Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stories, Writing and a Movie.

Yesterday was the 13-year anniversary of 9/11. I didn't have a chance to blog, but let's take a moment of silence in honor of all those who served and fell on that day.

God Bless America
It's almost the end of the school week

Le normal people finishing school


Le me just finishing school 

Le me putting away my books

Le me opening computer. 

Le me;

Hmmm. I wonder what the best way to break this person heart is.... 


I've realized something. I think the stories I read and the shows I watch rub off on my stories. Most of the books I plan on writing have some kind of pain in them. It's a problem. I like books with a lot of ... hardship to them. And I suppose its not really a recent think. I've always drawn to stories with high stakes and a lot of conflict and good against evil and heart ache and troubles.... but not because I like being in pain. Some people have asked me that. "Do you like pain? Do you like crying?"

 Well no. It isn't so much that I like crying and getting my heart broken over fictional characters. It's more of a light-in-the-darkness thing I suppose. I was trying to explain this to one of my older sisters who doesn't write and she just couldn't get it. She thinks I'm a weirdo for liking the sad, traumatizing stories that I do. But... Its' not like she thinks. I love stories where it seems like there is all this darkness and pain and evil and you don't think anything can ever be okay again, but then there is this flicker of hope. Somehow, even with all this awfulness going on the characters are able to push on and fight and survive and keep HOPE and even optimism. It's very inspiring for me. Like in Lord of the Rings. If things hadn't gotten so awful and terrible the ending wouldn't have been half so fulfilling, and the same goes for a most books. I love the stories where there is a lot of bad but that bad makes all the good moments so much better. Stories about friendship and family and loyalty and love and fighting for what is right even when it's hard, even when everything is falling apart and you feel like you're drowing. I think those types of stories are very beautiful and amazing.

This is why it irritates me when people say "It's just a story." or "They're not real." or "For pity sake its just a TV show!!!" I always balk. No it is not just a TV show. Stories are powerful and the characters you come into contact with can be just as powerful as a real friend. I can personally attest to this. It's a strange thing that a fake person can inspire you to be brave or to do the right thing or to be optimistic when things are rough. But they can. Characters touch peoples lives. Fictional characters have even SAVED lives. There have been fans who decided to keep going because, "If Sam and Dean could do it, why can't I?"

I've been on a buzz with this recently. These past few weeks the whole "It's just a story!" has irked me to know end. It might be because I've gotten back into writing and have emotionally invested myself into several characters and thrown myself into them and I get very protective. It might also have something to do with me being an actress. Acting makes me even more protective of the fictional world.

I have a hard time explaining myself. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that stories and characters mean a lot to me and it hurts when people say they're fake and I'm silly to like them because they aren't fake for me, they're important. I think stories are incredibly important and I think they can do a lot of good for a lot of people. A friend of mine said that stories are special. Even Christ used stories. He used them to help us understand about Heaven and about who God really is and how He works. He used them all the time, and I think that is saying something. Stories get through to people in a way nothing else can. I believe that with all my heart. And that is a big reason I feel so protective of them.

Talking of stories I watched The Gladiator for the first time the other day.


LDFJSLFJLSLGJ:SDFKJSDLFJSLDFJKSDFJSDF!!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!! Russell Crowe did an amazing job as Maximus and I completely fell in love with him. He was so freakin' cool!! Of course the movie itself was a little violent and gory. Okay. A lot violent and gory. You know.... Gladiators. They fight to the death in the arena. They're very bloody. In fact some people might think you a little strange for wanting to watch this particular movie. I used my writing as an excuse. I said that I wanted to watch it to help research my new book. (yes I'm working on a Gladiator book. With a friendship. And feels. *hides behind pillow*) And while this was true to an extent I also just wanted to watch it because it looked really good and sad and brilliant and I was not disappointed. I cried. I smiled. I shouted in triumph. I clapped. I was consumed with hundreds of different feels. IT WAS BRILLIANT! HE WAS BRILLIANT! I LOVED HIM!!!! I CRIED!! AND YES!!! YES I WAS ENTERTAINED!

What we do in life echoes in eternity.

I'm going to watch Indiana Jones and try not to freak out over the fact that the third Captain America movie is called The Fallen Son. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!!!!!

*slides off car*


  1. True, that is hard. When you read books you have to be careful it doesn't rub off into your writing because it takes over your own voice, but I didn't know that movies could do that too. Yikes!

    1. true that 8-) I don't want anything taking over MY voice. But reading and watching different things can be very inspirational.

  2. 9/11.....That was such a strange day for me. Cause, I was old enough to know something *bad* had happened, and even while I saw footage of it on't sink in at all. I was more concerned about why my mom and everyone I knew were in a state of complete shock and over the fact that I could be done with school for the day. I think I was 5. It's crazy how the memory of that day has been so implanted in my mind though. It's so vivid.

    But I love this post, Bella. *stands up and applauds* And I completely understand you. My two sisters just *don't* get how I like all these sad shows and whatnot that leave me sobbing and clutching my pillow while clicking 'next episode'. It is more than "just a show". To add to what you stated so well, what also just IRKS me is how it's socially acceptable to cry over some of these classic books like...well, Les Mis is the only one that comes to mind right now...but if you say you cried and physically hurt because of a more recently written book (le Brothers-in-Arms) or tv show (le Supernatural, Merlin, etc), you just get the "judging you" look. They're all still stories. And stories are sooo....beautiful I guess. Like you mentioned with the spn fans deciding to live another day, in a *very* literal use of the term, because Sam and Dean did. It doesn't matter if it's a "classic" book or a tv show about two brothers chasing down ghosts and demons. They're still beautiful, beautiful stories that ring true and always will.

    I...I got side-tracked there. Just, suffice it to say I loved this post. 8-)


    1. THANK YOU!!! See this is why fandoms become families. We understand each other and we stand by each other. (except those weird fans who are like those 'relatives' who think they are part of the family because they're second cousins twice removed on your father's third cousin's side....)

      Oh you mean like Anne of Green Gables? Laura Ingles? North and South?

    2. Yeeess!! Aaahahahaha!!! That is the most accurate description of "those" fans. *giggle* XD

      Yes! That. :D


  3. Rip to the people who were victim to the 9/11 attack.
    Just happened to chance upon your blog! I love your posts! They hold so much meaning in them.Awesome blog name too<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart


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