE!!!!! You can participate even if you don't have a blog! You can guest post on mine. I know right? Shocking! You can write it out via email, or write it out over on END OF THE LINE and I will publish it (or it's link!) here. Just write me and tell me what you want to do, I WILL MAKE IT WORK. bellawriter98 ( )

Okay, I'm gonna go now.  *waves* Blog party soon! spread the word! PEACE OUT LOSERS!!!

*slides off car*


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  1. Wow, sounds fun.

    But seriously? 8? That's it? Haven't you ever slept in till 1:00pm? ;-P I slept in till at least noon the night we stayed up past midnight watching Pride & Prejudice.

    I miiiiiiiight do a post for the LOTR week. We'll see how it goes. It would be fun but I need inspiration. XD


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