Friday, August 8, 2014

In Which I attempt to make a good post

I watched this gif for like, five minutes before I realized it was on a loop. 


I've started  my second book a few days ago. I've had some trouble getting started and actually focusing but for the record I think I am making at least some headway with it. Both books have actual titles now. Titles I spent long hours thinking up because my books are so brilliant I can't just settle with something like "Gate" or the "The Rising." Like... Lame! 

hehe. I'm just kidding. 

But I did think up some good titles. Book One is going to be called Splintered Courage and Book Two is to be called Broken Trust. I am hoping to have Broken Trust done before school starts and edited before November so I can start on my NaNo book, which is going to be a Best Friend story because everyone knows we need more of those. I am actually really excited about that story, even though it freaks me out and makes me want to quite and run away screaming. 

I think that is a writers thing. I should get used to it. 

Seriously though. Its like ever since I've started writing again characters keep jumping me and demanding asking that I tell their stupid story, that making camp in my bedroom and eyeing me the whole time I write. 

That is very disconcerting, by the way. I mean, I like being inspired but - for real! I feel like Charlie from Numb3rs.

Numb3rs is a pretty good show actually. Its relaxing and enjoyable and its not addicting, or hahaha-taking-over-your-life like Prison Break or Supernatural or Merlin. I think its fun and the brothers are really likable and cute and its a nice, easy show that's just fun. 

That doesn't mean Prison Break and Merlin aren't worth the watch though. :) 

OH AND CROSSING LINES!!! I really, really like that show! I need season two!!! Season one was not enough and it ended on a cliff-hanger...ish episode. Which was awful! What show only puts ten episodes in their season? Who does that?? How do they expect us to be good with just TEN? 

I'm having Crossing Lines issues. 

On the upside Doctor Who is returning on August Fifteenth. 

Upside number two: I have a new, fun book plot!! I'm hoping to reveal in a few days on my other blog, Till the end of the line.  I'll remind you again when its actually up but just be sure and keep your eyes open. You'll be glad to read about it, I promise!!

Now I need to attempt some more writing and drive myself crazy. Peace out y'all!!!!!

*slides off car*



  1. Hey! We haven't talked in..forever! How are you?

    By the way, as of tonight, I watched my very first episode of Supernatural. I really like it.

    1. HI! Its been too long! How are you?

      Oh... oh Supernatural... uhm....

    2. I'm good. Getting ready to go back to school, but I've had 4 months off and so I'm ready to go back. I've missed my friends and the campus.


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