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"Hear that? That's the Maze Changing."


A few weeks I saw The Maze Runner Trailer. And I remember thinking, "Oh yeah. That thing. That's a book." I'd seen it in the library, and I remembered wanting to check it out but never actually getting around to it. Either I didn't have my card or only book two was on the shelf or we were in and out too quickly to get anything. But then my friend checked out the first book and started shouting at me, so I ran to the library to check it out too. Unfortunately it wasn't there. I put in on hold but the hold list was really, really long. So it seemed I was in for a bit of a wait. Which sucks cause this trilogy had friendships and I WANTED it. Then the movie came out in theaters and my brother invited me out to see it with him and some of my sisters. The book still hadn't come in but I really wanted to see the movie so I decided just this once I could cheat and watch the movie before reading the book.

I took the invite.


Just in case, this might have some spoilers. So be careful reading okay? Okay. Good.

Thomas wakes up in a large glade filled with dozens of other boys, all sharing one thing in common. They all were sent up to The Glade in the metal box with no memories and no identity, The boys are sent up one after the other once a month, like clockwork. The only thing they are able too keep after waking is their name. Nothing else. Surrounding The Glade is the giant Maze, boxing the children in like a prison. The only way out of the Glade is through the Maze and it is unspeakably dangerous. It's patterns changes every night and it is infested with the creatures called Grievers. No one has ever faced one and lived to tell about it and those who get stung by one lose their mind and slowly die. It's quite awful. No one goes into the Maze except the Runners, two of the best boys who have taken it on themselves to run the maze by day and attempt to memorize its patterns and find a way out. Meanwhile in The Glade the boys have made a type of community. They grown their own food and make their own homes. The box coming up every month provides the supplies they can't grow or build themselves, like clothes and seeds and such like.

That is until Thomas. He is determined to find a way out of the Glade, even if it means becoming a Runner himself and risking the dangers of the Grievers to find his freedom. But the moment Thomas ventures into the Maze is the moment that everything changes. Suddenly the boys start getting attacked by Grievers during the day. The Maze is changing irregularly. Boys start getting hurt. And then a girl is sent up in the box instead of a boy with a note saying "She is the last one ever."

Very quickly after the dangers of the Maze escalate and getting out of The Glade and escaping becomes the top priority.

JUST WOW!!! Okay! Let me just say this. The whole movie can be summed up in four gifs.




The story doesn't take any time getting started. You are thrown into the action almost immediately and from the moment you hear, "Day one Greenie...." you are hooked. At first it is  a little disconcerting because The Glade seems so calm, so peaceful. It's disturbing to have something like organized in a place that is surrounded by something so dangerous. You feel like there HAS to be a catch, some kind of price for this quiet little world. And then the Maze starts changing it's rules and chaos starts bleeding through. And then fear. And suddenly the nice Quiet Glade isn't so Nice anymore. And then of course there is the Maze itself. That thing is freakin' TERRIFYING and Thomas being a Runner does nothing for your nerves. There are small, odd moments of calm in the odd, disconcerting Glade, and then you are running through the Maze, being chased by Greavers. Greavers are so awful! They are like these giant metal spiders/scorpions THINGS and they are just awful!!!! They are as bad as Shelob. And there are way more than one. So you spend three quarters of the movie in a perpetual state of panic. It is so intense you guys! I was shocked at how many times I jumped and flailed in my seat. I kept grabbing at Tiny and she would smack me. Especially if I got too fangirly.


Thomas was brilliant. I loved him instantly. And not just because of his looks. (dat face doe....) He was a really good character. You don't know much about him but you can't help but like him right off. He's reserved and keeps to himself but he can open up when he feels strongly about something. He doesn't let people push him around. He's curious and stubborn. He's loyal. He's a good friend. He's very brave (or very stupid) and does ridiculous, heroic things. He's a leader. He's a rebel. He's a fighter. And I loved that about him. I was very attached very quickly. This happens to me a lot.


As for the side characters, they were also pretty good. Some of them you didn't get long enough to really have a connection to them, but the main side characters were incredibly likable. There were two in particular that I really liked. One was Chuck who became like a little brother to Thomas, and the other was Newt. I LOVED NEWT. Newt was one of the characters you don't get a lot of but you can't help but see him whenever he is around. He is super cute. He keeps everyone together and always tries to smooth things over and make the best of a bad situation. He thinks the best of people, and he trusts Thomas when no one else will. He is one of the few boys who thinks for himself and seems to have a better mind for what is right and wrong. If anything happens to him I will cry and cry and cry and probably go into mourning for a good number of weeks. And well.... I know the last book is really sad and after the movie I'm very afraid something awful will happen. And I will drown in a pool of feels.

I hate feels.



Newt and Thomas are my two favorite characters. I loved them both very much and I can tell that they are going to be something very special in the future. I might have fangirled.  A little bit. a lot. In the theater. And then, afterwards Treskie laughed at me because my little sister Annie didn't see the movie and she wanted to know if it was a brother story and I was like, "Yeeeeees!!!!!!!" and Treskie was like, "OMG Bella! It was barely a friendship!"

She doesn't understand! They share a bond now! THEY SHALL BE BROTHERS!!!!!

She just rolled her eyes at my ejaculation. She thinks I'm ridiculous. I Brotp almost as much as I ship. It's become a thing. The minute I see that two boys are forming a friendship, even if its a small little thing, I'm like.


Don't judge. Brotp's are my weakness. I can't help that. I jump on friendship like a rabid rabbit jumps on carrots. (note; I watched pet rabbits once and they never had a carrot. not even one. I fed them salad. lots and lots of salad. I felt like my whole life was a lie.) If they aren't a brotp, (such as Clara and the Doctor or Juliet and Lassadar or Eleven and the Ponds) I am like 


I have many older sisters who heave long sufferings sighs at my use of the Tumblr words. But they are so fun to use, and they're really catchy. Just try it. Next time you see a friendship story, like... Let's say Clara and Twelve. Wait until they do something adorable and then say


I swear you'll feel free. Its even better to say BROTPING IT! That is my favorite after Ship. Ship is just so much fun to say. "Oh I ship it." Ship is such a fun word. and when you say it fast enough it almost feels like one sharp word. "IShipit!"

I hope you enjoyed the Review! I should be posting again soon because this is Tolkien Week and I want to do at least ONE Tolkien inspired post and honor him accordingly. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

*slides off car*



  1. Don't mind me. I'm just over here crying over you know what and who.

    THOMAS! NEWT! (I used a Newt line in my post today, because I love Newt. So much. BUt, you know that.)


    Okay. I need to go and cry some more.

    Jim the Space Adventurer

    *Jumps out of a plane*

    1. THE THING!!!! *sobs hysterically*


      Ben the Robot

  2. A;SDLFKJASDFASFSL dat movie doh.

    like, "What the phreak just HAPPENED!?"

    I need to read the books. Thomas has beautiful eyes. I love Newt.

    Wait to BroTP it until they're... actually... *bros*


    1. slkf;asjhdfaslkfdsaflasklfdjasklfhasl!!!!! I know I know!!!!!! Thomas DOES have beautiful eyes. and a beautiful voice. and a beautiful face. He is just beautiful. Newt is like a wonderful Pixie

      THEY ARE BROS!!!!!

      *wink* spoilers

  3. They are so brothers!!!! Newt is the only one in the books who gets to call Thomas Tommy. Even setting aside the other things, that by default makes them brothers. MAWHAHAHAHHAHAA!



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