Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm sick. And I didn't do my Tolkien post.


Last week was Tolkien week and I had every intention to write a whole post dedicated to Lord of the Rings and Tolkien in general. It was going to be glorious! Full of fangirl bliss!! Many gifs and feeeeeels!!! But now it's Tuesday. Tolkien week has slipped by and I did nothing. I suppose I do have an excuse. First, I got sick and I felt too tired and too cranky to write period. (not even in my stories) Second, I was trying to wait for the Tolkien Tag one of my sisters was working on. She didn't finish it in time and now I feel sad. I'm a terrible Tolkien-Girl. *hangs head* I still plan to do the Tolkien Tag once it is done but I really can't post tonight. I'm too tired and I feel funny and my head hurts.

I'm also suffering feels from several different books, one of which I've seen a spoiler to and now feel sick about finishing. It's going to hurt you guys. It's going to hurt bad.

OH AND I HATE ANTHONY HORWITZ. JUST FYI! HE HAS AN EVIL LITTLE MIND! Prepare yourselves, because I'm probably going to do a screaming post when I finish this series. I have a little more than two books left. There is so much pain to come. So. Much. Pain. I'm scared.

Why do I always get sick the minute I sign up for Singing class? Why can't it happen before or after? It's kind of hard to sing when you have a sore throat you guys. And I have a private lesson tomorrow. Yeah. *le sigh*

I'm actually excited, I love private lessons because I have the nicest singing teacher in the world, I swear. He is so sweet. And he is adorable and funny and he makes me laugh. He makes you WANT to sing, and somehow you don't feel afraid doing it for him: he's just so happy to see you. You don't want to disappoint him. I'm just sad I have to be sick for my first one. It makes me sad.

I''ll be back soon with a Tolkien Post! I swear!!! Until then - PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!

*slides off car*



  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you have been unwell! that is not fun, I have sung before with a sore throat and it is paaaaaainffffullllll! :( Your music teacher sounds pretty fun too, I have one like that, he is so inspiring and funny. Aren't they the best? :)
    Hope you feel better soon :)

    1. Nice singing teachers are the best. Seriously. I love them. ANd mine is a sweetheart. But being sick is no fun, especially when you're taking a singing class *sigh*

      Thanks for commenting

  2. It does seem to be like clockwork, doesn't it? Singing class!....Cold. Every time. "I've been there!" :) I hope you feel good enough to sing today. Just do lots of warm ups. :)

    Don't feel about about Tolkien week. If you try hard enough and believe in yourself, every week can be Tolkien week!

    1. I was able to sing.... though I couldn't do the sirens very well 8-( that was sad.

      what are you, yoda? lol. "Tolkien this week shall be!"

  3. Aww, that's crummy! I don't take singing lessons, but I completely lost my voice the day before a show, so I can feel your pain. Drink ALL the tea!!

    Ooh, a Tolkien post! That's a great idea! To be honest, after Bilbo and Frodo's birthday, I completely forgot about Tolkien week, so I suppose that makes me a bad Ringer too. xD

    Hope you're feeling better today!! :)

    1. TEA IS SO YUMMY!!!!! lol.

      When I do a Tolkien post I'll tag you. okay?? Cause I miss you when you don't blog


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