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NaNo Blog Party: Day the First


Hi guys! Today is Day One of the three-day NaNo-blog party. Today we are going to start with introducing your world. You start off with a plot and the main sketch of it all. Tell us the time-frame of your book, where it is set (a fantasy world, a fictional world, a separate planet, or an Alternate Universe.... whatever) what kind of creatures/people liver there and what inspired your world. You can pretty much embellish on this topic as much as you like; you can go into detail and share history and locations and exact dates and times - you can do as much or as little as you want! Just have fun. That is my only rule. Have fun.

Pinkie Pie

I've already told you my plot once, but I'll do it again just to cover all my base.

It is the year before WWII and Alex Gregory is a sixteen year old boy living in an America. On the sixth of November he has an accident and he was supposed to die in the hospital room. But he doesn't. He wakes up. And that is when everything changes. Soon Alex realizes just how serious his 'being alive' really is. He wasn't supposed to survive. Now the balance of the world has tipped and Death demands his life. Literally. Death is coming for him. And no one ever escapes Death, not really. It is a hunt. But as Alex runs from his nightmares and, with help from his friend Sean, tries to piece together the puzzle of his fate, the War that was once so far off starts it's break through the border.This is no ordinary War. Alex is about to find out that this War is not just between men. It is a War that stretches back into the dawn of time with beings far greater than humanity. And he is the only one who can stop it. 

My story is set on Earth, but no Earth as we know  it. This is almost like a parallel Earth. Call it an AU Earth if you want. Everything on this earth is almost exactly like ours, except in this world Demigods are real. The War that is about to happen is based very roughly on the WWII of our world.

Okay, they aren't so much demigods but they are the next closest thing. My creatures are called The Thrones and they were created at the very beginning of the world shortly after the battle of Angels when the bad Angels fell. The Thrones were created in order to protect and guard the virtue in the world God was creating. They were each given power over virtue in the same way humans are given power over music, writing or dance. They were charged with guarding the virtue, especially the virtue in children. Some of the Thrones violated their powers. They were corrupted by the Devils and his followers. Their corruption poisoned the Virtues they were supposed to protect and created Vice. These Thrones became known as the Tempest. Every Throne has it's Tempest. Love has Hate. Peace has Rage, also known as War. Charity has Spite.

The Thrones and the Tempest only have power in so much as the humans yield it. This means that in times of war or revolution or great sin, the Tempest are more powerful than the Thrones.

The Thrones and the Tempest have their own Kingdom in much the same way Demigods would.

Basis of a Throne

Most humans don't know Thrones and Tempests exist. Most of the old stories about them have become just that; stories. They're legends and fairy tales. They're not real. There aren't many that even remember anything about them. But there are a few, a very, very few who still remember the ancient times and the history of those years. There are those who remember when The Thrones and Tempest taught together during the Fall of Rome.These men are called the Ancients .

Like in Greek mythology, every time the Tempests rise to power there has to be a hero, someone who stands out from all the rest, who defeat them and send them back where they belong. That is how it is has always been. So the Ancients starts a revolt, or a resistance against the upcoming war and several of them set out to find the one person who can be there hero against the Tempests.

That is how Alex figures into everything.

So that is my general set up for my story. I still have a LOT of world building to do and I'm still playing around with ideas, so this some of this could change as my story progresses.



*Clears throat*

The song that inspired me to write this story .... well there were several, but I'll do the one that inspired me to write Alex and Sean.

When I first heard this song I fell in love with the lyrics and I got this idea for these best friends that went up against Death himself and somehow ended up winning. I love the refrain and I think it fits the essence of my story pretty well.

Tomorrow there is going to be a tag and an introduction of characters. Stay tuned! Peace out Y'all!!

*slides off car*



  1. I find your story idea VERY intriguing. I would probably read it were I to happen across it.

    My NaNo is the story of two teens, Clara and Andrew, who get pulled into another world and are declared the Water Princess and Fire Prince (hence the title: WATER PRINCESS, FIRE PRINCE) and that they're the prophesied heroes who will defeat the Lady Dragon, a terrible girl who's thousands of years old and capable of turning herself into a dragon (hence her name).

    The world, Rizkaland, was initially inspired by Narnia, and I've been building it almost since the first of the new movies came out (So ... we're talking about seven or eight years here, at least). It's a medieval fantasy world, though the main characters are pulled from modern day.

    I have a post on my blog here, about the world building. It's a bit long, but again, I have a lot of time invested into it. This book is set about about a thousand years into the world's history, on the island of Klarand.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! It's nice my story sounds so good 8-) I'll have to pop over and check out your post.

  2. You've put so much work into this! Good for you!

  3. Replies
    1. hehe, thank you my Jim, for both comments. That was very nice of you 8-) this book makes me nervous. I HAVE NERVES


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