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The Pro's and Cons of being a Homeschooler

Mean Girls

I've come to the conclusion that there are many ups and downs to being a homeschooler. So today I'm going to do something fun and post all the pros and cons of Homeschooling from my experience. *rubs hands* If any Non-Homeschoolers are reading this, just bear with me, Okay?

Eleventh Doctor

PRO: You get to do school at home.
CON: You get pretty tired of your dining room table pretty fast.
PRO: You are never in school for more than a few hours because you never have breaks
CON: You think being in school until 2:00 completely takes away your day.
PRO: You're out of school before any one else in the neighborhood because you don't have random snow days or holidays. Ever.
CON: You never have snow days or Holidays.
PRO: All of your classmates, teachers and principles are family.
CON: All of your classmates teachers and principles are family.
PRO: You can do school whenever you want. You could start at 6:00 AM and no one would mind! (though who does that? Honestly.)
CON: Sometimes this means working on weekends..... yeah.
PRO: You can double up so your family can take a day off for field trips or shopping or picnicking.
CON: You can never call in sick for school. Ever. Unless you have, like, the flu. Then please, do math in bed.
PRO: You get to tell people you're homeschooled and watch their faces.
CON: You have to answer publicschoolers questions. (Are you allowed to listen to music??)
PRO: You can use cassette players and listen to the old radio shows and no one will judge.
CON: Actually, yeah, there's the judge-y but you can just toss your head and say, “Hey, I'm homeschooled.” and they'll leave you alone. But they might laugh.
PRO: You can read more books in a week than most publicschoolers do in a month, or even a year
PRO: We tend to be geeks
CON: Not everyone likes Geeks. but oh well, sucks for them. 
CON: Publicschoolers can be super rude.
PRO: But it's all cool, I'm pretty sure they're just jealous.
CON: Jealous people love to hate.
PRO: You don't have to leave the comfort of your bedroom (or your pajamas) to do school
CON: Well I have to change my pajamas but I can stay in my room.
PRO: On the last day of 12th grade I'm doing school in my PJ's. Because why has everyone done that but me??
CON: Doing school while the kids outside get to sled. What is with that?
PRO: You have some of the greatest friends ever, and they're all homeschooled too.
CON: You have no idea how regular schools works.
PRO: That last CON is more like a PRO but I'm running out of CON's.
CONS: “What's an Iphone?”
PRO: A childhood without technology. Seriously. I can't thank my parents enough for giving me that. (Does that make the other CON a PRO too?)
PRO: Game nights.
CON: Candy Land. (I'm getting desperate with Cons here.)
PRO: Family outings.
CON: ….. Diagramming.
PRO: Seriously some of the greatest field trips ever.
CON: never eating out.
PRO: You get all home cooked meals and they're the best anyway.
CON: You don't get to have Soda.
PRO: But who likes Soda all that much anyway? Okay, cancel that last CON. Soda is only good on occasion.
CON: Okay. I've got nothing.
PRO: The PRO's far out way the CON's.

Blimey Cow
TADA!!!! I hope you all enjoyed that!! Oh and I've decided to save my Tolkien post until November because my family is going to do an LOTR Marathon and I want to save it for that weekend.... maybe even do a blog part! (haha!) So.... yeah. Sorry. It's been mad here. I hate being the oldest at home. It really sucks. On the upside I am LOVING my research paper!!


*Slides off car*



  1. Woooooooow! This is SO interesting! as a member of school I have always wanted to be homeschooled. Wonderful post! XD

    1. I love being homeschooled, it's amazing :-) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I loved being homeschooled. It is the most awesome.

    I might do NaNo (HAHA). I may just edit Dragon. :D

    1. You need to send me your newest Dragon when you are done, even if It is just Book One updated. I could do with a dragon fix

  3. "You think being in school until 2:00 completely takes away your day." PUBLICSCHOOLER HERE NOT IMPRESSED.

    Aside from that, this is so interesting! Personally, I would get super sick of my parents as teachers, but I have thought it might be fun to cut the travelling and uniform etc. I don't know. I wonder if I'd be very different person from being homeschooled? I guess it has to have some effect on you, whether you have lessons in your own home or whether you spend five days a week surrounded by 1000 other pupils, like I do ...

    1. ehehehe. My mom is really the teacher, not my dad. Mostly if I need help from someone else I'll call a sister or a brother and they'll swing by to look at stuff for me so it's pretty nice. Though sometimes you just want to run into a room and lock the door and tell everyone to stay away from you.... lol 8-)

  4. I love Smallville and it's definitely one of my favorite shows! Jensen Ackles was only in one season and he was really good, but I hated what they did to his character! You would probably like Smallville, with your love of superheros, sci-fi, and general geekery and especially if you love Merlin; actually when Merlin premiered it was called the 'British equivalent to Smallville' and once you watch the show, you can see many storyline similarities.

    I was just thinking the other day at how long it's been since we've talked! I've been busy with school too. Well...I was afraid that maybe you were staying away from me, because the last time we talked it was about how I started watching Supernatural and you expressed your concerns about it, which is totally fine! I wrote you a long comment about the show and thanking you for your concern, but it was never published, so I wasn't sure if I offended you...if I did, I am sorry! I meant no offense at all. I really love Supernatural, though! I'm at the beginning of Season 3 and Sam Winchester is by far my favorite character!

    Ok, this comment is really long, so I'm going to stop!

    1. Hello Ivy! No of course you didn't offend me! I just thought you wanted the comment to stay between you and me so I didn't publish it. 8-D I am glad you like SPN.... even though its awful 8-P Sam and Dean are awesome and I love them so I can't really stop, though right now I'm watching S10 as it airs and it is SUPER painful. I never realized it would get this bad. Ever. I wouldn't have started if I had. The pain.... *sobs* Ehehe. I'm a Sam-girl too. He is so amazing!!!! I love Dean too though. I love him tons. He is .... just awesome.I love how big brotherly he is 8-)

      Yeah, I found out they ruined Jensen's character and that is why I didn't watch Smallville. I didn't want to see that! lol.

      Tell me how you feel about the S3 finale!


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