Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of September

I haven't posted in almost two weeks. I bet you thought I died. Or dropped off the face of the Earth. Or escaped with The Doctor and have been running around saving worlds. Unfortunately it wasn't the latter. But I am alive! And I don't really have a good reason for the gap between my post except that it has been a very long, pesty twelve days. Sometimes life just doesn't.

Anyway.... LIFE UPDATE!!!!

My uncle is a priest and he's been up visiting so we've been having Mass every morning which is really nice. It gives a nice start to the day and makes you feel more optimistic about life in general. Something I need since I've been a bit moody and angst-y lately. Bright side! Angst means I've been doing a lot more writing lately. (and a lot more acting 8-D ) I'm researching for story set in the Ancient Roman times. It's going to be a friendship story and hopefully, if I do it right, it will be something very original and unique. I'll give you a hint: I checked out a lot of Gladiator books from the library yesterday.

I also checked out the first two books of the Raven Gate series, just 'cause. I've just finished book one. Hehe. Yeah. It was a bit disturbing, especially the ending. I almost stopped I was so disturbed. The only reason I kept going is because a few of my sisters have read the series and there are friendships in it and even though its traumatizing I NEED a friendship right now. I've been on a major friendship high ever since I read Brothers in Arms. It's a serious problem. I raided the library and checked out a bunch of friendships that I've never read, such as Raven Gate, Raven Boys (yes it's different) and the Peculiar. I don't know if its a friendship story but it sounded good. I need something to distract me. My dear friend Jack also sent me her Broken Blade Book which I am SUPER excited for. (She is seriously brilliant. Seriously.)

I watched Wreck it Ralph recently. It was so cute! I thought it would be this kind of silly show and I didn't expect much from it, but WOW! It was so adorable and sweet! It even gave me feels! If you want a fun cute story watch I would highly recommend it. It's really enjoyable.

Ralph & Vanellope

School starts tomorrow. *sigh* I'm a little moody about this but this is my last year and I'll be done soon which is an encouraging thought. I'm going to try and make my last year worth while so during the school year I'm not going to be posting as much. I'll still try to do it once or twice a week but it won't be AS much. Also, I want to put my blog under construction soon and update it a little. Make it more me. If I'm not too busy... (haha.)

Happy  Labor Day! PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!!!

*slides off car*


  1. Your uncle's a priest?! That's so cool! Mass always manages to brighten a dreary day. :)

    Ancient Rome is awesome. I'm studying ancient history right now, and it's super interesting. And, hey, if you ever need a proof reader for a book, give me a call. ;)

    Jack's books ARE brilliant! I just downloaded a sample of Abolished Impracticality on my Kindle... I've definitely got to buy it.

    Blech. School. I'm done science after this year, so that's something to rejoice over. What program do you use? I use Seton. :)



  2. I tried to comment yesterday, but I don't think it went through... anyways.

    Your uncles a priest?! That's so cool! Mass really does brighten an otherwise dreary day.

    Are you working on a show right now? I just noticed you said "a lot more acting" after the angst part and I was like, "THEATRE BUDDIES! *fist bump*"

    Ancient Rome is really interesting. Have you ever read the book Junia? It's a bit of a younger read (like grade 8 or 9 maybe) but it's still really good!

    School. Blech. Ah well, at least the end is in sight.


    1. HEEEEY!!!!!!

      I'm not acting in a show right now but I plan to soon. I was so excited to find out you acted too! *fistbump back* hey, mind if I.... email you about that?

      I havent read that..... have you read Detectives in Togas? 8-D It's good

    2. Yes, please do!! How about I message you my email address over Pinterest? I haven't publicized my email on my blog yet. :)

      I've never heard of it! *Goes to look it up*

    3. Wait. I don't think you follow me, so I can't send it over Pinterest. GO FIND MEEEEE :D


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