Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4th

I am the queen of Better-late-than-never

as you can see it is NOT November 1st which was the first day of NaNoWriMo and the day I was going to post about my book. But it is still the beginning of November and I decided I'm going to share my plot with you anyway.

My NaNo story is going to be the first of a Trilogy. I am still playing around with names but right now my working title for said Trilogy is The Conspiracy of Thrones. I'm not sure what I'm naming Book One at the moment. I've stuck a few different titles on it but none of them seem to work so right now I'm just calling it Book One - Death.

On November 6th, 1940 Alex Gregory was meant to die.

On November 7th, 1940 Alex Gregory woke up. He witness a morning he never should have seen.

Okay so... Plot!!!!

This story takes place in an AU world which is almost exactly like ours except in this world creatures like the Demigods are actually real. It is the year before WWII and Alex Gregory is a sixteen year-old boy living in an America. On the sixth of November he has an accident and he was supposed to die in the hospital room. But he doesn't. He wakes up. And that is when everything changes. Soon Alex realizes just how serious his 'being alive' really is. He wasn't supposed to survive. Now the balance of the world has tipped and Death demands his life. Literally. Death is coming for him. And no one ever escapes Death, not really. It is a hunt. But as Alex runs from his nightmares and, with help from his friend Sean, tries to piece together the puzzle of his fate, the War that was once so far off starts it's break through the border.This is no ordinary War. Alex is about to find out that this War is not just between men. It is a War that stretches back into the dawn of time with beings far greater than humanity. And he is the only one who can stop it. 

Time for applause you guys!

I'm not sure if that plot was very clear or not. Basically it is the year before the bombing at Pearl Harbor and no one is quite sure which way the war is going to go. This story is based VERY ROUGHLY on WWII. It is like a parallel WWII but it isn't going to be exactly the same. I'm just basing my events on some of the things that happened. My world isn't exactly Earth either. It is like earth if Earth had demigods and beings of great power and Death looks like a little boy with grey eyes.

The Thrones are Ancient Beings who were created at the Dawn of Time to protect the Virtue in the World. They were supposed to be the guardians of goodness and each one was given a certain element which they were supposed to protect.

Some of the Thrones abused their gifts. These Thrones poisoned the Virtue and turned it into Vice. These Thrones gained control of evil, each one holding the reigns of a certain Vice. This means that each Virtue has it's opposite Vice. There are Six main Virtues. Hope. Courage. Love. Love. Humility. Faith. And then there are Six main Vice. Pride. Fear. Spite. Rage. Despair. Deceit.

Destruction is the Throne who defied the Creator and tried to take the world for his own and tear it down to make it something it wasn't. Destruction is the beginning of Vice.

The Creator is not a Throne. He is greater than any Throne or Power and he is far greater than Man. He is the beginning of all things.

In my world not everyone believes in the Thrones. Most people don't even remember they exist. They belong in fairytales or on paper with the rest of that evil. but there are still some who remember the Thrones. They remember the first fight at the beginning of the world  and how he was beaten for centuries until finally he was able to rise up with the WWI and was barely stopped. And now he is rising again, and it hasn't been nearly long enough. Destruction is strong. They will need a hero to stop him. They will search the whole world for that one special person. 

And they will find him. 

 Sooooooooooo yeah. I'm rambling now. Be kind. I'm tired and it's late and I did too much school today. I've also done too much write because I missed had a bad first day of NaNo and day two was just... not. So I've been catching up. 


I should wind this post up before I start babbling again but before I go I'm going to share a picture of me in all my Halloween Epicness

I was an amazing Bucky. 

Just look at that arm. It is so cool. And it was so much fun to wear. And I loved it. I stalked about glaring at people and saying "But I knew him" all sad like. But mostly I just stood in the center of the room looking up from under my bangs and being menacing. 

it was fun to be menacing. 

Halloween is just fun. I like Halloween. I like helping the little girls dress up and I like that for one night in the year you can be as weird as you want and no one is going to think twice. You could be groceries as a penguin in a snow coat and no one would care. I like carving pumpkins and smelling caramel corn and okay, what other day of the year can you get so much free candy just by knocking on someones door and saying a fancy little kids rhyme? 

And then of course there are the corny cartoons and The Night on Bald Mountain which is a must and staying up too late and keeping your costume on as long as possible Because Halloween.

Halloween is fun!! I mean sure it has it's down points but It's fun. 

You know what else is fun? Falling-Back. I thought it was super late but then I realized it wasn't and I felt super happy because Fall-Back means this won't be an Almost-Wednesday post and that is nice. 

Real quick, is anyone interested in doing a NaNo Blog party at the half-way point? does that sound like fun? 


*slides off car*



  1. I love your idea! I especially like the concept behind the Thrones and how they are meant to protect the Virtues, and then there's Vices. That is so cool! I hope your NaNo goes well!

    1. thank you that is a very sweet thing to say! 8-) Are you doing NaNo?


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