Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tag + Soldier

So Jack over at However Improbable tagged me with the Writing Process Blog Tour! She didn't list any rules so I am just going to do as she did and start talking about my book and do the tag!!! (Pst: On the topic of books and tags pop over to 'Till the End of the Line and read all about our new Space book!!)

1.) What am I working on?

I have several ideas I am juggling right now but at the moment but the book I am focusing on is the Sequel to my book Splintered Courage, which is called Broken Trust.
2.) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Um, I'm not entirely sure. I suppose the style is very different than most, and so is the style and how I present the story, almost like its in second person. Unlike most fantasies that seem to feature a boy and a girl falling in love, mine is very much centered on friendships and how far loyalty can go, and how to regain trust once it is lost.

3.) Why do I write what I do?
Oh, lots of reasons. I love fantasy and there is something very exciting about being able to tell stories happening in a different world. Also, being able to write friendships has always been something I've wanted to do. (This is why most of my other story ideas our friendship-based, not romantic.)

4.) How does my Writing Process work?I've only been a Real Writer for like, five months, so bare with me here.

I lay sprawled out on my bed, or in a ball on the couch, or outside on the lawn and stare at my blank page, chewing a pencil or staring at my keys, wondering how to start. Then, if its a bad day, I will write for about twenty minutes, on and off, stop for a break, come back, write a bit longer, scroll through pinterest, write, watch youtube videos, attempt to write.... do pinterest some more... stare.... Then slam the computer closed and cry.

if its a good day I can write for a few hours with hardly a break and get lots done. I just need water. and apples cause writing makes me really hungry.

Somehow through all of this I present a story.


Well that was a short tag wasn't it? I was expecting this long, long ordeal but it was nice and short. Because I love all of you I am gonna let you hear current favorite song! This is what I've been listening to for the past week because it helps inspire me with my boys. (I might randomly do this every now and then. Hope you don't mind.)

I'll get it if you need it

I'll search if you don't see it

you're thirsty I'll be rain

you get hurt I'll take your pain

I know you don't believe it

but I said it and I still mean it

when you heard what I told you

when you get worried I'll be your soldier.


I'm going to watch Julie and Julia now, and have cake cause it's my Mommy's birthday and cake is a must on birthdays. Be back soonish - hopefully with an ALL MY FEELS Prison Break post. (Which I am working on, by the way.) PEACE OUT YA' LOSERS!

*slides off car*



  1. Love this! I love books focussing on friendships rather than romance. I am trying to *really build* the friendships in my book before introducing the romance.

    Julie & Julia!! Love that film! :D

    1. Friendships are De BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

      I know, isn't Julie and Julia so cute?? It makes me very happy. I love it. Even the Romances in it are good :)


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