Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the Third

Lalala Weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!!! Don't you love weekends?? I know, they are so awesome!! Too bad you only get one a week. you should have two or three. One work day six blank days. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? Yeah, I thought so too.

Why am I not president yet?

Today is the last day of my fun little NaNo party and it is a day you can do basically anything on. You can post snippets or quotes. You can talk about inspirations or your general writing experience. You can post pictures or Book covers or do interviews: basically you can do anything, anything at all! I'm going to post a few quotes from my book, ones that are my special favorites. It should be fun.

Also, I do have another Blog which I share with my space adventurer. It ... uhm... We tend to forget about the Dear Little Thing so we don't have much on it yet. But I'm going to try to be better about posting on it and reminding you all to check it out. Jim and I will probably post over there at least before the end of the Month... at least I will. So stay alert 8-)


  "Reapers don't exist, wise guy.”
“Maybe not,” said Sean, “but that's what this sounds like.”
“Since when are you a Reper expert?”

“Since I've read every Grimm fairytale that's ever existed.”

 “You're still on the mend you know,” said Sean.
“I'll be fine,” Alex promised. “You worry too much.”
“I know,” said Sean

 “I'm ready to go now. That is if you and the wall are finished bonding.”

"This is real. I wonder if that means there's a chance for Santa Clause."

"I'm older than you." 
"Only by 36 minutes." 

 “Orange juice,” he said happily. “We have orange juice!”  

 “It builds character. It isn't like my face has much going for it anyway.”
 “How about your lip?” 
“That builds character too,”

Last but not least the bit I've written as of right now. 

 “I don't know.” he said finally. I'm just not sure."
“I do. I think... I know it sounds crazy but I think I am.
"Sure." Sean lifted the book and held it out in front of him so that the pages were open toward Alex.   


So it ends.

ONE LAST THING!! Today pick one word that best sums up your Main character, your side character and your antagonist. (Separately of course. Not one word for all three.)

Alex: Funny

Sean: Sweet

Death: Resilient.

*slides off car*



  1. We like your quotes - all of us. Me and Sammy and Clara. They are nice quotes. And funny. And we want Jack to read us this book. Would you be sad if she read it to us when you sent it to her?

    1. No I would not be sad, and i hope she will read it to you! It would be fun I think 8-) I missed you John. Thanks for stopping by


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